bring on the pumpkin!

There’s no time like Trader Joe’s in the Fall! I love all the pumpkin spice selections & always come back with a full cart.

Here is everything I’m eyeing from Trader Joe’s this month as well as some of my personal favorite items!

Bring on the pumpkin spice!!

what to get from Trader Joes this fall!

1 }: Spiced Pumpkin Madelines: I recently got these from Starbucks and HOOKED!! I have no question the TJ’s version will be just as good. I love the fall pumpkin spice flavours with the soft texture… I like to sprinkle a little sea salt on them too!

2 }: Organic Cold Pressed Fuji Apple Cider: this is one of my fav TJ’s products! Sooo tasty on it’s own but may I suggest it mixed in an autumn spritz cocktail?

3 }: Chimay Autumn Cheese: one thing you’ll learn is that I’m a sucker for anything with the word “autumn” in the name. This cheese is no exception! This cheese is supposed to be very buttery & creamy which is right up my alley

4 }: Fall Harvest Salsa: another fav product! This salsa is SO good & I appreciate all the added veggies to it. I like to mix it with shredded chicken + cheese, wrap it up in a whole wheat tortilla brushed with olive oil & bake for a lightened up flauta – topped with greek yogurt & jalapenos… YUM!

5 }: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Mix: tis the season to start baking!!! Bring on the pumpkin treats! Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my fave of all time so I want to give this mix a go.

6 }: Everything But The Bagel Greek Yogurt Dip: I’m obsessed with everything bagels & everything seasoning so I kinda need this. I’m thinking using this on a BLT in lieu of mayo. also check out my superfood everything seasoning!!

7 }: Extra Hot Ghost Pepper Salsa: the spicier the better in my book & ghost peppers don’t mess around!! This would be soooo good with scrambled eggs or an omelette or even stirred into some queso #texasgirl

8 }: Honey Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli: I LOVE raviolis like this because they’re a 10 minute max dinner. This + olive oil + shredded kale + flaky sea slat + cracked brown pepper + a sprinkle of cayenne = the fastest dinner ever!

9 }: Shaved Beef Steak: THIS is my fav meat to buy from Trader Joe’s! It’s shaved rib eye & cooks soooooo quickly. Another weekday must! The thin slices makes it just melt in your mouth. I love using this for stirfries or steak sandwiches!

10 }: Boo Bark: I LOVE CANDY CORN!!! Candy Corn & Autumn Mix are my 2 fave kind of candies so I need this. I love barks like this because you can easily break off what you need and they tend to last me a few days.

11 }: Candy Corn Popcorn: If you like candy corn, you will enjoy this! Kind of like a sweeter kettle corn but still perfectly salty! I also appreciate that the colours are all natural.

12 }: Pumpkin Spice Face Masks: I love pumpkin masks – they are one of my all time faves! This has pumpkin seed & turmeric root extracts, aloe leaf juice, shea butter, colloidal gold, hydrolyzed silk protein, with a blend of clove flower, cinnamon bark, orange peel, & ginger root oils. ps remember this throwback pumpkin mask post?!

13 }: Howling Gourds Pumpkin Ale: It’s a fall tradition, whatever pumpkin beers I see, I HAVE to try. Can’t wait to give these a go! If you like Pumpkin Beers be sure to check out my favs!

14 }: Kings of Prohibition Cabernet / Shiraz: a full bodied, juicy red wine perfect to drink with the cooler temps! This will be especially good with anything made with the thin shaved ribeye above. I’ll get a full review on this here as soon as I try it.

15 }: Harvest Blend Tea: fall in a cup! spicy, & sweet but with no added sugar. I love this for crisp evenings as a dessert tea but it also makes a great base for a cocktail. If you like mulled wine, try using this for a one stop mulled shop!!

Let me know if you give any a go!! What are your favourite things to get at Trader Joe’s?

For more Trader Joe’s picks, be sure to check out Gitana’s TJ beauty picks! She runs the blog “Simply Gitana” all about living a simple, minimalistic lifestyle and she has some of the best, most reasonable picks <3 in fact, I’m going to get that hand sanitizer asap!


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