abandon all hope ye who enter

It’s almost Halloweekend so time to get spooky!

Today I’m teaming up with my good friend and LA based lifestyle & book blogger, Gitana Eleni, to put together a list of really scary movies to watch this Halloween!

I am weird when it comes to movies. I actually really, really love dark movies. They make you think, make you uncomfortable, & will stay with you forever. I wouldn’t call these flat out HORROR movies, just moreso really, really scary. Some are Horror, some aren’t, all will shock you.

As far as Gitana, her taste is very psych thriller / gore and less about ghosts and jump scares. To her, the real success of a horror movie is if it gets your mind so frightened of the idea that no jump scares are needed.

My part is written by me and hers is by her so you can get an idea of both of our voices and tastes.

Be warned: some of these movies are REALLY FUCKED UP to put it lightly so watch with caution. They aren’t your average scary movie.

All of my picks have gore {even though I always cover my eyes lol} and really disturbing content. I feel an R rating is too “nice”, and would be more in the NR/MA category. Woahh watch out total badass over here lol but seriously, they’re that bad. Like in the first part of Dante’s Inferno: Abandon all hope ye who watch. There are no happy endings {not really a spoiler alert when it comes to horror}

Anyways on that note – let’s get into it, shall we? *enters on mini tricycle*


Shannon’s picks!

ONE }: SAW V :: I’m a huge fan of the Saw series but this one is a standout for me. I appreciate the deeper meaning & storyline. The revelation & message at the final part of the game will stick with you {in fact, in the introduction part of the creepy ass game, he basically says it point blank, can you catch it?}. Honorable mention: Saw VI with the insurance industry. Also, I’m the worst to watch these movies because I always cover my eyes during the …scenes but I still love the series as a whole. Also, is it weird that I think Detective Hoffman is hot?!

TWO }: HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES :: This movie is so creepy! It’s Rob Zombie’s debut as a horror movie producer & well done – I really like the cinemetography of it. Typical horror aspects but it gets disturbing fast. Basically, two young couples end up at a house of psychopaths in search of learning more about a serial killer on Halloween weekend. Equal parts haunted house, equal parts freakshow, equal parts disturbing psycho killing scariness = enough to make any horror buff happy.

THREE }: A CLOCKWORK ORANGE :: I always associate this movie with Halloween since I saw it for the first time around this time in 2009 & it has been a favourite ever since. Not a horror movie and more on the disturbing side than scary. Still, a favourite to watch during this time of the year & it never gets any less creepy. It’s the least gory of them all but doesn’t make it any less disturbing.

FOUR }: THE DESCENT :: There is something so creepy to me about caves & this movie scratches that creepy cave itch. Basically, a group of girlfriends go caving & it gets super creepy fast {what lives in the caves? basically nothing cute}. From the first scene, you know it’s going to be a scary, bleak time.

FIVE }: IRREVERSIBLE :: So this isn’t a horror movie but it is THE scariest, most disturbing, harrowing movie I have ever seen. In fact, I’ve only seen this once and I probably will only see this once, it’s that scary & just really kcufed me up afterwards – not even the Saw or Hostel series made me feel so bad afterwards. The last scene with the moral of the story will stay with you forever & because of how the film is designed, it takes no time to get right into things in the worst way possible. ps – fun fact but the soundtrack is by Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk. {note: this is the most disturbing of all the films listed imho. obvs the other movies on this list have some gore & graphic violence but there are 2 scenes in this that are just beyond awful. watch with caution & know what you’re getting yourself into. also lots of camera play: flashing lights, constant spinning, ringing & more. This is designed to mess with you BUT be warned if you are sensitive to things like that. trigger warning: extremely long & graphic sexual assault}

Gitana’s Picks 

ONE }: HALLOWEEN :: Hands down Halloween is my favorite scary movie to watch during the Halloween season. The idea of a man senselessly killing girls without a clear motive, reason, purpose, other than evil, is the most frightening thing I can imagine. And some of the lines in the movie are just PURE cheese. But also, it’s considered one of the greatest horror films of all time, and that’s a movie with a LOWWWW budget (there’s hardly even any blood!) and simple soundtrack.

TWO }: THE SHINING :: Another CLASSIC scary movie, originally written by none other than Stephen King. Also, Jack Nicholson is BAE and I don’t even care how weird people think that is but he is my ULTIMATE celeb crush {<<< honestly I’m into it but I also think the Joker is hot}. Watching him go frickin nuts on his wife is just– so oddly satisfying #srryntsrry

THREE }: THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT :: Okay, so this one is way creepier and less cheesy than the others I have listed, and I’ve only watched it once because it’s so eerie. It’s all recorded on a home video camcorder and doesn’t really get scary till the almost to very end. Most of the time it’s just teens messin around and being dumb (which made it very convincing and realistic). But I don’t think there’s anything jumpy about this one and it’s a real mind wrecker.

FOUR }: CHILDREN OF THE CORN :: I always always ALWAYS kick off the scary movie season with Children of the Corn only because it’s a good one to sort of ease into the scary movie vibe. There are a couple corny (pun intended) lines scattered through it as well. And it’s not so much a psych thriller as it is a goofy old Stephen King adaptation.

FIVE }: CARRIE :: Stephen King movies really stack up in my list (maybe because they’re the best?), and this one has a studly John Travolta in it. But seriously, a teenage girl with kinetic powers who seeks redemption on her bullies? Who could say no? And the scene with her mom is NEXT LEVEL. You’ll see what I mean when you watch. I also highly recommend the book if you’re looking to get started on King novels. It’s short and really captures his essence.

Enjoy! Not exactly your basic blogger post lol

ALSO – for a scary TV show to binge on this weekend, I can’t recc “YOU” on Lifetime {fav channel forever} enough. Not only am I convinced it’s Dan Humphrey after Serena divorces him, but all jokes aside, it’s TERRIFYING. Especially in this social media world we live in. The book is supposed to be really good too but get this on your TV queue.

In fact, a fun “horror date night” idea would be to watch the Saw movies in chronological order until Halloween – they are scary with a complex storyline that weaves throughout the entire series.

On that note, we have a Halloween party on Saturday and of course I waited until the last second for a costume so wish me luck! *revisits this post*

xx SLS

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  1. 2.6.20
    Sara Flanagan said:

    My best friend and I are planning a scary movie night for halloween! This post is exactly what I needed. Thanks for all of the awesome options!

  2. 2.6.20

    I love scary movies! I haven’t seen all of these so I will have to check them out 🙂

  3. 2.6.20
    Anindya Rakshit said:

    Liked that list you shared. Try watching some real Japanese horror movies, they have made quite a few of them, really hair raising and spine chilling and sometimes outright disturbing…..

  4. 2.6.20
    Ayshia said:

    I just had scary movie night and most of the movies we found were gory instead of scary. Thank you for the recommendations! I can’t wait to share this with my group for our next Halloscare night!

  5. 2.6.20
    Kelly McIntosh said:

    Adding to my list!

  6. 2.6.20
    Katie Novack said:

    Halloween is my favorite time of year and my favorite movie is Halloween of course! Love all your selections!