#wcw brooke fertig of unicorn soap co & the bitless herd! xx essellesse

By the title alone, can you tell why I am crushing?!

Not only is Brooke drop dead gorgeous, she has a heart of gold & created a company not just based on her passion for horses BUT it also gives back to her passions.

More and more, you see people hustling to follow their dreams – hell, you’re on mine right now! – but you don’t always see it come back full circle with the generosity.

Brooke & I met on Instagram when she was starting her blog & she is just as sweet as can be.

If you love or ride horses, her blog is for you. It’s all about all things equine! Think lifestyle topics such as what essential oils are good for your horse and how to communicate with your horse based on your zodiac sign. Very niche & very cool.

I am so stoked to have Brooke on to talk about her business, her blog, & just HER! She is so radiant and her personality truly shines. you will fall in love!

Without further ado, meet Brooke!

#wcw brooke fertig of unicorn soap co & the bitless herd! xx essellesse

Hi Brooke! Introduce yourself!

Hello, my name is Brooke Fertig and I am a former entertainment cast member for Walt Disney World! I put this dream career of mine on hold in order to better assist ill members of my family who lived many miles away.

Even though I left Disney, it has instilled in me to always reach out and follow my dreams.

Tell me about your brand: unicorn soap co.

Unicorn Soap Co. is committed to creating vegan, all natural products for you and your horse. Each purchase supports neglected and abused horses who are being given a new start at Sophia’s Oasis for Equines, also known as S.O.F.E.

#wcw brooke fertig of unicorn soap co & the bitless herd! xx essellesse

We create our soaps by hand and in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

How do you balance a blog, full time jobs, school, your horses and a soap business?

It is not the easiest of tasks to balance a personal blog (The Bitless Herd) , two jobs, school, a soap business and my horses, but it is completely worthwhile! All of these things are things that I love to do!

Besides, my office overlooks my horses, so it serves as a constant reminder of the good these soaps are doing for horses and for their humans!

What are your short & long term goals?

At Unicorn Soap Co., we want to spread awareness of  the issue of neglected, abused and abandoned horses in America. In fact, it is estimated that over 90,000 unwanted horses are sent to slaughter over the border annually in the United States. Additionally, it is estimated that 170,000 unwanted horses exist in the United States in auctions and adoption programs.

An unwanted horse becomes unwanted by the owner for many reasons. The main being the changes in the owner’s financial status, owner’s loss of interest, horse injury or age, and the horse’s manageability. Organizations and rescues such as S.O.F.E. help horses who have found themselves in neglectful, abused and abandoned situations.

For every purchase made through UnicornSoapCo.com, you are directly helping to save the lives of horses. We believe that every purchase has the power to cause great change.

#wcw brooke fertig of unicorn soap co & the bitless herd! xx essellesse

Where can I buy your soap?!

Currently, we are selling our soap at www.UnicornSoapCo.com . We add different products regularly and offer products for every price range. For specials, discounts and seasonal soaps, make sure to follow @UnicornSoapCo on instagram!

Additionally, we take custom soap orders through our contact page! It is there you can virtually create your own design of soap, down to shape, style, ingredients and quantity. This feature is perfect for custom gifts, party favors, wedding favors, large orders and so much more!

Seeing that I am the one who will tend to your messages and create the product, I ensure your order is done correctly! Each order is shipped within 1-3 business days and is shipped with tracking.

Who / what inspires you and where do you find inspiration?

In a world that can be filled with confusion and disharmony, Sylvia Zerbini breaks that by creating living art out of her routines with her horses. She is, in my opinion, what the equestrian world should strive for…pure harmony and partnership between human and horse. Followed by my inspiration from Sylvia Zerbini, I have actually taught my horses many liberty tricks that Sylvia has used.

Jane Goodall is another woman who inspires me, as she believes in the importance each individual has. “Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.” This is exactly what I believe is true with Unicorn Soap Co.!

Though others may believe purchasing one bar of soap could not make a difference, we believe that is the farthest thing from the truth! Additionally, you are receiving a quality product to indulge in yourself or to treat the ones you love.

Favourite books?

