Sonoma Coast 2020 wedding playlist

what getting married to erik in the sonoma coast sounded & felt like
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This is a really, really special playlist that I’m so excited to share with you here!

When Erik & I got married in the Sonoma Coast, we had music on 24/7.

It was a huge part of, both, our trip & being married. In fact, Erik discovered a new pandora station right before we got engaged & it reallllllllyyyyy set the vibe.

This playlist is really special because the songs are all from the following:

Songs from our sirius radio stations as we drove along coastal highway 1 {i always take pics of songs i like to add on spotify later!}

shazammed from erik’s personal pandora

shazammed from Timber Cove Resorit

… they are literally the songs that were playing during our trip!

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Everytime I listen to this playlist, it really brings me straight to the Sonoma Coast with Erik. I can picture every sunset & feel the ocean air.

It’s such a vibe & makes me feel all fuzzy listening to this since it really is like an aural time machine.

essellesse sonoma coast 2020 playlist

what i got married to <3

these songs especially

Lower the Heavens by The Donkeys {reminds me of Erik so much}

Passion by William Bolton {obsessed is an understatement. reminds me of being literally hours in to our marriage}

Summer’s Gone by NoMBe & Thutmose {the way this song transitions is insane – shazammed from Timber Cove Resort}

Day 1 ◑ by HONNE {another Timber Cove shazam!}

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timber cove resort, sonoma coast

& of course everything here.

The album that really means the most to us, symbolizing our marriage is Khruangbin “The Universe Smiles Upon You”. It’s so special to us, I got it on vinyl for Erik for Valentine’s Day.

SO- i hope you enjoy one of my more intimate playlists!!

Any music you are loving lately?


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two of my most personal playlists

+ married life with erik

+ the songs that made my life

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  1. 2.21.20

    Congratulations on your wedding! The photos are beautiful, it looks like an amazing place xo

    • 2.21.20
      Shannon said:

      Thank you SO much! It was so, so special <3 xo