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It’s no secret, CBD is all the rage these days… & for good reason! It’s been one of the “it” products of the decade and I have no question that it will continue on in the 2020’s in a major way.

For a refresher on CBD, here you go!

Here at essellesse, I’ve been fortunate to connect with various CBD brands to test and review. It can be pretty overwhelming on where to begin from products to brands so I hope to make it a bit easier over here!

I was recently gifted some CBD products from Trove CBD and I wanted to review them here!

Before we get into the products, I want to share my absolute favourite way to apply CBD.

It may sound a bit strange but TRUST ME on it. I absolutely love to rub a topical on my hands & feet at the end of the day. It feels like pure heaven. My feet are always hurting me {pretty sure it’s because of my arch} so after a long day on my feet, it’s pure bliss. ESPECIALLY before I put on my reflexology sandals {THE best purchase of 2019 btw, Erik loves his too}.

Same with my hands! From cooking, to constantly typing or tapping on my phone, it’s the perfect relief for tired hands. I also feel like my hands look so much more youthful between CBD & the hand lotion mentioned here.

I’m pretty big on routines & it’s such an evening treat to rub my hands & feet while I wind down for bed.

Lately, I’ve been using Trove CBD’s products. I have their Massage Oil, Body Balm, & CBD Oil.

The Trove CBD massage oil {300mg} comes in a variety of scents, including one of my personal favourites, Lavender. The scent is seriously beautiful & so calming. It’s formulated with apricot kernal oil, pure jojoba oil, & arnica oil. It’s extremely moisturizing and I love how it smells & makes my skin feel. Fun to use for massages too, as the name suggests.

The Trove CBD body balm {750mg} is phenomenal as well. I have the matcha-peppermint blend & I love how refreshing it smells and feels. The formula is a unique blend of arnica butter & vitamin E so it will really nurture the skin. It’s a bit higher in dosage at 750mg so this is great for spot treatment when things are feeling really sore. I twisted my ankle the other weekend so this really helped with the pain & swelling.

Lastly, the Trove CBD oil {750 mg with 25mg per dropper} is another great way to wind down. I like a few drops in my water or tea. Trove CBD Oil is premiuim CBD extract in organic MCT coconut oil. You can get it natural {w a slight coconut flavour… YUM yall know I LOVEEEEE coconut}, or with lemon or peppermint oil. I have the mint which is perfect in water… especially freezing cold water! It’s great to calm your mind, help with soreness, & support your immune, digestive, & nervous systems. I also appreciate how clearly marked the dosing is on the dropper.

Here are some more of the benefits of CBD

+ Pain management: CBD helps with pain because it’s anti-inflammatory! Fantastic for sore muscles after the gym or if you’re recovering from an injury. It helped me a lot with my twisted ankle.

+ Help Anxiety, Stress & Depression: many, myself include, experience lower anxiety levels thanks to CBD. “At high concentrations, CBD has been shown to activate the serotonin receptors.” {via}

+ Skin Issues: i have a full blown blog post coming on this but since it’s an anti-inflammatory, it can help even skin tone & clear acne. I am also convinced that it’s anti-aging since I’ve seen such a difference in my hands in less than a month.

+ Antioxidant: CBD has antioxidant properties, which can fight free radicals… not to mention, I always feel better if I get all my antioxidants! 🙂

+ Increased Focus: A drop or so of CBD can really help you focus on a task… many encourage CBD as a coffee replacement! I am actually cutting down on coffee so I’ll give this a go and report back – I’ll mix the mint drops in my high caffeine green tea! 🙂

+ Sleep Aid: Due to it’s relaxing & calming properties, it can help lead to a better night’s sleep! I especially love it as a topical before bed too, as mentioned.

How about you? What’s your thoughts on CBD – have you tried it yet? Would LOVE to know & if you have any reccs for me, let me know!! I always love trying new CBD {& THC! 🙂 } products!


Shop Trove CBD

Thank you, TROVE CBD, for the generous gift <3

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  1. 2.6.20
    Mercy said:

    That lavender oil is a must!

  2. 2.6.20
    Gitana said:

    Would love to try the drops of the mint one in my cold water as you mentioned! It sounds like a good way to get some CBD in my routine. 🙂

    Also can’t wait to see what you have to say about CBD + Skin Care!


  3. 2.6.20
    SundayDahlias said:

    CBD oil really is the craze! I didn’t know they incorporated it into beauty products as well!