Go back in time with me?

This is easily one of my most under the radar playlists.

It’s no secret that I constantly pay tribute to the 80s-00s and this playlist is seriously a time machine back to the 00s.

The 80s is fun to channel because that’s when I was born, however, I was too young to even remember or experience it. The 90s was my childhood, so that’s fun & nostalgic and all {and the fashion was next level} but the 2000s.

THE 2000s!


Now that’s a time I lived {& thrived tbh lol}. Facebook was a whole different platform… & a million times better then than it will ever be again.

Instead of people posting MLM ads & nonstop baby pictures, people were posting the crazy parties they were going to {no parents were allowed on it lol} and it’s safe to say a lot of these songs were on in the background of those photos. In fact, statuses & liking weren’t a thing yet, myspace was like a microblog, & those photos I mentioned? We brought our digital cameras, took pics, uploaded to the computer, & then downloaded to Facebook the next day. & when those photos were uploaded, it was a HUGE deal lol right?!

In fact, in the VERY BEGINNING, Facebook was “the facebook” & was a giant notepad!

From the 00s – 09, I was in high school & college {& VERY active in my sorority}. So this is a time that I remember quite vividly!

What’s really fun about this playlist, is that I found an old folder on itunes that had all the songs I illegally downloaded from.. GET THIS.. Napster, Frostwire, & Limewire. So I added every single one to it.

I actually created this playlist when I was bored at work like a year ago. It’s not your typical “wedding dj” playlist. You know the ones? Basically every song that was popular back then & you hear it at every. single. wedding.

Think 00s – 09s electronica, RAP {& lots of Houston rap where I lived that decade 🙂 ps if you love houston rap as much as I do, check out this playlist}, R&B, & more. The electronica especially takes me back omg ATB back in the day makes me FEEL! No country though lol – despite being a Texan & going to many Houston rodeos, country was NOT my jam.


link here!

& not to brag, but back in college, burning CDs was my JAMMMMMM. I was a napster fiend so a lot of friends would actually come to me for songs so they didn’t have to risk their computer lol. My computer was full of viruses from it but if you didn’t get a virus from Napster, did you really grow up in the 2000s?!

In fact, one of my biggest regrets in life was getting rid of all my CDs that I burned. If you still have yours, take my advice and KEEP THEM. Make a playlist out of them if you can {& send it to me? i wanna listen}

Also! I would constantly make RINGTONES. Yup, I would take the songs, make a short audio file, send it to my SIDEKICK & felt oh so cool with my customized ringtones {the sidekick had an online marketplace where you can buy them and I felt too cool for school bypassing that}. I mean, the iPhone is cool and all but it doesn’t hold a TORCH to the sidekick, which really was such an innovative phone & tbh I don’t think it gets enough credit

Anyways, I’m getting off track. This is a really, really fun playlist to work to, cook to, drive to {get ready to just belt out the songs tho}, work out to… it’s just FUN, lighthearted & will really take you back. I’m also constantly adding to it as I remember songs from then!

Also, did you hear that the Motorola RAZR is coming back? I actually think we will see a huge rise in “dumb” phones vs smart phones & I’m here for it.

What was your fave song back in the day? follow me on Spotify!

Happy listening!!! x

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