Wines anyone would love to get!

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As a surprise to no one, I LOVE to gift wine! Not only is wine something I’m so passionate about for but it’s so easy to make it special for the recipient.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I figured I’d share some fun wines that anyone would love to get: friends, family, spouse, yourself – you name it!

What’s fun about this list is that you can get as creative & personal as you want! Those are the best kind of gifts, right?

& not just for Valentine’s Day either!! This can be a fun guide for holidays, birthdays, or my fav reason: just because 🙂

glass of white wine at timber cove resort in jenner, california on essellesse • wine gifts anyone would love

wines anyone would love to get

from a special vintage: whenever I’m gifting Erik wine, I like to find wines from years meaningful to us… & luckily they’ve been great vintages! I know a 2013 {when we met}, 2015 {one of our fav years}, & now 2020 will always be special and fun for us to enjoy together. Think of special years to the person you’re gifting. You can ball out with a birth year or otherdates: anniversaries, births, big events, etc! I’m also a big fan in celebrating small things too 🙂 get creative! Might be fun to print out & attach a photo around the neck with a ribbon of a special moment of the two of you!

from a special place: for us, this is the Sonoma Coast! If you’re gifting some wine to someone, places to consider are: places you traveled together, places that mean somewhere. maybe your friend honeymooned in France or you loved your trip to a certain winery in Napa with your husband – or maybe it’s to relive a fun moment somewhere random… have fun with it! If it’s somewhere you traveled that’s special to you, were there any stand out dinners you had? Try to recreate that at home for a special night in!

from somewhere interesting: I personally LOVE Chateau Musar, one of the best wines in the world & it’s from Lebanon! It’s a fun conversation starter & interesting aspects always lead to fun dinner chats. A few months ago, Erik brought home a red wine from Bulgaria and we had SO much fun drinking and analyzing it together. When we went to Cabo, we LOVED the Mexican Pinot Noirs so I’m on lookout for some to order here! Gift a wine from somewhere out of usual suspects 🙂

magnums {or larger!}: this is such a fun gift & depending on the bottle, can be used around the house, as well! If you are going to a party, this is a great gift – whether it’s used or not. We went to a rooftop BBQ last fourth of July and someone brought a jerobaum of Champagne and it was a HUGE hit!

Dessert Wines: Dessert wines are SO UNDERATED!!! Not only are they so, so, so delicious – they’re a fun way to wrap up the night in lieu of dessert. I personally love Royal Tokaji 5 Puttonyos. This + a cheese plate = heaven. Erik actually hates blue cheese but had it with a Sauternes when we were in Bodega Bay and it rocked his world in a major way. Port, Madeira, Ice Wine, Brachetto – the options are endless. I’d also give them a cute little gift bag with things to drink it with: cheese, chocolate, dried fruits, etc. ORRR if you’re doing it with your partner, make a fun set up of the fruit, cheese, crackers, chocolate, cigars if you’re into that, & dessert wine. Especially fun for V-day! & for a rule of thumb when it comes to dessert wine pairings: make sure the wine is sweeter than the dessert!

Orange Wine: I LOVE ORANGE WINE!!! Such a fun gift & you can make a fun little valentine with Erik’s orange wine joke: “are you orange wine? because there’s about to be a whole lot of skin contact”. All jokes aside, orange wine is SO delicious, funky, & beyond food friendly… not to mention a great conversation starter! I’ve gotten a few DMs asking on where to get it in SF & I recc Biondivino on Polk Street / Green for retail or Parigo on Scott Street in the Marina to enjoy there.

Two empty glasses of wine in Bodega Bay, California on essellesse • wines anyone would love to get
from our wedding night 🙂 <3

A common trend I noticed as I typed this post out is all of these wines can lead to some interesting conversations! Maybe it’s reminiscing on a special vacation or moment or discussing new things or trying new pairings. One thing that’s so special about wine is really how interactive you can make it.

Even if you are solo and treating yourself! It’s a fun journal prompt whether it comes to tasting notes, or feelings of gratitude, or special moments to savor.

What wines do you love to gift orrrr receive?? I LOVE getting “new to me” wines, personally – it’s always so fun when Erik brings home an interesting new wine I never tried!

Happy early Valentines 😉 x

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  1. 2.11.20

    Such a helpful post. Buying wine can be so intimidating as there’s so many brands, countries and types to choose from. xo

    Makeup Muddle

    • 2.11.20
      Shannon said:

      Right?! It’s so fun to make it more personal… plus it makes things farrrr less intimidating 🙂 x

  2. 2.11.20

    I don’t drink too much anymore thanks to chronic migraines, but when I do I only drink wine. I am a big fan of it and it truly does bring out the flavors in food. Great helpful post here!

    Allie of

    • 2.11.20
      Shannon said:

      That’s the beauty of a good pairing: the wine makes the food taste better & the food makes the wine tastes better. Thanks so much for reading, Allie! x