essellesse interviews Shannon Razzaghi {aka @shrazzi} or Risrettos & Stilettos!

It’s been a while since I’ve said it but it needs to be said again:

the internet is rad.

The internet breaks down all barriers and makes it possible to not only build a communitiy but make rad, like-minded friends.

I met Shannon Razzaghi on Instagram. She actually caught my eye because not only was she engaging with my posts {& in my earlier days of things too}, she was just so GENUINE. They weren’t your basic “slay girl!!!” comments, they were relevant and thoughtful and that’s something you just… don’t see a lot of lol in the internet world.

& if she didn’t catch my eye enough, she reached out via DM with a link to something she thought I would like… basically retro, nostalgic phone cases.

She was right & I ordered 2 instantly. & gave her a follow while we are at it. That was like… 2016? and here we are!

But more importantly, we became fast online friends.

One thing that has always turned me to her online brand is her retro glamour that she just exudes. From her style, to her aesthetic, to her stories – straight up retro glamour.

She’s also very funny and very entertaining.

A few months ago, she came to San Francisco to work on a collaborative video all about the influencer world.

Basically, she interviewed me. & I will say this: I am not good in front of a camera. It is something I am really working on but sitting down with Shannon, she was a natural and REALLY helped me feel more comfortable with it. Seriously, she was made for the camera!

Unfortunately, San Francisco’s winds did not cooperate with our video so we are working on getting that audio down BUT she interviewed me on her blog. So check it out! It’s one of my more personal interviews. 🙂

Now let’s get into it…

meet the absolute BOMBSHELL who is Shannon Razzaghi…. aka SHRAZZI

essellesse interviews Shannon Razzaghi {aka @shrazzi} or Risrettos & Stilettos!

Introduce Yourself & tell me about your online journey!

Omg this could take a hot sec. Ok, my full name’s Shannon Razzaghi, but I go by shrazzi on all my social media accounts. I was home alone breastfeeding babies when social media really started taking off and kind of missed the beginnings of it.

When I decided to get back into acting and filmmaking, I saw there was this opportunity to connect with like minded people and build my own audience using social media. I also realized whatever path I chose whether acting, singing, writing or travel blogging, bringing people along on the journey would make it exponentially more fun.

I also LOVE the people I’ve met online. It’s incredible how we can share our lives via this small rectangular object that fits in your purse.

Favourite Books?

History turns me on. I love the classics, like anything Fitzgerald, Orwell and Ibsen. My favorite play is After The Fall by Arthur Miller, based on his life with Marilyn Monroe. Wild Swans by Jung Chang is an historical epic that will have you in tears. SweetBitter by Stephanie Danler is deliciously profound. One of my all time favs, and nothing like the television series btw. Right now I’m reading The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene. It’s 624 pages. Might be here a while. You can find more of my book recs here

Biggest beauty secret?

I’ll give you two.

1. The most inexpensive and effective way to keep your skin youthful and glowing into your thirties and beyond is to avoid drugs and alcohol, and get enough sleep. Not to sound judgy but if you hang out at dive bars, you’ll end up looking like the people who hang out at dive bars. {<<< dive bars are my fave lol but my drinking is also a big reason why I am such a water psycho because it’s something, to be bluntly honest, I have no desire to give up}

2. If you like drugs and alcohol, and sleep’s not an option, you better start saving. Because truth is there’s no supplement or serum that can outperform a needle or laser. There are lasers that can add years of lost collagen and elasticity back into your skin. They can firm up your eyes, shrink your pores and erase sun damage. BUT they all come at a price. Personally, I’d rather invest money into my skin than into a purse or pair of shoes. Your skin will never go out of style. It’s your ride or die forrevvvvver. Also, don’t like get a groupon for this type of thing. It has to be an experienced professional you trust. Because getting a bad haircut is one thing. Hair grows back. This  is your face we’re talking about. DM me if you want to know where I go in Seattle.

essellesse interviews Shannon Razzaghi {aka @shrazzi} or Risrettos & Stilettos!
essellesse interviews Shannon Razzaghi {aka @shrazzi} or Risrettos & Stilettos!

How would you describe your personal style & where are your favourite places to shop?

Holli Would (cool world) remains one of my earliest inspirations. If only it were practical to wear a white plunge neck leotard with thigh high gogo boots to the grocery store. Loud sigh. {<<<< chiming in to say i think you SHOULD!!! do itttt}

I like wearing silk tops and lace bodysuits with a skirt. I love feeling feminine and sexy. When I’m wearing jeans, I’ll add some heels and drape myself in (faux) fur. I also love a standout piece of jewelry. Usually vintage.

My favorite places to shop in Seattle are the thrift stores in the U District and Capitol Hill. Esp the Crossroads Trading right across from the University of WA. I’ve found so many designer pieces there. Some with original price tags attached. Thrifting obviously makes a positive impact on the environment and your wallet, but it’s also nice to know there aren’t 15 other people in the city with the exact same bag or coat.

Who / what inspires you and where do you find inspiration?