I am currently reading Farewell to the Horse: A Cultural History by Ulrich Raulff and it has found a place in my heart. I believe that understanding all aspects of something is key to successfully mastering it. In this case, I believe this book goes in depth in the rich history humans and horses share, and the unfortunate departure humans and horses are currently experiencing.

#wcw brooke fertig of unicorn soap co & the bitless herd! xx essellesse

Biggest beauty secret?

The biggest thing I learned beauty-wise is to apply the product and accentuate the body parts, that makes you feel most you and most comfortable in your skin, because that is truly beautiful.

Let’s talk your love of horses! Tell me about how that inspired your soap

I have an immense love for animals and the planet. I have been a vegetarian for 14 years and have recently decided this past year to switch over to a vegan lifestyle. I am always searching for ways to better myself and to help better the planet. Although I love every animal, I have always admired horses for their strength, bravery and charisma.

At an early age, I was lucky enough to begin riding, but it wasn’t until I moved home from Disney that I purchased my first horse, Drogo. Many described Drogo as a very skittish, untrusting and unpredictable arabian stallion, but to me, he was so much more than that. Drogo was not properly or kindly brought up as a colt, which is what resulted in his distrust of humans. Over time, I have gained his full trust and I have discovered that he really enjoys liberty, or as I like to call dancing with horses, which is exactly what he and I do together.

Love that you are vegan, cruelty-free, AND give back. Let’s talk more about that:

Since our goal is to help horses who have been abused and neglected, why would we ever want to hurt other animals in the process?! That is why we pledge our soaps are cruelty-free and vegan for life. Even the flowers,salts and other ingredients that are specific to each soap type are certified fair trade, organic and non GMO. Additionally, a portion of every individual product sold is donated at the end of every month to Sophia’s Oasis for Equines!  

#wcw brooke fertig of unicorn soap co & the bitless herd! xx essellesse

What are some of the challenges in your field and how you handle them?

Seeing as though all of our products are vegan, cruelty-free, handmade, organic, made in small batches AND give back, it has been hard to lower our prices to that of a bar of soap at a grocery chain. I believe that once we find individuals who are passionate about horses, supporting small businesses and high quality products, we will be just fine.

How did the Unicorn Soap Co idea come to be?

After forming a bond with my first horse, Drogo, I came across another arabian horse, who was currently being kept at Sophia’s Oasis for Equines (S.O.F.E.),  after being rescued from her breeder who left her and her family members severely neglected. When visiting this gentle mare, I knew I wanted to adopt her, so Drogo and I opened our hearts to her. When I left S.O.F.E. that day with my new horse, who is now lovingly known as Daenerys, I remember thinking “I want to do something for the wonderful people who quite literally saved this horse’s life, and the lives of many others.” This is when Unicorn Soap Co. was born!

Currently, what is your favourite social media outlet? Any social media tips?

I have always loved instagram because it is a great way to inspire others, but to also follow people who inspire you! However, I recently have created a wordpress site other than the wordpress for Unicorn Soap Co., where I authentically can express my ideas. This has been the most rewarding social media outlet by far!

#wcw brooke fertig of unicorn soap co & the bitless herd! xx essellesse
#wcw brooke fertig of unicorn soap co & the bitless herd! xx essellesse

Who are some of your favourite bloggers to follow?

Eva Virago who created “Mother of Stallions” is my absolute favorite! When I first purchased Drogo as a stallion, she was the most inspirational to me, as she shared the beliefs that I did.

Best piece of advice you have ever been given?

As cliché as it is, I think the advice of simply being yourself is the most important. If I didn’t stay true to myself, I believe I would be nowhere near where I am today.

Finally, advice for others who are looking to follow their dreams but not sure how

I can. You can too. Always reach out and pursue your dreams. In doing so, make sure you do not measure your success purely based on the following you have. Be proud of who you are and what you have created.

And you know I have to 😉 favourite song??

Although this changes quite frequently, I believe Running with the Wolves by Aurora is my current favorite song!

#wcw brooke fertig of unicorn soap co & the bitless herd! xx essellesse

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going well.

Wendesdays are always dedicated to Japanese here and today is our LAST CLASS. We are going to continue on with some private tudoring – no stopping until I’m fluent!!

Talk soon!



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