Make Your Insta-Feed #GOALS with my top 5 Favourite Photo Editing Apps!

This post has been a long time in the making.

Without a doubt, there is one question that slides into my Instagram DM’s as of late:

What do you use to edit your photos?

I actually did a post on this over a year ago BUT my style has changed a lot within the year.

To be honest, it took me a long time to figure out what I wanted my look to be. I was going for cool, desaturated & hazy at the time, but I wasn’t really digging it because again, it wasn’t me.

It’s no secret, I’m an 80’s baby, so I wanted to really project that aesthetic. I’m talking faded, saturated technicolor, grainy, skewed highlights & shadows, with a kind of nostalgic vibe, and then my favourite part? That glitch.

In fact, when I met with chloedigital a few weeks back for their tour, my online specialist Sol {who is aaaaaaamazing & I LOVE}, told me the first word that came to her head when she sees my instagram is “CYBER” which is something I really take to heart because that was  exactly what I was going for.

As far as the glitch, I do a variety of apps, so I’ll present the one I use the most & will add the rest of them in a future post!

ALSO! I I’m going to share some VSCO filter recipes weekly with you guys. It was something that really helped me hone in on my aesthetic. If you have any reccs, let me know and I’ll try and emulate them. I’ll post them both here & on Instagram weekly. I’ll share the first one on Saturday!

With the filter recipes, I’ll explain the filter & the effect it gives, what series it’s a part of and what photos it will work best with. Yay new series!

SO- let’s go into it, here are the apps I use to edit every single photo.



+++ download here for Apple
+++ download here for Android

I know, boring & I already wrote about it but this is my go to app. The Instant-P filters & low contrast-V are my favourite. More times than not, that’s what I’m using. Other filters I love are: C7, C8, & c(.

One thing I do & I can do a more in depth post on my editing process is that I manipulate the shadows & highlights.

Advice I see constantly is to use the same filter over and over. However, I don’t believe in that & honestly find it a little boring. Instead, I like to use similar edits on the toolkit to keep things homogenous from photo to photo. I also do the same exact edits on the instagram editor every single time which really helps tie things together.

I like for each photo to have a “vibe” to it. For example, a selfie needs a different filter than a food shot or a flatlay or a sunset shot, no?

Also, there is one thing I do on VSCO that is EXACTLY the same in every photo. I’m not going to say it here because I don’t want to give it away {it’s no secret, I just want to see if you can notice}. If you think you know what it is, leave it in the comments! It doesn’t have anything to do with filters but I think it makes all the difference

Another huge plus about VSCO is that you can buy the presets for your computer. It makes homogenous edits from your phone to your computer seamless. It’s what I use here for blog photos & makes editing a SERIOUS breeze. I also love it because then when I add a blog photo to instagram, it already automatically flows. Buy Mobile Presets 1 here & Mobile Presets 2 here.

TWO :: Snapseed

+++ download here for Apple
+++ download here for Android

This is a very powerful photo editor on your phone. It’s been hailed as “photoshop for your phone” & I love it. For starters, it’s a Google app, & I trust Google!

Second, my favourite features are the Brush & Selective Editing. Selective Editing is how you can pick and choose what you want to alter the exposure, saturation, & contrast on.

I like to use it to desaturate backgrounds. A big reason is because I actually UP my saturation in my VSCO & Instagram edits to give it that technicolour look, so it helps keep me in the focus as I brighten things up in my Shannon-edits. Alternatively, I also love to UP the saturation for the sky & such.

The brush mode allows you to do the same thing but with a smaller work space. Say you want to brighten your eyes, just a quick tap with a .03 exposure & + 5 saturation and you good to go!

One great brush option is temperature! If you have a cool toned photo yet something is looking a little yellow, it’s perfect for fixing that or vice versa with a warm photo and things are a little too blue or aqua. Kind of like an “on-demand” white balance fix!

THREE :: Facetune 2

+++ download here for Apple
+++ download here for Android

This app is the Not to sound like a crazy person, but I spent the $30 for this app so I have FULL access to all the features. I think it’s well worth it. This is the very first app I use before I start the editing process.

I love how adjustable all the settings are. Some of my favourites include the whitening tool – it really brightens the eye area and is an instant fix for all the red wine and coffee I drink. 🙂 The whitening tool is great if the background of a photo is too “yellow” – it can cool it down and desaturate a bit.

Another is the detail brush. Every blogger should be using this! It sharpens up all the details, think manicures, chunky knits, hardware on a bag, it helps bring them to stage.

Now my FAVOURITE part of Facetune 2? The PRISM tool. This lil effect is so dope and the options are endless. You can give a photo a holographic look or bring the intensity down to make it look like it’s on film. Check the prism in action here!

FOUR :: Filterloop

+++ download here for Apple
+++ download here for Android

This app is a recent favourite of mine. I am CONSTANTLY on the hunt for vintage effects on photos. This was a goldmine of a find.

The filters are gorgeous and SO unique – in fact, there’s one for life on Mars! I love apps like that because they can really get me thinking creatively for my edits. If you’re looking for a “film” or analog style app, this is for you!

Now I use this primarily for 2 features – the “noise” feature (I use the “TV Screen one – see it here) & the “TV Glitch” filter (.99 cent add on). Basically, the TV glitch filter is like when you sit wayyyyy too close to a computer screen and you can see the colour bars. I like to keep them subtle at either 7% or 14% {fun fact, but I ALWAYS adjust my edits in EVERY APP with increments of 7. It’s my lucky number}.

Check the out in action here, here, & here.

FIVE :: Glitché

+++ download here for Apple
+++ download here for Android

Okay so this is probably the one everyone has been waiting for. This is what I use to get the glitchy look in every single one my photos. It is .99 cents but you have to pay $2.99 on the top of my head for high-definition. I highly reccomend doing that or else your photos will be blurry.

This app is what gives my photos that glitchy feel with the rainbow technical difficulties-esque effects.

I’ll admit, the app is not exactly user friendly and you have to teach yourself as you go. The glitches I use are under the Channel or Screen feature. You can use your finger to adjust how subtle or extreme you want it. As soon as the photo is to your liking, press the top right arrow and save accordingly!

As far as what to glitch? It depends on the photo! Check the links for my examples but I personally love doing the shadows, clouds, water: both waves & reflections, my hair, & fun details… like cleavage LOL… but really though.

I also love that it uses the same exact VCR Mono font that I use very often here on the blog. It really ties everything together!

I personally LOVE talking filters and stuff – is that weird? So if you have any questions, just let me know. I know this can get so overwhelming

And in case you were wondering the order of how I do things, this is the chronological order:

1. Facetune 2
2. Snapseed
3. Glitché {if I didn’t use the prism on Facetune 2}
5. Filterloop

I hope this is helpful! Y’all know how I feel about the damn alogrithm so make it your bitch by creating a GOALS AF Insta-feed.

OK! Now I wanna hear from you. What’s your instagram & what are some of your favourite apps & filters?

I’ll do a round up of ALL my glitchy apps in the next few weeks because I have SO MANY.

See ya on the gram! x @shannonsilver 😉 xx






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