Taking it back with VELOUR TRACKSUITS!

Back in college {which was basically 10 years ago whaaaaa} – I was totally that girl.

I was never one to dress up for class. Some people went to the nines, I didn’t. It was a tracksuit all day every day. I worked full-time in college {in the restaurant industry so very long hours & very little sleep}, so comfort took priority over fashion.

In fact, to this day, I will admit, I don’t feel as comfortable in formal professional attire. It’s just not me. Though I enjoy a good blazer, pantsuit & LOVE my breezy button downs, I feel more like “Professional Barbie” in formal work attire vs “Shannon”.

Class was no exception – well, except for one annoying class where we had to wear a suit to – & I owned every single velour or french terry tracksuit there ever was – Juicy, VS Pink, Express… you name it. Though, remember, I was 2007 Shannon, so most of it was Ed Hardy-esque blinged tf out.

The velour tracksuits stayed with me when I moved to Dallas until about 2012. I had a variety of colours {& red for Houston!!} & each one you better believe had the matching hoodie.  If a girlfriend ended up spending the night after a night out, no problem! I usually loaned them one of my velour sweats to go home in.

I ended up parting with the majority of mine during a closet haul. I got rid of any that lost the matching co-ords… not to mention, the fit was a bit dated aka very low-rise pants.

Well, as a blogger, one thing I do constantly is see what’s new in my favourite shops. I could not believe my eyes as I was scrolling through Express’s new arrivals… there we had it, a velour tracksuit that was totally in style!! Think cropped hoodies & a slimmer fit jogger {exactly what I’m wearing! I also got this one too}!

This was right before our Paris trip, so I pressed purchase and was already looking forward to wearing it on the long plane ride! 😉

Not even going to lie, Erik thinks it’s totally ridiculous {I think he’s totally ridiculous}, but I love it. I pair them with my velvet mules and loving the monochromatic look of black velvet!

Now, to make it even more fun, you can totally play around with it! I’ve worn this exact cropped hoodie to work over a white tee, skinny jeans, black leather belt, & loafers. I’ve paired the velour sweats with a white Portofino {half tucked} for a casual yet polished look. Pair them with some Superstars, and you, my friend, got yourself a chic loungey look. Right now, the trench over hoodie look is huge so I love the idea of matching the velour with a structured blazer.

I obviously love it with my velvet mules, but it would also look super rad with some metallic silver mules too!

Either way, I’m so stoked the velvet co-ords is coming back. In fact, Khloe K was just rocking it in her snapchats the other day so expect to see this in a major way at every retailer!

Yay or nay to the velour tracksuit that we all grew up with?! xx S

Scroll on to shop this throwback and my favourite velvet co-ords at the moment! 

wearing :: cropped velour hoodie || velour sweats || velvet mules || gold sunglasses {sold out 🙁 similar here & here – love a good side shield}
drinking :: Lagunitas IPA


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  1. 2.15.17

    Omg haha I had some good laughs reading this! Juicy… Ed Hardy… ahhh the torturous memories lol However it would have been so fun to see some old photos of your collection it’s probably for the best you rid yourself of those track suits haha I like the casual – kicked back with a beer – vibe you paired this outfit with!


    • 2.17.17

      Ha! IPAs or wine is always my favourite accessory in photos 🙂 If you could believe it, back in the day, my hair was platinum blonde LOL I’ll try and dig up some photos for a fun #tbt post if I can access my old computer (haven’t turned it on in about five years so who knows what is on that thing). Thanks so much for reading babe!! Have a great weekend! x

  2. 2.15.17
    Melanie said:

    Really awesome! Love the velour sweats … looks extremely comfy and looks great on you. 🙂

    • 2.17.17

      Thanks Melanie!! Your comment is so sweet, I appreciate it! xx

  3. 2.15.17
    Chérie Renee said:

    OMG I remember the Juicy velour track suits. I had so many colors and wore them to class all the time. Wow, what a throw back. Currently I only have one velour sweats, but they are not in style at all. Can’t bare to part with them though!

