{ xx SLS}: essellesse 2019 update – another new series!

Another new weekend series!

xx SLS… basically an editors letter from me, to you, every single weekend. A mix of things from the week before to the week ahead to daily life & some photos that never made it to the gram.

I figured it would be a fun place to catch up and have something a little personal.

Today, I wanted to kick things off and reintroduce my blog, essellesse, & the changes you might have noticed & what to expect!

You can expect DAILY content all year. Topics range from recipes & entertaining for two {or one!}; lazy luxury moodboards, beauty & skincare, fashion, travel, JAPAN!!, social media & blogging realness, day to day ramblins… basically all in all – lifestyle. I’m also working on something special that will be available sooner rather than later… can you guess what it is?

lifestyle blogger shannon silver wears the reformation joan espadrille
{ treat to myself: new espadrilles with a ballet vibe! }
sol beer at toma - my favourite mexican joint in the marina!
{ waiting on carryout! }

Over 2018, I’ll admit I got a little too distracted from my blog thanks to an app you might have heard of: Instagram, is it?

Ha- but seriously though. & if we are being honest, I miss the old days of blogging SO I figured why not bring it back? I’m constantly living in either the 80s, 90s, or y2k, I might as well go back to my vintage blogging ways too, right 😉

& that said: if there’s ever anything you want me to talk about – just let me know!

I’ve been a bit MIA over the past few weeks as 2018 was ending but again since we are being honest, I wanted to completely disconnect before things went full force this year and was connected more than ever.

{ snowy plover at Andytown Coffee in the sunset }

Erik & I spent the holiday in California which I just love. San Francisco becomes a ghost town for the last two weeks of the holiday and it’s become a bit of a tradition to explore our own city.

One noteable discovery: Andytown Coffee Roasters in the Sunset… I’m a little obsessed. They also had the best whipped cream I ever had in my life! I also lowkey kinda wanna move to the Sunset District – it’s such a fun vibe of SF.

Right before New Years, we went to Napa. Figured we’d have a mini vacation and catch it before the New Years madness hits. There, we visited Artesa, Chimney Rock, Saintsbury, & our usual Silver Oak & hotwired a hotel on a whim!

The hotel was right by downtown Napa so we walked to my favourite restaurant there: BOUNTY HUNTER!! I talked about Bounty Hunter here, here, & here all back in 2015/2016 but trust me on this, it’s the best BBQ you will find here in California… enough to make this Texan happy.

silver oak winery in napa valley
{ silver oak in napa}

We had a smorgasbord of barbecue, red wine, pimento cheese dip {closes I can get to queso lol}, & single malts…. basically spent the New Years Eve Eve like New Years Eve.

Come actual NYE, we grilled a huge rib eye, opened a special bottle of wine, watched Black Mirror until midnight…. & went to bed right at 12:01 #partyanimals

Strangely, that all feels like it was weeks ago, when it was just days! For whatever reason, I lost all track of time on this week and feel like we’re already mid-January.

{ my other fav coffee shop: Saint Frank – get the Macadamia Latte }

Also, I wanted to thank YOU for reading & supporting this blog of mine. A goal of this blog is to bring YOU value.

When I see reposts & stories of recipes you made or something you bought you saw here or tried a new look inspired by me, the feeling is like no other.

Instagram is neat because I feel like I’m truly friends with my readers {& up to date with what you’re doing bc you know I follow you guys} and it’s just rad. Instagram can get some flack but I love the connection.

Happy 2019 everyone & let’s make this our best year yet and from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

xx SLS

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  • I used to post my cooking on here all the time & I lowkey miss it so I’m bringing that BACK! 👅 My super healthy white chicken chili is live on essellesse.com and FULL of veggies and flavour 🥣 can you guess the secret ingredient? #slseat
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