I would say I’m heavily influenced by the golden age of Hollywood and old hollywood actresses. Their poise, sensuality and confidence. Ingrid Bergman. Grace Kelly. Sophia Loren. Marilyn Monroe.

As for current day inspiration, I go to Caroline Vreeland {<<< i really love her too}, Rotana, Taylor LaShae and Kayslee Collins.

When I’m trying to create something original, I look outside of the box, er instagram, and find inspiration in magazines, art and old movies or television.

I love your insta-aesthetic. How would you describe it & what can people expect from your instagram?

Old Hollywood Glam, and thank you!!

As for content, I know you’re supposed to ‘niche down’ but I post about EVERYTHING. Skincare, style inspo, city guides, recipes, music, books, feelings, the weather.

And I always take people along when I travel via stories. We just recently flew to Australia and got upgraded to first class. It was incredible. Like, private entrance, personal assistants, complimentary champagne and canapés, seats that turned down into beds.. if you’re into that kind of thing you can see what it was like on my Sydney highlight bubble.

We’ll be taking a cruise to Rome in a couple months too! It’s such a romantic city, I’m swooning. I think I should break up with my husband just so he’ll have to marry me again when we get there.

essellesse interviews Shannon Razzaghi {aka @shrazzi} or Risrettos & Stilettos!
essellesse interviews Shannon Razzaghi {aka @shrazzi} or Risrettos & Stilettos!

What are some of your tips for the ‘gram?

The thing I’ve found most helpful when I’m short on time is to put the people who care the most first. For example, instead of scrolling the feed and liking random people’s photos, I scroll through the people who’ve liked and commented on my recent posts. If they take the time to comment something meaningful, I will take the time to read their latest posts and give them a meaningful comment as well. Then I’ll go to the end of my story and see who watched the whole way through and give those people extra love.

I’d rather spend my time creating meaningful two sided relationships then spend time trying to get more followers who I’ll probably never hear from again. Learned that the hard way. {<<< chiming in to say that THIS is really good advice and coming from someone who had an instagram nervous breakdown lol this will keep you sane. Give the energy you are being transferred }

While we are on the topic of Instagram, what’s your advice to other bloggers who want to grow their account?

I think we should let them watch our video where we spill all our best secrets on how to build an audience and get better engagement 🙂 It will be online next week.

Last instagram question! What are your favourite photo editing apps?

Oooh. So many favorites. I usually start with Lightroom. I still don’t really know how to use it, but it gives the photos better resolution. Next I use facetune 2 to smooth out skin and eliminate any pimples, scratches, wrinkles in clothes, etc… Finally, I put everything through the Tezza App vintage filter. I LOVE this app. Putting all your photos through the same filter gives your wall a seamless blended look.

If I’m feeling extra I might use Carbon, InstaLab or rookiecam. Rookie Cam has a lot of vintage filters and gives you so much control. It also has a video feature that softens your skin to give you an airbrushed look while recording. I prefer snap filters but this one’s a pretty nice alternative.

essellesse interviews Shannon Razzaghi {aka @shrazzi} or Risrettos & Stilettos!

For new bloggers/instagrammers, what is your biggest tip?

Just start. {<<< COSIGN!!!!!}

You don’t have to have the perfect concept or idea, you’ll figure it out as you go along. Getting feedback from your friends and followers will help you grow in ways you could never conceive of via vision board.

Who are some of your favourite bloggers or instagram accounts to follow?


Essellesse (of course!!) { << flattered!! Thank you. }

The Haute Heel

Skinny Confidential

The Urban Gal

Violet Fog { <<< love Katey!! }

Glow Hunters

Hustle + Halcyon

Lovely Luciano
















essellesse interviews Shannon Razzaghi {aka @shrazzi} or Risrettos & Stilettos!
essellesse interviews Shannon Razzaghi {aka @shrazzi} or Risrettos & Stilettos!

What’s your favourite blog post you have written?

All of my city guides are really good if you’re looking for places to eat, grab a drink and take beautiful photos. Other than that my favorite post is probably: Never Go To Bed Without Washing Your Legs (and other ridiculous advice that works)

Finally, advice for others who are looking to follow their dreams but not sure how

Don’t make yourself smaller to fit into someone else’s idea of what your life should be. Believe in yourself and embrace your power. {<<< I wish someone told me this first sentence years ago}

And you know I have to 😉 favourite song??

I’ll give you my Top 5

April in Paris,  Billie Holiday

Rose In Harlem, Teyana Taylor

Glory Box, Portishead

Salvatore, Lana Del Rey

Je t’aime moi non plus (its a mood) {<<<< WAS LEGIT LISTENING TO THIS THE OTHER DAY AS I WORKED!!!}

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essellesse interviews Shannon Razzaghi {aka @shrazzi} or Risrettos & Stilettos!

Hope you enjoyed!! & you can find my interview with Shannon here.

As soon as the video is live, I’ll let you know… basically, it’s all things I wish I knew in the beginning.

All right, g2g – I have Japanese class today and I have SO MUCH I need to do. This week’s lesson was HARD. Ja mata!


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