{ CHEERS }: Do as they do in France… A FRENCH KISS. ♡

Ooh la la – hi hi hi

I’m back!

I missed you guys and I’ll admit, it was weird to not work on the blog or much over the weekend but it was just what the doctor ordered. We had plenty of much needed quality time over the long weekend.

In fact, we cooked all weekend long which was so therapeutic! I know I am overdue on a Paris recap – coming soon, I promise – but our time in Paris has really influenced our cooking lately.

I know you know this, but the cuisine in Paris was phenomenal. Seriously, top notch. It was a food & beverage DREAM being there.

On our last night there, we ended up at one of the most amazing restaurants I have ever been to. It was in the Marais neighborhood called Chez Julien.

The second we walked in, I knew we made the right decision. The restaurant was stunning with a lot of personality. Think chandeliers, tall ceilings, mahogany details, & the tables being lit by a single sexy candle dripping wax everywhere. Oh, and to make it better? They were playing Daft Punk. You’d seriously think Erik was going to propose {not a hint – just literally all my favourite things in one place lol}

{ unedited photos from Chez Julien! }

Though it was a shot in the dark (we were seriously just guessing with restaurants since we didn’t make reservations anywhere & our concierge told us we were SOL), we hit the bulls-eye… no thanks to him lol.

It ended up being one of our most special dinners in Paris, and honestly… ever.

There, we had a chateaubriand, plenty {plentyyyyy} of wine. I also figured it was our last night there so #yolo & ordered a cocktail, as well.

On the menu, they had a French Kiss cocktail that instantly caught my eye.

It was gin, ginger, champagne & fresh mint.

aka yes, yes, YES & oh yes.

I was obsessed with it & told Erik probably 1000 times during dinner, we HAVE to make this cocktail when we get home.

Wheels down in San Francisco, & cocktail hour was on!

This was super easy because we always have Gin, & Champagne on hand. Only thing we needed to get was ginger & mint. Easy enough.

As far as bubbles to top it with, we like to go with something in the $9-$20 max range. As much as I’d love to have a french champagne in this to stay with the theme, we had this local Chronic Cellars bubbly on our hands. Right in our price range, & since we know I like my chronic, Erik thought it was very “on brand”. I’m down with it.

Feel free to use Prosecco or Cava, as they can be in the inexpensive side -also great for mimosas & bellinis!

Same rule of thumb with what bubbly to use as what wine to cook with: use something you’d drink anyway.

Since this is a STRONG & spicy cocktail, we need some sweetness to balance it out.

Enter in some Simple Syrup!

You can buy this, but it’s really, REALLY easy to make. I’m not even going to link to any because they are all outrageously expensive, and you can make it at home for less than a dollar. In fact, in Dallas, I always had some on hand. The biggest thing to note, is that I don’t keep regular sugar in my house, just coconut sugar. {more details here & here}.

It was just as easy to make & was just as sweet! The only big difference really was the colour. Since this drink is on the yellow shade thanks to the ginger & the bubbles, I wasn’t stressed about it. However, for say clear drinks {especially those on the cool colour spectrum}, I’d use regular white sugar. That said, you will see simple made with raw, brown sugar like turbinado – not to mention it goes damn well with rum, bourbon, & even some tequilas {I’d say the same with the coconut simple}.

What’s great about making it at home is you can make as much or as little as you need. We did a ratio of 1 : 1 :: sugar : water. For this {we had a few more cocktails we wanted to make}, we used 1 cup sugar & 1 cup water. Adjust as needed. Want a thicker, sweeter syrup? Add more sugar.

Directions are as simple {no pun intended until now} as can be: combine sugar & water in a small sauce pan. Bring heat to medium. When sugar has fully dissolved, remove from heat, let cool, bottle it up and put it in the fridge!

{ pourin’ up the sizzurp }


As far as how to make it? It’s even easier than the simple syrup.

We used actual ginger, but you could easily make a ginger infused simple syrup, use a ginger liqueur {omit the vodka or gin if you do so}, or you can sub the champagne for ginger beer.

We took about the size of a thumb off the ginger root, peeled & grated it with a grater {or a microplane – which I really need}.  Whenever I can, I like to use as fresh as ingredients as possible. This also made it taste zesty af & a lil spicy! #LIKE

In a jigger, measure out two ounces of gin {or vodka, if preferred}, an ounce of simple syrup {I used slightly less since my sweet tooth is non-existant}, mint, ginger. Shake shake shake, add to a glass, top with champagne & garnish with mint. Easy.

Looking to make this non alcoholic? Omit the gin / vodka completely, make a ginger mint lemonade – lemon + ginger + simple + crushed mint – & top with ginger beer {ginger beer, despite the name, has no alcohol in it} or sparkling water.

Tip: with the mint, clap it in your hands to release the flavours!

Annnnnd that’s about all I got for you guys!

Give this a go!

My measurements are for two…. but that doesn’t mean it has to be for two people. Go ahead… make it a double… I know I did. 😉

Let me know some of your favourite cocktails! Any you’d like to see on here? let me know & your wish is my command!

Pinkie rings to the sky,
xx Shannon


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{ DRANK }: Do as they do in France... FRENCH KISS. ♡
A cocktail inspired by a special evening in Paris at Chez Julien.
Course Drinks
Prep Time 5 minutes
French Kiss Cocktail
Simple Syrup
Course Drinks
Prep Time 5 minutes
French Kiss Cocktail
Simple Syrup
  1. In a jigger, measure gin, & simple. Put in glass of mixer. Add ginger. In the palm of your hand, clap the mint to release flavour, & add to the glass. Fill with ice & shake.
  2. Strain into a cocktail glass. Top with sparkling wine & garnish with mint leaves. Cheers!
Simple Syrup
  1. Combine water & sugar in a saucepan. Bring over medium heat & stir until sugar dissolves completely. Remove from heat, bottle & store in refrigerator. If you want it sweeter or thicker, add more sugar.
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