    • 2.17.17

      omg I def still have a Christian Audigier hoodie in my closet from 2008 that says HEARTBREAKER that I can’t get myself to give up (though I haven’t worn it since 2010).. I TOTALLY get it. I think you should rock it girl – if you do it, I’ll rock the Audigier 😉 xx

  4. 2.15.17
    Rachel Barter said:

    YASSS. I loved velour track suits! I remember having a hot pink Juicy one in Jr. High and I basically thought I was a Queen. Haha, I love that you are bringing them back! I currently don’t own one, but this is bringing back so many memories that maybe I should!

    xo Rachel | http://www.thesassroom.com

    • 2.17.17

      LOL! I totally feel you. I’m pretty sure I had one that said “The Joy Bling Can Bring” & thought I was soooo cool. I love this comment so much, I know I’m biased bc I bought it but I LOVE Express’s velour co-ords! The colours are great too 🙂 x

  5. 2.15.17
    Caitlin said:

    Love that tracksuits are coming back lol I used to love the Juicy ones!

    Caitlin, Beauty & Colour

    • 2.17.17

      omg have you seen the Urban and Vetements collab, both with Juicy?? They are so good (though the Vetements is WAY outta my price range but a girl can dream) – Happy weekend! xx

  6. 2.15.17
    Nic Mora said:

    I love how you styled this! So cute, trendy and laid back! xo NM


  7. 2.15.17

    LOVE that this trend is coming back and especially love the set you’re wearing! I definitely need a velour hoodie in my wardrobe ASAP.

    xo, Skylar

    • 2.17.17

      Thanks babe!!! I LOVE that it’s back too. The cropped one from Express is so good and comes in so many colours too – the blush one is cute too!! xx Shannon

  8. 2.15.17
    Victoria said:

    You make this outfit look so chic and cool! I would probably look like a hillbilly but I think im going to try anyways because it looks so comfortable!
    victoria | http://www.thesoutherntrunk.com

    • 2.17.17

      Victoria you are so sweet! I HIGHLY doubt you’d look like a hillbilly. It’s SO comfortable, it’s like wearing a cloud! Rock it girl! xx

  9. 2.15.17

    Your track suit looks so comfy, I love it with those shoes

    • 2.17.17

      Thank you! The shoes are my absolute favourite! It’s a velvet Gucci dupe 🙂 xx

  10. 2.16.17
    Vanessa Moore said:

    I’ve actually been seeing these pop up a lot lately! I think they’re coming back!

    Vanessa | http://www.vanessarenae.com

    • 2.17.17

      oh 100% and I ain’t mad at it at all! Let me know if you get one too 🙂 xx

  11. 2.16.17
    Dani Mikaela McGowan said:

    YES GIRL! #TrackisBack So into it.

  12. 2.16.17

    I always loved those! So glad they’re making a comeback.

    • 2.17.17

      omg so am I – not to mention Juicy collabed with Urban and made some seriously rad pieces! x

  13. 2.17.17
    Jessica Jacobowitz Weinberg said:

    OMG I used to LIVE in mine in high school. They are so comfortable. Comfy chic is the best!
    xo Jessica

    • 2.17.17

      RIGHT?! so, so good. They were my favourite back in the day! Have a great weekend, babe! x

  14. 2.17.17
    Emily Soto said:

    This track suit looks so good on you! I’m all about what wearing what makes you feel good!


    • 2.17.17

      girrrrl I’m with you there!! Thank you so much, I’ve been living in it for sure 🙂 have a great weekend! x

  15. 2.17.17

    You are so cool! 🙂


  16. 2.18.17
    Kim L. said:

    I used to LOVE my pink velvet tracksuit, lol! This is taking me back..I’m loving your look though especially the black!

    XO, Kim

    • 2.20.17

      Thanks so much, Kim!! I have a feeling the hot pink velvet suits will be back in a MAJOR way. Appreciate the love, girl!! xx Shannon

  17. 3.3.17

    I love that velvet track suit and those shoes! Great look! xo Jana | http://www.janastyleblog.com | @jana_meister

    • 6.5.17

      Thanks Jana! I love the velvet look from head to toe 🙂 So sorry I’m so late to this comment !! Happy Monday! xx Shannon