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I get a lot of DMs from those planning trips to SF and wondering which dispensaries to go so I figured it would be helpful to make a one stop shop post with it.

I’ll make another post on some of my favourite products but today is all about the where.

In California, cannabis is fully legalized for recreational use. Meaning: if you are visiting SF, you can come to a dispensary & it’s as easy as going to your local pharmacy.

It’s been interesting to see all the new dispensaries open and a lot of them here are full of personality. Not to mention, the selection of product is next level. There are plenty of options to choose from and the staff are always so reasonable & helpful. After each visit, I always come home with a product I’m excited to use and with new knowledge!

Basically when you walk in, they will ask for your license and your medical marijuana recc if you have one but you don’t need one {except for one which I will talk about below}.

Then, you can browse products or meet with a budtender who can really answer anything from what brands s/he is loving to what to ail what to strain info, etc.

And that’s it! Super easy & seamless. In fact, some are so easy these days that you can just order online & pick it up or have it delivered.

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SO- these are my favourite dispensaries in SF & Napa:

The Apothecarium – Marina

2414 Lombard St, San Francisco, CA 94123

The Apothecarium is my absolute favourite. It has a soft spot since it was the first one I went to in 2014 & was elated when it opened in the Marina since that’s where I was living! The Apothecarium originated in The Castro & since then has extended to: Marina, SOMA, Las Vegas & Scottsdale. The interior is gorgeous & I absolutely love their menu. The menu itself is elegant and full of information & I find it handy to know the prices & selection beforehand while you wait to speak to your budtender. As of this post in June 2019, they are the only dispensary in the Marina, which is immediately before the Golden Gate bridge. If you are headed up to wine country or north, this is the easiest one & last one as you leave the city & cross the bridge.

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Barbary Coast SOMA {near Fidi}

952 Mission St, San Franisco, CA 94103

Barbary Coast is absolutely beautiful and right outside the Financial District, making it a perfect place to stop by after work, or if you’re visiting your friends who may work in FiDi or SOMA {that’s where the majority of the offices are}. The experience here will include a 1 on 1 consultation so you may have to wait a bit but the aesthetics are just gorgeous here. What’s really cool is that they have a lounge where you can enjoy your cannabis products {which must be purchased from them – no outside products} – very Amsterdam. Note: it’s a 30 minute time limit & you must be 21… though I’m assuming anyone reading my blog is 21+ anyways

Grass RootsLower Nob Hill

1077 Post St, SF, CA 94109

This is a favourite of so many of our friends here. They have an AMAZING selection and the location is a pretty central SF one regardless on where you are staying. They are a bit on the pricier side as a heads up but their selection is next level.

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Urban Pharm – SOMA {near Hayes Valley / Mission }

 122 10th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Fun fact but I love steampunk! This is a steampunk dispensary & all the artwork / design are from Burning Man artists. It’s on the cusp of SOMA / Hayes Valley / Mission. They also have a smoking lounge, dab bar, and host events like live music & comedy! In fact, the dab bar will let you try before you buy. Tip: stop by here and then take the 10 minute walk to KitTEA Cat Cafe: a cat cafe with Japanese teas! It’s also a 10 minute walk to Rintaro, which is my fav SF restaurant.

Eaze – delivery in California, as well as Portland, Oregon

here’s all the places

I’m a huge, long time fan of Eaze. The name says it all, they make it super easy & I use them all the time. You order here & it’s delivered to your door. Easy as that. They have a great selection and be sure to sign up for their mailing list so you know their sales. They have them daily too! If you are visiting, they deliver to hotels & restaurants too but do note that they are unable to deliver to parks, schools, or government buildings. Use my link for $20 off your order & don’t forget to tip your driver šŸ˜‰

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Harvest – Napa Valley

2449 2nd St, Napa, CA 94559

when we were in Napa for my birthday, we asked the host to our wine tasting for dispensary reccs and he said that this was the only one & it just opened, so off we went. It was a beautiful store, amazing selection, & a really friendly, helpful staff. If you are in Napa, this will have you covered but if you are heading towards Sonoma, Jenner, Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Geyserville, etc this will be way out of the way {so I recc stopping by the Apothecarium instead on the way up}. Also, they can only take medical patients only so if you will need your recc to shop there which you can do here on your iphone prior to your visit. It costs $39 but they will reimburse it for you in store credit. You can do it at their front desk too – it takes no time. Also, they are cash only but have an ATM on premise.

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Were there any I left out?? LMK.

Hope this is helpful!! I will be compiling a list of some of the Sonoma / North dispensaries but I haven’t been to any of them yet. Any I should check out?

Let me know if you have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask. As usual, I appreciate your respect on the topic šŸ™‚

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  1. 2.6.20

    Yay, I’m so glad you wrote a post on this! I have been wanting to learn more about dispensaries in the area and pop into one. Right now I just use CBD gummies I order online. Also excited for your future post on fave products.

    • 2.6.20

      Absolutely! There are some really great ones over here and an experience of their own. What CBD gummies are you using?? I’m a huge fan of Kiva’s edibles! xx

      • 2.6.20

        I recently got the Not Pot gummies that everyone on Insta has haha.

  2. 2.6.20
    Matttttie R said:

    šŸ™Œ Grass Roots! Great party store next by too!