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{ silverado sunset vibes // champagne at shannon's }
{ Silverado Spa & Resort // champagne at shannon's // perfect for golfers! }

Wicked napa skies // The Mansion at Silverado Resort

So sorry to be so MIA. I do try to post consistently, but if you follow me on instagram, then you know this was one of those weekends where life just came up – and I’m not compaining!

It all started with brunch with a girlfriend of mine from when I lived in Dallas at Causwells, which turned into an all night affair & lots of Drunken Pies at the Tipsy Pig – in fact, it is one of my favourite holiday drinks! Think Pumpkin beer with vanilla vodka and a cinnamon sugar rim. YUM!

On Sunday, my best friend and her husband came in town, so we celebrated with brunch at my favourite place in SF to grab brunch – Cafe Flore. You HAVE to make sure this is on the list if you come here. Their brunch is always on point, not to mention they do bottle service mimosas! In fact, this place is open for the holidays, so if you do not feel like cooking, go! We spent Christmas there last year and it was wonderful.

{ Bottle Service mimosas at Cafe Flore // Champagne at Shannon's }{ cozy vibes at silverado resort // champagne at shannon's }

Bottle Service Mimosas at Cafe Flore // getting cozy by the fire at Silverado

Afterwards, we headed up to Napa Valley to stay the night at the Silverado Resort. My boyfriend and I decided to go for an impromptu mini holiday and my friends were meeting us the next morning. We had dinner at the Grille on premise, and then went to our cottage, lit up a fire, shared some wine, and enjoyed a quiet night in as we waited for my best friend and her husband to arrive in the morning.

They have an exclusive golf course there designed by the PGA, so the next day, the misters golfed, and the two of us went to Bounty Hunter for some wine, BBQ, and much needed girl talk. Being from Texas, I find that the cuisine I miss the most is BBQ (with TexMex & QUESO – which just does not exist in SF btw – being a close second). Whenever I go home to Texas, I gorge myself with plenty of brisket, steak fajitas and an obscene amount of queso.

Everything we had was phenomenal and I highly recommend a visit there if you have a BBQ hankering. In fact, I cannot wait to take my boyfriend there. We started with the Pimento Cheese Dip, which is a Southern staple. My friend had the shredded beer chicken sandwich & glass of pinot noir, and I had the brisket sandwich with the Lewis Vin Gris of Syrah. The brisket was a mix of fatty & lean pieces so it was the perfect balance.

TIP: one of my favourite pairings is BBQ & Rosé – either still or sparkling. Divine!

{ BBQ love at Bounty Hunter // champagne at shannon's }

Bomb BBQ in California = two happy Texans

Afterwards, we headed back to Silverado & sipped tea fireside while we waited for our guys to finish golfing. It was one of those moments where I easily could of stayed all day & all night just talking to her. We have been friends {she was my big in my sorority!} for almost a decade now so seeing & spending time with her is seriously the best. We all headed up to Domaine Carneros by Tattinger in Napa for a glass of champagne before we headed back to the city.

{ big little fireside chats // champagne at shannon's }
{ Champagne at Domaine Carneros // Champagne at Shannon's }

Big-Little Fireside chats // Champagne at Domaine Caneros


I absolutely loved Silverado. It was so cozy, plenty of things to do (if I had more time, I would of stopped by the spa for a facial) and was only a 45 minute drive from the city. I honestly do not get to Napa enough. I head to Sonoma all the time since we are members at various wineries, but we need to make a bigger effort to get to Napa. It is just beautiful out there, and it truly felt like fall. The leaves were red, the skies were purple, and the mountains were hazy. We decided that this will be another one of our places to go, like Jenner, for an impromptu vacation from the city.

{ dreamy napa valley sunsets // champagne at shannon's }

Dreamy Napa Valley Sunsets

Today, we are celebrating my best friend’s birthday at House of Prime Rib before we get into Thanksgiving mode. My guy and I have a very special tradition – and I have already gotten a head start on my black Friday shopping!

Here is a peak in some of my early bird black Friday damage – all with our holiday which is LESS THAN A MONTH on my mind – I’ve been eyeing these two pieces for a while for Fiji from Le Salty Label, and these prices were a done deal for me!

This Dress – perfect for beachside evenings on the other side of the Pacific Ocean
This top – to pair with this Spell Designs skirt { love the high slits! }

I also included this jumpsuit, which I am wearing tonight for my friend’s birthday { use the code TAKE25 for an extra 25% off! } & is just a stunner, this Spell skirt as a lacey alternative to the above, & these spell bells which I LOVE { I have them in white! }

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Happy birthday, Michelle! I love you so much! xx


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