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I love Trader Joe’s!

and I am PARTICULARLY excited because with June comes my all time favourite thing to get: COCONUT COLD BREW!!! Time to stock up.

SO- I figured I’d share what’s on my radar at Trader Joe’s this month. As mentioned here, we are trying something a little new with groceries & cooking. Erik was on it this week and so when I go this weekend, I will be picking up EVERYTHING on this list!

June is pretty lit at Trader Joe’s and here are 13 June TJ Finds to add to your cart!

What’s on my June Trader Joe’s Shopping List!

ONE }: COCONUT COLD BREW!!!!! :: this is BY FAR my favourite thing to get at TJ’s. As seen here, here, here I just can’t get enough. I love this stuff so much that I stock up over the summer to have it all year since it’s a limited summer run. This + vanilla hemp milk + a kiss of cinnamon + a holographic straw = my fav morning coffee!

TWO }: Chevre with Honey :: This is a smaller size of their original one and it’s perfect for summer! Would be lovely with some grilled peaches or served with crostinis and freshly cracked pepper as a super easy appetizer {which is a really fun way to make dinners special for two… or one!}

THREE }: Ube Ice Cream :: have you tried ube ice cream yet? It’s probably the most instagrammable ice cream ever and the most gorgeous shade of purple! Ube are the Philippine purple yams and the taste can be a mix of vanilla + coconut + pistachio – YUM! They also add to the purple colour with grape extract & beet juice!

FOUR }: Bloody Mary Salsa :: I actually talked about this here but it’s out!! & tbh I’m so mad I never thought of this first. This sounds AMAZING and honestly would be a fun addition to a wedge salad too!

FIVE }: Potted Basil :: I will have a full blown post on this but one of the best purchases Erik & I got from TJ’s was live mint – now it lives in a pot and we have fresh mint daily for only a few dollars! I want to do the same exact thing with this basil. Plus there’s something lazy luxury about casually plucking fresh herbs, right? The options are honestly endless but would be fun to muddle in with a gin gimlet.

SIX }: Fresh Apricots :: I LOVE APRICOTS!! & tis the season! These would be amazing with the goat cheese above, sliced ona charcuterie board {w a drizzle of raw honey}, or alone as a healthy snack!

SEVEN }: Ricotta & Lemon Zest Ravioli :: such a perfect summer pasta! I feel like all you need for this is a kiss of butter, drizzle of olive oil, squeeze of lemon, chile flakes, fresh basil, pink sea salt, & shredded greens for an easy 10 minute dinner!

EIGHT }: Gummy Bears on a Pool Day :: How fun is this summer treat! Think white & dark chocolate with mini gummy bears on top! This would be the most perfect ice cream topping and fun to have broken in bowls if you are entertaining – even just for two & 1!

NINE }: Key Lime Tea Cookies :: You can’t do summer without key limes!! These cookies sound delicious to enjoy on the roof for sunset. In fact, we miss Key West a lot and want to go back ASAP. Speaking of… check out my take on the spicy shrimp fettucine from nine one five it’s SO GOOD

TEN }: Tuatea Sauvignon Blanc :: I absolutely LOVE New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs. One of the key markers of a NZ SB is TROPICAL, TROPICAL, TROPICAL & this brags the tropical notes with some lemon zest. Sounds right up my alley and only $7! I’ll review it in full on here but the way I see it, if it doesn’t work out, sangria it or spritz it!

ELEVEN }: Maricool Muscadet :: another TJ’s white on my list! This is a perfect summer wine, especially when I was in Texas and the temps were in the 100s! In fact, Muscadet is a personal favourite of mine so I can’t wait to try this one. Melon de Bourgogne is the grape and since the vineyards are close to the sea, it tends to lend a saline, salty air quality which I LOVE. If you’re looking for a light bodied, crisp, acidic wine – this is for you. PS this will go AMAZING with the lemon zest ravioli above

TWELVE }: Raspberry Macaron Cake :: Not gonna lie, the name alone sold me. Think vanilla cream, raspberries, almond macaron biscuits, & toasted coconut. These desserts are great too because literally all you have to do is take it out of the freezer!

THIRTEEN }: Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips :: these are both mine and Erik’s favourite tortilla chips! They are ADDICTING and have a hint of lime… they kind of remind me of chipotle’s! Try this with the Bloody Mary salsa above.

I mentioned on instagram that I started time batching my days… Basically, I know what’s going on each and every day and Tuesdays are for grocery shopping so off to Trader Joe’s I go!

Any June Trader Joes finds I need to add to my list? LMK! Still obsessed with this watermelon mint black tea!


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