Weekend Vibes :: Thanksgiving & cleanin’ it up… Hard!

shannon silver - thanksgiving 2015 // champagne at shannon's

{ Thanksgiving Steaks + Single Malts // sweater – old, exact outfit underneath here }

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, if it is one that you celebrate. Mine was lovely.

If we are being honest, I am trying to spend less time on the phone when I am out with friends or my boyfriend – which means less photos, instagrams, social media updates… the list goes on. I am very extreme in general.. I’m either nose in my phone 24/7 or I am just OFF, so I need to find the happy medium & figure out how to balance it.

Other than that, so we had a very nice Thanksgiving. Moving to California years ago meant starting completely new – which is both fun & scary.

One of the more fun aspects of it, if I do say so myself, is starting new holiday traditions.

Travel during the holidays while working a full time job can get tough, especially half-way through the country. Not to mention, the airports are crazy, I have a bad habit of missing flights, & of course financially, the prices seem to be on the inflated side. #understatement

I am also an extremely introverted person.

I can stay home for days hours, alone, with a [mac]book and my cat, and be totally content. I really thrive in the company of zero to two max – preferably if that 2 is my boyfriend and my cat.

On a personal note, I get hardcore social anxiety, so after big social outings (which I’ve had this week, last week, the week before, and will have next week & again after during holiday party season – this sentence alone is stressing me out as I type), I desperately need the time in to myself to recuperate. Without recognizing this, I’ve spent many years when I lived in Dallas trying to convince myself I am an extrovert, which just lead to me feeling more confused, and more stressed out.

Between my boyfriend and I, our family is spread out all over the place – east coast, west coast, third coast (where you at, houston peeps?!), midwest.. Literally every time zone in the US, we got it covered.

Pretty much, all things considered from social settings, to geographical locations, my boyfriend and I made the executive decision to start holidays with just the 2 of us.

naughty boyfriend :: champagne at shannonsnaughty boyfriend :: champagne at shannons
Having too much fun with the Naughty Snapchat filter

I’ve considered doing the whole Thanksgiving for two thing: turkey breast, all the sides, a bottle of the newly released Beaujolais Nouveau (aka the perf thanksgiving wine) – cook all day, clean all night… or just do a restaurant.

Years ago, we found a steakhouse open for the holiday dinner. We subbed turkey for medium rare filets, but with all the thanksgiving sides – stuffing, cranberries, potatoes – all of them. We also enjoy it with single malts (Oban 18, always), and then finish with a shared slice of pumpkin pie with grand marnier macerated strawberries & cream.

{ stonestreet cabernet and single malts :: pre going clean} thanksgiving desserts :: champagne at shannons
{ Stonestreet Cabernet + Oban 18 // Thanksgiving Desserts }

If we ever break tradition and bring it to the kitchen, you better believe I am cooking some filets and serving it with single malts.

So that is how we spent our day. Anyone else have new traditions that they came up with their significant other?

Also, on an exciting note, I am stoked to announce that starting TODAY until mid-December…

I am nixing alcohol and cleaning up my diet 100%

I know I have brought this up in previous posts, but allow me to get into a little more detail.

For the most part, my diet is 80 clean / 20 yolo.

For the next three weeks, that 80 will now be 100%. I will also keep a food journal of everything I ate for the week, and what groceries I bought. The idea for this is to show what a grocery haul looked like for me and how it contributed to the week of dining. My boyfriend has heavy international travel for the next two weeks, so unless noted otherwise, everything I am making is for one. Think lots of eggs, greens, sweet potatoes, zoodles/spaghetti squash, lean proteins, and TEA.

⚜ …I am also bringing in my lunch everyday at work.

Not only will this save money (in SF, it is not uncommon to spend $15 on a salad), but more importantly, I can control both portions and EXACTLY what I eat.  I also bought this mint travel mug this weekend – so every morning, I am going to take the time out in the morning make myself breakfast & make tea for my commute to work.

For sweets, and I will do a HUGE post on this since I believe in it so much, but…

⚜ …I am replacing desserts with dessert tea.

Think chocolate or caramel roobios tea after dinner. I can be BAD when it comes to dessert. Like, Saturday night for example, I cooked an insanely clean dinner (will post the recipe since I am making it again tonight!) – no dessert… so what do my boyfriend and I do? Obviously, we order a large froyo, large ice cream, and a dozen cookies delivered to our door from Over The Moon via postmates. Yeah, that shit can’t happen anymore. The dessert teas REALLY help me keep my pesky sweet tooth in check.

⚜ …And now alcohol… ah, this one will be tough.

Not only is alcohol a big part of my life (I was in the industry for a good while and have a major appreciation for it), but it will be a big part of this blog, and I will just admit it, I enjoy to indulge in it #sosueme. However, I am also going to be in a bikini for a month, on top of that, I’ve been having major issues sleeping. By cleaning up my diet, and nixing alcohol, it can help me slowly but surely pinpoint the cause (I have a few suspects) – and as much as I enjoy to imbibe, right now, the added empty calories just are not worth it to me at this point. {wait, what?!}

As far as exercise, I can include this in my journal, but I will ramp up added exercise moves – all of it will be things I find online, so I will absolutely share it.

I am also reviving old habits: shot of aloe & magnesium before bed, breakfast within 20 minutes of waking, ghee for cooking… this list goes on – but I am pumped.

final splurge feast // champagne at shannons

{ Final Feast at Barney’s :: a million 1.99 mimosas, lettuce wrapped, medium rare, cheeseburger with jalapenos, onions, a side of bacon, a side of avocado, and a LARGE order of fries. }

TO be completely honest, I am excited. Not only does it mean it is go-time for our upcoming holiday to Australia & Fiji, but I really think I will love how I feel. It will also allow me to use new techniques, try out new recipes, and just completely control everything I put inside my body.

Anyone have advice for me? Any go-to healthy recipes?! pls share! Would LOVE to hear them.

Wish me luck – check in on Wednesday for a spankin’ new power couple interview & in case you missed it, check out my Cyber Monday picks here!


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