with almost all Glossier makeup!

I don’t know why but the second I finished this look, I immediately thought snow bunny!

Maybe it’s the pastel, icy blue tones & frosty accents? Either way, I’m into it.

Mentioned in my December moodboard, I’m really feeling dewy skin & frosted, champagne highlight.

One of my favourite beauty buys is Glossier Play Colorslide eyeliner in “Early Girl”. It’s the perfect pastel Tiffany blue. I feel like it really makes blue eyes pop! First I did a thin layer of Lidstar in Moon – I love this since it’s iridescent cloud white with a lunar blue shimmer.

Lately, I’ve been reaching for colored eyeliners vs the usual black or eyeshadow. It’s a fun, 2 second way to make a statement. Not to mention, shaves time off the routine. Just a flick of the liner & a coat of mascara & I’m done.

Mascara, I’m loving Glossier Lash Slick! I love glossy, natural mascaras & for winter, I’m reaching for black vs my usual brown. When it comes to mascaras, I steer away from thickening or volumizing formulas. I like combed & lengthening over here, maybe a curl or two too.

For brows, I kept things pretty natural with my favourite hack ever. This deserves a post on it’s own but basically, it’s boy brow mixed with black castor oil! I do one sweep of boy brow & then brush it up and comb out with the castor oil. Castor oil is great to help thicken your brows naturally & I like how it dilutes the brunette hue for a more natural finish.

Highlight & cheeks: just some Glossier Play Niteshine in Pure Pearl, dotted & blended on cheekbones, down my nose & on the tip {think an exclamation point ! }, & right on the cupids bow. Blush is jusst my usual go to: cloud paint in Dusk {can you tell I like Glossier?? lol}. I always call it an instant contour.

Lips: Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Kim K.W.. I love these pale nude pinks, especially in the winter months. Then, I topped it with {shocker} Glossier lip gloss in Holographic.

& that’s it!! As you can see, I really, really love Glossier. It’s a brand that works really well with my skin & I love what they are all about. I love how they emphasize leading with skin first & makeup second. I’ll do a thorough post on all of my favs since I do get this DM daily & at this point, I’m pretty sure I’ve tried everything lol

Any makeup you’re loving for winter??

products used: glossier cloud paint – dusk; glossier play nite shine highlighter – pale pearl; glossier lash slick; glossier boy brow in brown + black jamaican castor oil; glossier lidstar in moon; glossier play colorslide liner in early girl; charlotte tilbury kim k w hot lips; glossier holographic lip gloss

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