SCHISANDRA BERRY PPOWDER • essellesse talks schisandra berries!


Also known as the “five flavour fruit” since the Schisandra Berry tastes bitter, sweet, sour, salty, & pungent all at the same time…. and that right there describes the taste of it in a nutshell.

More on the taste later, but something really interesting I read here is that your tastebuds can really be in tune on how potent or the benefits of a plant. Generally with such strong flavour profiles, it’s obvious that it will be quite potent. Another great example is cayenne or cinnamon… it’s so spicy, there’s no surprise that it’s good for your metabolism & circulation.

THESE are the exact ones I have.

SCHISANDRA BERRIES have a ton of benefits… & I swear, as you drink it, you can just feel it.

benefits include:

Lower inflammation: schisandra has a very high concentration of antioxidant compounds, fights free radicals, & lowers inflammation. It also helps balance blood sugar & positively helps the immune system

Lower stress levels: since it helps naturally balance hormones, it also helps us deal with physical & psychological stress. I’ve felt more mentally clear & positive, even after heavy stress weeks. Lower stress helps your immunity, as well.

Improved liver function & digestion: a healthy liver means a healthy immune system & schisandra helps fight against infections & aids digestion.

Skin protection & anti-aging {!!!}: now this is interesting, but it’s an herb that protects the skin from environmental stresses. Since it’s so anti-inflammatory, it also treats the skin and has been known to slow down the aging process.

Improved mental preformance: As mentioned above, I’ve felt so much more “clear” since taking it. I just feel more sharp & schisandra helps with memory, motivation, & all around improved mental capabilities. Basically all the benefits of caffeine without the negatives like restlessness & nervousness. It basically makes you feel CALM with strong mental capabilities. Kinda like CBD in a way?

Revs up libido & improved sex drive: love a good sexy herb!! It helps strengthen the libido & beneficial for fertility and hormonal health. It’s great for women & positively effects estrogen production.

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SCHISANDRA BERRY PPOWDER • essellesse talks schisandra berries!


& let me tell ya… the energy levels from schisandra berries are off the charts… & what’s crazy is there is no caffeine in it! So for those trying to ween off coffee & caffeine, these sexy little berries are a great alternative.

so taste… It’s not sweet or berrylike at all. very bitter, pungent, & sour but if we are being honest? I actually love it. I find it sort of addicting.

As far as dosing, go for 1-3 grams. Start small & work your way up to see how your body reacts. I have this brand & it came with a spoon that measures out a gram which is very helpful.

SCHISANDRA BERRY SEX SMOOTHIE • essellesse talks schisandra berries!

Ways to consume:

brewed with hot water & other herbs {would be great with rose, cinnamon, raw cacao, goji berries, ginger, etc}

mixed with fruit juice – Moon Juice suggests stirring it in with orange juice! I’d stick with the sweeter juices!

mixed with matcha or coffee! In both, I like to add vanilla hemp milk. Tempt is my fave brand but if I’m out & feeling lazy, I’ll throw the above in my blender & mix it with a scoop of hemp hearts & vanilla extract

superfood coffee! add it to your coffee grounds for a lil extra extra

sprinkle in your cold brew! I really love it with coffee as a whole

make a “milk” out of it, like this pumpkin hemp milk. Schisandra hemp milk anyone?!

make a superfood chai! I feel like I need to do a blog post on this but add in the berries or powder to your chai base.

mix with honey or sugar & add on your yogurt… or ice cream 😉

My sexy lil smoothie!: not only is this a total superfood smoothie, but it’s just MADE for helping energy levels & the libido. What’s great about it, is that this is just a base so you can add whatever you want: coffee {it’s REALLY GOOD with cold brew} / matcha / chai, etc. in a blender, mix 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1/2 cup water, 1 tbsp maca, 1 tbsp coconut sugar {or any sugar/honey}, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1-3g schisandra berries until combined.

SCHISANDRA BERRY PPOWDER • essellesse talks schisandra berries!
SCHISANDRA BERRY SEX SMOOTHIE • essellesse talks schisandra berries!

I am using the Schisandra Berry Powder but you can also buy the dried berries. Whatever you prefer! Looking to make tinctures or syrups out of it? whole berries is the way to go. For a lil sexy sprinkle in your beverages, powder will do the trick!

For more information on Schisandra Berries, this is a good read too. I love the note that in some Chinese cooking, many medicinal plants are added to up the health value. I feel like that’s something anyone can bring in their cooking

Not to mention, just in time for Valentine’s Day if you want to make a lil love potion 😉

have you tried Schisandra Berries yet?!

SCHISANDRA BERRY PPOWDER • essellesse talks schisandra berries!

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