peony tulips, please!
Peony Tulips from Trader Joe's • San Francisco based lifestyle blog essellesse talks May Trader Joe's finds!

Trader Joe’s is the best, right?

Personally, I love seeing all the new products come in. I find that they are always a good mix of innovation, convieconveniencenience, & just plain ole delicious. Not to mention, you can’t beat their prices.

May is pretty lit at Trader Joe’s and here are 12 May TJ Finds to add to your cart!

What’s on my May Trader Joe’s Shopping List!

ONE }: Cookie Butter Ice Cream :: I LOVE cookie butter, it’s seriously so addicting but I’m thinking this would be magical in an affogato! Basically scoop this in a coffee mug, pour over a shot of espresso {or espresso vodka?} & drink up!

TWO }: Neapolitan Joe Joes :: I absolutely love strawberry & vanilla together, so these sound amazing. It’s one wafer chocolate, one wafer vanilla and strawberry creme flecked with freeze dried strawberries!

THREE }: Jalapeño Sauce :: creamy jalapeno sauces make everything better. I love to use them to toss some lentils as a make shift dressing! I’m from Houston & there’s a famous restaurant called Ninfas on Navigation {go here and get the steak fajitas}. Anyways, they have a creamy green sauce that is NEXT!!! LEVEL!!! so I’d be curious to see how it compares. Even though it’s so creamy, it’s still vegan!

FOUR }: Elote Corn Chip Dippers :: These are HUGE on the internet right now and sound so good. A little heat, a little creamy, a little cheesy, a little salty = all good things. & sprinkled with the Jalapeno sauce above?! YES PLS

FIVE }: Mint Watermelon Black Tea :: mint + watermelon + tea = some of my favourite things. I always love making an afternoon cup of tea to get over that work slump & this sounds incredible!

SIX }: Moonlight & Roses Coteaux D’Aix En Provence Rose :: I love trying TJ’s rosé’s! They are always inexpensive and even if it doesn’t work out, they’re great to make frosés out of. This one is $10 and I’ll get a review on it here ASAP!

SEVEN }: Pastrami Style Smoked Salmon :: This on an everything bagel is what dreams are made of, I’m sure. This would also be fun to have on a crudité board. {we love boards here – we like to use these for presentation}

EIGHT }: Burrata :: Burrata is such a sexy cheese and I find it’s an easy one to impress with. My friend & amazing lifestyle blogger Jannika mixed some with a pasta on instagram stories and it looked DIVINE! Also would be fun to grill some peaches, top with proscuitto & drizzle some raw honey over, no?

NINE }: Freeze Dried Grapes :: I love freeze dried foods and I love frozen grapes so I know I will love these. Something about the texture, I just can’t get enough of them! I love the idea on putting these on a cheese board for some pre-dinner snacks.

TEN }: Milk & Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn :: the ultimate snack to curl up to some Netflix with, right? I love the contrast of sweet & salty and these may be fighting words but I’ll take milk chocolate over dark any day!

ELEVEN }: Frozen Tropical Fruit Blend :: Tropical fruits are my favourite & honestly, I love eating them frozen out of the bag like candy. You can also mix it with this smoothie for ultimate deliciousness! {or blend with vodka?}

TWELVE }: Peony Tulips! :: these aren’t peonies but they are just as pretty! Basically they are tulips that look like peonies & the pastel pink colour is just darling. Only $8 or a bouquet! You can see the peony tulips in action in the main photo for this post!

THIRTEEN }: Peony Blossom Candle :: I love these candles for my bar cart. They are the perfect size & the price {$4!} can’t be beat. They always smell so good & peony is one of my favourite scents! I also love that their candles are paraben free

I mentioned on instagram that I started time batching my days… Basically, I know what’s going on each and every day and Tuesdays are for grocery shopping so off to Trader Joe’s I go!

Any May Trader Joes finds I need to add to my list? LMK!


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