JUNE 5 – JUNE 11 Whole Foods deals

+ some cooking tips!

Another week of Whole Foods deals!! I’m always looking for what’s on sale at Whole Foods so it’s been fun to bring it here for a regular feature.

I also like knowing the sales because it helps me meal plan! I can see what’s being featured and create menus around that. Like from this list alone, I can already tell you that blackened cod with sauteed peppers & grilled peaches / nectarines are on my list this week!

One thing to note is that these deals are for Amazon Prime members. If you shop at Whole Foods, then I def recc becoming a Prime member! I’ve been one since I moved to SF in 2013 and truly can’t imagine life without it.

Basically, whenever you shop at Whole Foods, pull out your phone & log into the app. There will be a QR code {I just search “whole foods QR code” while they’re scanning but I’m sure there’s an easier way} and you scan it & instant deals!!

I especially love it for beauty because there’s almost always a featured brand on sale for prime members varying between stores.


June 5 – June 11

Fruits & Vegetables

red & yellow bell peppers: $1.99 / lb

Driscoll’s organic strawberries: 2 for $5

organic red, gree, & black table grabes: $2.49 / lb {try freezing them for a fun dessert! Also fun to put frozen grapes in white wine!}

organic white peaches & nectarines: $2.99 / lb {grill them, top with burrata & drizzle with honey! & add proscuitto to make it totally extra. YUM!}

in the dessert section, large fruit tart: 35% off!


Sustainable wild caught cod loins: $6.99 / lb

Animal Welfare Rated 90% Lean Ground Beef: $4.99 / lb {mix this with olive oil, garlic, shallot, parsley, salt / pepperred chile flakes, lemon juice, form into patties or roll and skewer & grill! serve with my fav yogurt sauce & green!}

Ducktrap smoked sockeye salmon: 25% off. {perfect on an everything bagel, and a lil avocado or cream cheese!}

Bell & Evans Chicken Tenders: buy 1 get 1 {easy to have on hand to slice and put on salads!}

June 5 – June 25

Natural Calm Magnesium: 40% off {I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! Throwback SLS post here with my recipe!}

Garden of Life Sports Supplements: 35% off

ONNIT Supplements: 20% off

Zhou Nutrition Supplements: 15% off

Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Proteins, Bone Broth Proteins, Probiotics, & Multivitamins: 15% off

no specified deadlines

LaCroix Sparkling Water: 2 for $7 {Passionfruit & pamplemousse ftw!}

Flow Alkaline Water: 5 for $5

GT Enlightened, Synergy, & Alive Kombucha: 2 for $5 {the superfruits is my fav one}

Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Berries & Cream Popcorn: $3.49 {this looks SO GOOD!!!}

365 Everyday Value Ice Cream: 2 for $6 {the chantilly berry is my fav!!}

Que Pasa Organic Liberty Chips: 2 for $6 {fun for the July 4th holiday! serve with my sexy avocado salad}

Also while on the topic of Whole Foods, here are some of my fav beauty finds there!

vanilla musk perfume :: smells like a grown & sexy cotton candy!!

rose infused cc cream :: an anti-aging cc cream with a dewy finish that smells amazing

cocokind eyebrow balm :: this tinted balm not only works as an AM / PM treatment, but also as makeup! This is my secret for naturally full eyebrows

best day ever hair balm :: seriously, this will give you THE BEST air dried hair ever. This is a daily necessity here!

Mineral Fusions Nail Polish :: haven’t blogged about this yet but I love this brand. My fav colors are: Grotto, Dazzling Diamonds, & their glitter top coat. this mascara in brown is on my radar too.

Enjoy!! What’s on your shopping list or menu?

Happy Wednesday! I am SO BEHIND YET AGAIN on my Japanese so lots of catching up to do before class tonight! We’ve been on vacation mode.

Soooo on that note… off to study my Japanese! Ja mata じゃ、また !


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