100+ songs to get you through a work day!


Y’all know I LOVE my playlists. I honestly spend more time on Spotify than I do on any other app.

It’s so fun to discover new music & create a certain “vibe” with a playlist. I know I mentioned it here but I like to keep my playlists seasonal. I feel like each season just has it’s own certain vibe. You know?

I can’t get enough of this one I love it since it’s over eight hours, so I like to put it on for my workday, press shuffle & get my grind on.

It’s also fun for driving, working out, or throwing on when you’re baking. I know this may sound so random but I LOVE a good baking playlist.

This playlist has a chill vibe to it – think deep, tropical, future house if that makes sense. A mix of all those genres. You’ll see the likes of Lane 8, Disciples, Madeon, Karma Kid, & Justin Jay.

Some stand out songs are: 48HRS by Disciples {this has been my winter anthem – I can’t get enough of this track}; African Sun by Jaime Prodo {I love the vibe to this, it’s addicting}; Anywhere You Go by NERVO & Timmy Trumpet {this song always reminds me of the winter, so good}; DancingInPuntaFuego by ESTA. {this is like an insta vacation}; & Battle by Tim Deluxe {this is another song that just transports me to winter}

& I’ve had it on repeat all month! I hope you love it as much as I do.

essellesse winter vibe playlist

…while we are on the topic of playlists, here are a few others of mine:






& here you go if you’d like to follow along on Spotify!

For whatever reason, I’ve been thinking we are in the middle of January when it’s only day two. Anyone else??

On another note: did anyone catch the latest Black Mirror – BANDERSNATCH? If not, you must. The story is a bit dark but it’s the future of TV. Erik & I have been talking about this a lot over the last few months. Long story short, I’m obsessed with an app called CHOICES & basically that this is the future of Hollywood & entertainment… think watching a TV show where you make the choices for them and see how it all unfurls. Anyways, that was just released the other day so it’s pretty cool to see TV history going down. Not to mention, I LOVE BLACK MIRROR. Erik & I have been binging all over the holidays.

I hope you like the playlist! Any songs I need to check, just let me know. ALWAYS on the hunt for new music.

xx SLS

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