I love Kombucha.

Seriously, it’s been a favourite of mine since 2006. It was summer break & I decided to stay in Houston and actually ended up transferring to UH {I did my freshman year at UNLV}. I grew up in an area called The Woodlands which was developing majorly back then. It’s 2006 & we recently got one of those fancy little epicurean markets for the first time called Hubbel & Hudson {RIP} right on the waterway.

I was obsessed. This was before I got into food & wine too – in fact, I would later get into it in a MAJOR way in about 4 months. Anyways I remember walking through and seeing such a cool selection but then the beverage section?! Absolutely next level. Walls & walls of potions, elixirs, & healing drinks… & let’s just say it was the beginning to a very expensive lifestyle, ha.

That was the time in my life when I started falling in love with healthy living. I started eating better for the first time, drinking more tea, & picked up exercise and yoga. One of my favourite after yoga treats would be heading right back to the Hubbell & Hudson on the waterway and pick up some Metromint water {RIP pt II – I was obssssessed with this stuff} & some booch.

In fact, it would always be GT’s Kombucha.

Trilogy flavour to be exact.

My point is, I’ve been obsessed with it for 12 years now! It’s much more than just a fad – the health benefits are insane, not to mention the taste is delicious! Fizzy, sweet, & tart all at the same time.

Basically, all kombucha is is fermented tea. The benefits are seriously off the charts: a natural source of probiotics, improved digestion, immune support, joint health, liver support, detoxification, & even weight loss.

… & if we are being honest, one of my fave things to do to kombucha is… can you guess?


Ha – #justbeinghonest

Seriously though, it’s so good splashed into something low alc like wine or making a shandy with beer or mixed with vodka and gin as a full on cocktail. I like it since there are already so many ingredients in a premade kombucha: tea, fruit, sugar, herbs – it’s basically a full blown mixer in it’s own.

I also like to make popsicles out of it too, remember? 🙂

GT’s recently came out with a new flavour for summer that is now my new favourite: WATERMELON WONDER.

It was basically begging me to put some vodka in it… so that I did. & it is delicious!! Seriously so refreshing – think watermelon, cherry, & lime spiked.

The recipe – which I feel silly for calling it that is as easy as can be. Like, you can do this one handed without even looking. I especially love that it’s in the bottle since my whole life in in boxes right now… not to mention I can take it to go for days al fresco 😉

Spiked Watermelon Kombuchas


1 shot of vodka

1 bottle of watermelon kombucha





open kombucha and take a sip. add vodka to kombucha. close cap & DO NOT SHAKE. Instead, very slowly, turn bottle upside down and right side up. Let sit for a few seconds and SLOWLY open the cap. Drink from bottle or move into a cup: muddle mint, add kombucha, top with a squeeze of lemon.


Anyways, just figured I’d share.

From last year’s kombucha popsicles to this year’s spiked watermelon booch, it seems that my July 4th theme is Kombucha which I am beyond okay about!

Happy almost fourth!! What are your go to drinks or recipes for the 4th??

ps – exciting announcement coming next week – major hint somewhere on this post 😉

*sips spiked kombucha* x SLS


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