ROUGE DIOR 999: THE BEST RED LIPSTICK ON THE PLANET {ps it looks good on everyone, promise}

Rouge Dior 999 • the iconic red that's worth all the hype

Okay I know this title might sound a bit hyperbolic, but trust me, when it comes to the Dior Rouge 999 it’s true.

Since it’s so close to the holidays, I figured I’d share my favourite classic red lipstick. It’s an iconic shade & looks great on all skin tones.

I personally love a red lip because it’s a 10 second makeup look & you really don’t need anything else, you know? Brush the brows {loving a clear gel lately}, slick on some mascara, & you are good to go.

Finding the perfect red sounds easy but it’s way easier said than done. Some are too blue, some too orange, some too pink… you get it.

Also, I find so many look different in the tube than they do on.

WELL- not this one. Think a CLASSIC, old Hollywood red… & no matter what your skin tone or hair colour, it looks so good on.

Enter the Christian Dior Rouge Dior 999 lipstick

Dior Rouge 999 • lifestyle blogger, Shannon Silver of essellesse, talks this iconic red lipstick!

In fact, it’s one of the most iconic reds on the market. I’ve been intrigued by it for quite a while butttttt it’s pricey. $37 dollars to be exact. You can buy it here.

SO- I figured it would be helpful to not only do a full post on this $37 lipstick but I also have an IGTV on it so you can see it at real time, unedited.

For starters, the packaging is stunning. Seriously, it’s just an instagram waiting to happen as soon as you whip it out. In fact, every single Dior lipstick has the 999 shade inside the cap, it’s that iconic. On the lipstick itself, ‘Dior’ is embossed right into it. Little things, but for the price tag, I do appreciate a good detail.

As far as the Rouge Dior 999 itself, it comes in various finishes: satin, metallic, matte, & a gloss. Go with whatever you like – I opted for Satin. I figured it would be the most versatile of it, and I love the retro feel of it. The matte is VERY popular – see Bella Hadid wearing it here!

Dior Rouge 999 • lifestyle blogger, Shannon Silver of essellesse, talks this iconic red lipstick!

Dior Rouge 999 • lifestyle blogger, Shannon Silver of essellesse, talks this iconic red lipstick!

I also love the metallic, but I found the shade was a little darker than the other finishes & more on the “brick” red vs Hollywood red if that makes sense. That said, I am LOVING a metallic red lip, and I don’t think you see it enough!

Since I have the satin, that’s the one I will speak for formula-wise. It’s a mango butter based formula so it’s super hydrating. It’s also infused with hyaluronic acid spheres so when you put it on, it literally fills in & plumps all the fine lines. It’s very comfortable on & as hydrating as it is, the staying power is next level & can last up to 16 hours!

Another thing I love about the Rouge Dior 999 shade in particular is that I find it makes teeth look whiter {which is always a sign of a good red in my book}. I like to apply it directly from the tube or using this sexy melted method.

Dior Rouge 999 • lifestyle blogger, Shannon Silver of essellesse, talks this iconic red lipstick!

And a little history on the Rouge Dior 999 via: “In 1953, Mr. Dior sought the perfect red for the lipsticks his models would be wearing on the runway. He created 2 perfect red shades called 9 and 99. Almost 50 years later, these perfect shades have been modernized to the iconic 999 red shade that everybody loves.”

50+ years, it’s still just as iconic!

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Dior Makeup. I used to wear Dior Show religiously in college {I wear this Japanese brand now!}, & their Lip Glows are a MUST {I love berry, Holo ink, & Coral}. I’ve been wanting to try this lip plumper if it ever is back in stock & these anti-aging skin drops.

PS – this was the same lipstick I included in this gift guide! So now you can see it in action. Don’t forget to catch it on my IGTV!

xx Shannon


More Dior, please!


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