very much looking forward to Thanksgiving!

here is what we are up to

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is only 48 hours away!

Erik & I were just talking last night about how FAST this year is going. I strongly believe it was the fastest yet of the 2010s.

There is a familiarity to this time of the year that’s just so comforting and it seems like 2018 was just a couple of months ago.

I love this time of the year because it was one of my first traditions with Erik! I get into the details here but every single Thanksgiving, we head to a local steakhouse for steaks with all the Thanksgiving sides: I’m talking stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries… you name it!

It’s a mix of traditions & us and I look forward to it every single year!

We are getting the holiday started a bit early and heading to Napa to pick up some wine. I always love heading to wine country this time of year – from the amber, crunchy leaves to the crisp air, & warm wineries there’s something so cozy about it.

As far as an outfit, I’ve been loving this red silky number lately. This is Reformation circa 2017 called the Fox top – it’s no longer sold but I’ve seen it on Depop or Poshmark, just search “reformation Fox top”! I’m wearing it here with these Reformation jeans, & 90s vintage Coach loafers {remember this post??}. This sweater here is my fav to wear with this sweater – very Gossip Girl or Cruel Intentions vibes!

SO those are our plans!

I thought it would be fun to answer some quickfire Thanksgiving questions {& would love to know your answers too!}. Here are mine & Erik’s

My favourite Thanksgiving tradition is… steaks & singlemalts with all the Thanksgiving sides!

My favourite wine to drink on Thanksgiving… I personally love Beaujolais {Gamay}! I find it goes so well with all the Thanksgiving dishes. Erik has a new rule to go from light to dark as the meal goes so we end on a Cabernet like Howell at the Moon

The #1 thing I can’t wait to eat is… stuffing! I LOVE stuffing and it’s so damn good with steak

This Thanksgiving, I’m looking most forward to… going to Napa for a cozy Fall afternoon!

My most memorable Thanksgiving was… honestly, each year is just as memorable! I’d have to say either 2013 since it was my first one here or 2015 as it was one of the most memorable years of my life!

3 things I am thankful for… my relationship with Erik which nourishes me with love & inspiration daily, to live in the state I love so close to the ocean that soothes me as well as wine country which was one of my biggest passions, & having a platform to connect me to likeminded readers!

My favourite Thanksgiving tradition is… going to our special steakhouse

My favourite wine to drink on Thanksgiving… Silver Oak Cabernet

The #1 thing I can’t wait to eat is… Stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie!

This Thanksgiving, I’m looking most forward to… taking time off to spend with loved ones

My most memorable Thanksgiving was… every single one recently

3 things I am thankful for… Good health, prosperity, community 

Also! If you need a playlist, this is my favourite one at the moment. I’ll formally introduce it next week but it’s my Fall to Winter transition playlist. It’s such a fun vibe going from moody fall to winter disco!

Check it out! & follow it here

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! If you don’t have any plans and are in San Francisco, I’ll be posting what restaurants and bars are open in the city tomorrow so be sure to check it out 🙂

What are you up to for Thanksgiving?

xx SLS

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