These jeans look straight outta the 90s and I’m obsessed!

essellesse talks the best 90s style jeans! || Express High Waisted Chain Original Straight Ankle Jeans

As far as the denim game goes, no decade beats the 90s!

From the thick denim, to the destruction, & relaxed fit… let me just say, I’m obsessed.

Basically, my go to look is a pair of 90s style jeans and a silky button down or mockneck sweater. I find it’s polished yet casual. Luxe yet lazy. I think it’s a flattering look on everyone too & looks like you spent hours getting ready when in reality it took 5 minutes. My kinda vibe FOR SURE.

The second I saw these from Express, I knew I had to have them. The destruction on these are amazing but I’m really digging the raw waist hem. It’s super cute with basics like a black mockneck or grey sweater.

essellesse talks the best 90s style jeans!| || High Waisted Chain Original Straight Ankle Jeans

The denim has no stretch {which I prefer}, & it has a button fly to add to it. BUT to make it even better, it comes with a chain belt which totally just adds to the look, you know?

With jeans like this, I love to add some contrast. They are already so edgy on their own, that I like to add a feminine touch. Whether it’s a low cut blouse, a slinky lacy cami, or a fitted turtleneck. They are super cute with heels.

essellesse talks the best 90s style jeans! || Express High Waisted Chain Original Straight Ankle Jeans

I love that the ankle hem is destructed too so it just looks killer with the right pair of heels. I’m currently loving these – they have the retro vibe but trust me, they are SO COMFORTABLE to walk in!

Shop the jeans below!

One thing to note about these jeans, is that they run HUGE. I’m talking about 2 sizes too big. I sized down and it’s still loose on me but to be honest, I prefer the baggier look & I’m working on shrinking them in the wash.

I also rounded up some of my fav 90s inspired jeans that I’m totally digging:

essellesse talks the best 90s style jeans!

{ ONE }: AGOLDE 90’s Loose fit in Reunion: I feel like these are the jeans all the cool edgy girls wore in the 90s movies. Super nostalgic fit & wash – would be cute with a chelsea boot & boyfriend blazer.

{ TWO }: One Teaspoon Westenders: These jeans are like modern day JNCOs and I’m all about them. They are extremely wide-legged & super flattering. Low rise & sits right on the hips to really add to that 90s/y2k vibe. I love it with a baby tee! Check me out in them here! Also search these for some deals on Poshmark & others 😉

{ THREE }: Reformation Perri Jean: When I was in high school, I’d always slit my jeans. I really dug the extra flare & it was fun to show off your shoes. Really fun to see this style back and these are on my radar in a major way from one of my all time fave brands.

{ FOUR }: Dickies Women’s Heritage Collection Denim Carpenter Pant: omg carpenter jeans were my JAM. I like that these have an updated skinny fit but tbh I have a sneaking suspicion they will be THE next big jean trend this fall & winter. what do you think?

{ FIVE }: Urban Renewal by Urban Outfitters: I saw these jeans on one of my favourite local SF bloggers @chasingkendall & now I have to have them. I dig how baggy they are too. Cropped jeans are so flattering on too & make your legs look endless!

Are you digging the 90s as much as I am? What were some of your fav jeans styles of decades past? It sure shows that fashion remains timeless!

Though I linked to some present-day retailers, I really recc getting on Depop & searching for jeans. You’ll find things legit from the decade and even retailers that are gone but not forgotten like William Rast {MY FAVVVV} & True Religion…which is about to have a HUGE comeback btw. Follow me on Depop here!

essellesse talks the best 90s style jeans! || Express High Waisted Chain Original Straight Ankle Jeans

Speaking of nostalgic 90’s, I’ve been a bit nostalgic for my early days of blogging SO I’m taking it back to 2015. Check back here everyday for a new post & honestly, I’m stoked for it. Hope you enjoy too!

Ok see ya tomorrow!



The 90s are calling so pick up the phone!


  • current fav lipstick: TULIPA from @makebeautyofficial & Lucy agrees! 🌷 I actually discovered this brand via instagram and I’m just obsessed.
  • fun fact: but in the winter, I LOVE Chardonnay {especially those that have seen oak}, it’s my go to when the temperatures drop. ❄️ They’re full bodied, complex, & really just so comforting, right? I’m a HUGE fan of @macrostiewinery chards & also love the @fortrossvineyard mother of pearl. Any you love, let me know - always looking for more to drink lol 🦢 #trustmeimasomm
  • because I really dig my outfit today but also this top was designed with the 80s in mind BUT ALSO “true faith” by new order has been stuck in my head all week thanks to American Psycho so HEY figured it’s all just a v on brand mood, right? ...right?! 💾📠 #slsootd
  • I can’t explain but there’s something so soothing about the colour of the sky here 💙 don’t forget to look up! 🎐 #slssf
  • always missing Tokyo 💟 whenever I travel, I love to stalk the “{insert-city}photographer” hashtag. You find so much local talent and can connect and create content with that specific local vibe - in fact, I make a point to shoot with someone local at least once. That’s how I connected with @future_vizion - not only is he BEYOND talented {seriously, check out his profile}, he has such a unique eye and perspective... not to mention it’s kind of totally rad making friends around the world, especially in a city I’m so passionate about! #slstokyo
  • working on a secret project {here’s a hint: 📼🏙⛏📿💋📟🗽📲} but had to get outside to take an insta & blue light break! 🍒 jeans are vintage @jordache from the 70s & shirt is @reformation ❤️ #slsootd #jordache #reformation
  • the one thing that all sf bloggers deal with but no one talks about... how kcufing hard it is to edit photos in the damn fog 🌁 I finally just gave up and threw on a hella grainy 90s film filter lol anyways this was my outfit yesterday and this sweatshirt from @azaleasf is as soft as a marshmallow! 🍡 #slsootd

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