essellesse talks sick day tips!

Friday evening, out of NOWHERE, I just got hit.

Erik had just returned home from London so we were going to order dinner in and have a lovely night together… & then of course, I got sick.

In fact, it happened mid-seamless order. I went from feeling totally okay to being convinced I had strep throat in an instant.

I don’t have strep, but I basically have everything that feels like strep… and it seems like EVERYONE is sick? I’m freezing cold & sweating hot at the exact same time & didn’t get a wink of sleep since my sinuses are all out of whack. From friends to family to instagram {which is basically my online friends!}, everyone is sick.

Even watching the other influencers at NYFW, so many have said they are sick.

TIS THE SEASON, I suppose.

Anyways, since being sick is trending right now, I figured I’d share some of my favourite tips that I got on instagram as well as few random ones of mine that I have up my sleeve:

essellesse sick day tips!

I’ll start with my two since they are both bath related. All I want to do when I am sick is sweat it out in a hot bath. I’ve probably taken more baths in the past 3 days than I did all last year! Two products I just LOVE are the San Francisco Salt Co California Breeze Bath Salts & Dr. Singha’s Mustard bath.

The California Breeze salts are the same brand that the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay uses… in fact, when we went for my birthday, I was SO SICK so they sent some to my room so I could take a bath. As soon as we were back, I ordered them ASAP on Amazon & obsessed. Not only do they smell amazing & transports me to HMB {aka my special place}, but the light blue colour they turn the water is just so therapeutic. They also just WORKKKK. Every time I get out of the bath, I feel like a completely different person.

The mustard bath is actually a tip from my gf in Dallas, Maggie! Back in 2015, she e-mailed me asking if I tried these and said they were a game changer…. & I was hooked ever since. It doesn’t smell like mustard at all and I SWEAR this mustard bath clears your sinuses. Think menthol, eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, mint. It’s a great pain relief bath & soothes your muscles.

When I take any of these baths, I fill up my hydroflask {40 oz straw lid, in mint if we are getting specific} with COLD water and drink the whole thing as I bathe. I also like a glass of scotch or bourbon. It feels good on the throat {sick day secret lol idk why these always help} & if we are being honest, I enjoy the taste. THAT SAID- since I am basically dehydrating myself, water is imperative.

Also a good playlist is a MUST: I discovered this one last week and have had it on repeat all weekend. Very chill, lo-fi. I’m also a HUGE FAN of this chill one I made, if I do say so myself 🙂

sick day tips… from you!

“I always drink Chamomile tea, lemon and honey when I’m sick ☕️🍋🍯 works like a charm 😊” – @m1hank

Theraflu Severe Cold Packets Tea was recommended by my pharmacist. It made me well 🙌🏽” – @byjuliethartly

“Steep hot water with fresh ginger root and add tons of lemon & some honey. It helps so much. And keep resting! 💘” -@shrazzi {more here!}

Elderberry syrup!! Studies show that really does work” – @thevioletfog { love her blog too }

“Fasting. 💯 at least 72 hours. I find benefits mostly after 3+ days. I’ve done a few up to 10-11 days. 💕” – @chantelngreen

“Ginger bath! I also make a tea with ginger turmeric honey lemon (and cinnamon for flavor)… works wonders. I just grated some ginger with a cheese grater and then put it in the bath with hot water… stay in there for 30 mins. After, get the little ginger bits out with a strainer or mesh bag so it doesn’t get stuck in your drain. Get ready to sweat a lot so put on sweats or a bath robe after :)” – @pluggles

“Epsolm salt baths (you’re on that train), Emergen-C, and lots of tea with locally sourced honey.” – @lonestarpineapple

“Ugh so sorry girl, what a bummer 😢 get some bone broth, add fresh ginger, both fresh and ground turmeric, garlic, parsley and cilantro, a pinch of salt and pepper and cayenne, juice of half a lemon. Heat to warm (but don’t let it boil) and then strain and enjoy. Also, manuka honey drops (you can get them at Whole Foods) are soothing. And I like to give myself a little face steam a few times a day. Just boil water in a big pot with a few drops eucalyptus and once there’s steam, turn off heat, and stand over the pot of steam with a towel over your head so it locks in the moisture. If you’re congested this should do the trick 🦋” – @neuereveal {obsessed with this account & blog!!!!}

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU. I really loved how creative {& delicious!!} some of these sounded. I def need to make that bone broth, it just sounds like a hug in a cup. The one I am THE MOST intrigued by though is the ginger bath!

I always have ginger & turmeric on hand {for detox water or this bomb af hummus!!} so this is a fun way to put that to use.

If you have any other tips, let me know for sure… hoping to nip this sickness in the bud just in time for Valentine’s! If it’s still here by then, off to the doctor I go.

Time to order in some carryout {sick day go to: wonton soup & vegetable fried rice, it’s something I’ve done since I was a teen!}, snuggle with Lucy, & get some reading in. Currently reading the Devil in the Kitchen: Sex, Pain, Madness, and the Making of a Great Chef by Marco Pierre White. It’s a memoir about chef culture back in the 90s which was one hell of a time!! Very good read.

xoxo & cough cough , sls

+++ ps- speaking of Valentine’s Day, check out this sexy bath!


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