& why I constantly keep notes on things I want

I shared some of my personal favourite random buys the other day so I thought it would be fun to make a post on what it is I want!

I actually keep an evernote of random things I want. There’s a few reasons for this but let me just tell you, it’s HELPFUL. Basically I have one place that I can refer to regularly.

It’s helpful because:

it lets me plan ahead for sales. When I look for Black Friday sales to shop, this is the list I am referring to! It allows me to have a plan of action as well as price compare to make sure I really am getting a good deal.

it lets me know exactly what it is that I want. This allows for much less impulse buys and more importantly makes me shop better & shop less. Also, sometimes I add things to the list only to realize with time I actually don’t want it. It gets pretty streamlined

it’s soooo helpful for when Erik or family or friends ask me what I want. It’s nice to know exactly what it is that you want vs always saying “i don’t know”

& strangely? it helps me with blogging. By having everything right in front of me, I can see what trends I’m turned to, what it is I like {or don’t lie}, & keep track on what it is that I’m buying.

Also, I do the same for Erik! & if I ever think of anything he might want or if he makes a comment in passing on something that catches his eye, I jot it down in Evernote.

On the topic of Evernote, it’s probably my #1 most used app & has been such a life changer. It’s so easy to organize, format, & capture {you can literally scan pages with your phone camera} – not to mention, it travels from device to device. I use it for literally EVERYTHING.

Anyways, let’s get into it!

what I actually want!

Five Two Ultimate Apron by Food52: This is probably THE most functional apron I’ve ever seen. What sold me was that the corners have POT HOLDERS!!! What a game changer & thoughtful feature. There’s also a conversion chart tag that can be referenced so easily. Not to mention, it’s so chic on!! I really love the smoked salt or rhubarb colours!

Reformation Hudson Coat: this is probably at the top of my list. The second I saw it, I had to have it. I love the retro feel to this, & it’s truly timeless and can last through the years. I’ve been wanting a faux fur belted coat for some time now & this brown shade is my fav of all the ones I’ve seen!

Parachute cloud robe: we just treated ourselves to the Parachute Linen Sheets in Shore {also in this list!} & it was one of our best upgrades all year. The fabric is so luxurious & buttery and has improved our sleep for the better! I am a HUGE robe person and there’s nothing better to me than a good robe. Since the bedding is such a treat, a robe is absolutely on my list! I like the grey shade a lot – sooo calming & would look great in our bed, ha!

Mansur Gabriel Calf Tote in Grey Blue: for the past two years, a good quality tote is something I’ve been looking to invest in. We do a lot of day trips, so the size is perfect to pack things up for the day {& juuuust in case the night!}, as well as working remotely or commuting on the Muni. This colour is absolutely perfect too! I’ve had my eye on this one, that beautiful blue is what drew me in.

Saks Potts Star Puffer: The second I saw this on Instagram a few months ago, I wanted it in a major way. I feel like it looks just like my blog!! It is ALL over Instagram these days and it’s kind of perfection. I love a good puffy coat & this is such a fun way to spice up dreary foggy San Francisco weather. The pants are pretty epic too!!

HP Tango X Printer: Kind of random right? We recently redid my office! I have a new desk and still working on rejazzing my work area. On my walls, I’m going to have my mood & visionboards so they’re staring at me in the face. I love the sleek shape & size to this printer… and I especially love the idea of being able to keep the board fresh & current with inspirations, aesthetics, & manifestations.

Rouje Mirella Dress: the second I saw this dress, I’ve wanted it in such a bad way. It has everything I want in a dress: cable knit, mock neck, long sleeves, & the adorable rosette decals. I personally love the white one!

Weighted Blanket: I’ve been wanting one of these for a long while. They’re supposed to be great for treating anxiety, insomnia, & other things I’m looking to focus on for myself. The one I want is the Bearaby Tree Napper in Grass Blue but it’s sold out. Any others I should check out? I’m researching other brands now!

CB2 Gwenyth Boucle Loveseat: We are currently redoing our bedroom and I really want to make it feel like a hotel room. The way it’s set up, we have a small nook carved out so this loveseat is the perfect size for it. The boule fabric would look amazing with our shore linen sheets!

Voluspa Maison Candle in Laguna: this is my absolute favourite candle of all time! I like to constantly have this burning in my office & I am currently all out & this is something that is ALWAYS on my list. It’s the most beautiful beachy scent – sea salt, sunny sands, & oceanspray with a hint of cocoonut cream & tiare. DREAMY.

what’s on your wishlist?? x

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