TOTALLY RAD BLOGGERS TO FOLLOW! If you like my blog, you’ll LOVE these

Lifestyle bloggers I love to follow: Jannika Rask of Neue Reveal; Colette LeClair aka Colette Prime of ColettePrime; Cass DiMicco; & Katey Yurko of The Violet Fog • by lifestyle blog: essellesse

I don’t know about you but I LOVE discovering blogs!

If you’re anything like me, when you see a blog you dig, you just BINGE on the content in one sitting… it’s somewhat embarrassing but when there’s a blogger I relate to or love their content, I seriously can’t get enough.

These days, I find a LOT of bloggers have jumped their blog for instagram or only update 1-2x a week MAX. Post for another day, but I think that’s a huge mistake. There’s something a blog / website or even newsletter can bring that instagram just can’t… not to mention, I VERY much believe in blogs & to be quite frank, Instagram isn’t something I believe in. More on that here.

I like writing, I like storytelling, & I like seeing the photos. There’s an intimacy I find with blogging that I don’t on other outlets… is that weird?

SO- if you’re like me and looking for rad blogs to follow, I gotcha covered!

My favourite lifestyle blogs to follow:


Jannika Rask of Neue Reveal neuereveal • san francisco based lifestyle blogger essellesse talks her favourite lifestyle blogs

Neue Reveal is my current favourite!! I seriously cannot get enough of this New York City based lifestyle blog. The creator behind it is my friend Jannika {who also had her own phenomenal fashion line RASK seen here}. Not only is she one of the coolest girls I know, but she just knows her stuff. Her cooking is next level & one of my favourite parts of her recipes is #RECIPESANDBEATS! Basically, she curates playlists to accompany her recipes. Her music taste is phenom & it’s just such a fun thing to offer & it really does add to the cooking experience! Her #RECIPESANDBEATS 9 is my current favourite – check out her spotify here.

I also specially love her instagram stories! She has such a unique, fresh spin to them. She has such a wonderful eye for aesthetics & is a source of inspiration for me when it comes to interior design. Also, her travels are just so dreamy & it’s always so fun to follow along.

If you’re looking for amazing recipes, interior design, wellness tips, dope music, & travel to escape to, you will LOVE Neue Reveal!

Colette Prime

Colette LeClair of Colette.Prime - coletteprime • san francisco based lifestyle blogger essellesse talks her favourite lifestyle blogs

You probably follow Colette on instagram, already… and if not, you should!! Based in San Francisco, she is the amazon queen & finds some of the most on trend fashion on amazon. Her looks are straight out of Vogue & her eye for styling is exquisite. THAT SAID, her blog is phenomenal!

She is such an amazing writer & also talks on important topics like why therapy is so important. She is so empowering, beyond talented, & her photos will inspire you. Colette is more than just Amazon Fashion, but she really, truly inspires women to live in their prime. Come for her fashion but stay for her writing!

Also, she was just featured in Cosmopolitan!! Check her out HERE.

Cass DiMicco

Cass DiMicco of the namesake blog: Cass DiMicco cassdimicco • san francisco based lifestyle blogger essellesse talks her favourite lifestyle blogs

this is a new follow of mine & in pure Shannon fashion, I completely binged on her content. I found her through this podcast with Fohr. I immediately was turned to her because we have such similar thoughts & look to similar sources for inspiration. I found myself instantly addicted to her content & personality!

Cass, based in New York, was a former fashion buyer & really has her finger on the pulse on what trends to expect. I also just love her style & aesthetic!

Her photos are stunning yet inspiring and I love her videos. She just relaunched her blog & I’m loving it! Think beauty, fashion, & a healthy / happy life!

The Violet Fog

Katey Yurko of The Violet Fog violetfog thevioletfog • san francisco based lifestyle blogger essellesse talks her favourite lifestyle blogs to follow

I always call Katey of The Violet Fog my blogging soul sister. She’s an INFP & I’m an INTJ and we basically bonded over that & some Grenache Blanc. In fact, it’s kind of funny since I moved to SF from Texas and she recently moved to Texas from SF.

What I love about Katey is she keeps it REAL. & I am talking REAL. She gets vulnerable, personal, & really opens her heart. It’s a blog all women can relate too. I especially loved this post on stalking online LOL I know I have been there along with EVERY.SINGLE.GIRL. But she is the ultimate girls’ girl.

I also love Katey’s approach to beauty. It is VERY holistic & natural and she is a source in which I educate myself on with it. example: mango butter – it’s something that has CHANGED my skin I would of never of known about it if it wasn’t for her. She also knows the best brand and anything she stands behind, you can trust 1000%.

Enjoy these babes!! I seriously check their blogs every day.

Any other blogs to follow or do you blog as well? Leave your details below. I’m always looking for new blogs to follow… especially since I’m so bored with instagram these days lol

Talk soon – Wednesdays are for Japanese so lot’s of studying to catch up on xx


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