NOT SO BASIC… Pumpkin Hemp Milk. Put THIS Vegan Friendly Recipe in your Coffee!

This was a recipe I whipped up on my own when Erik was gone last week. I recently bought a pumpkin spice coffee blend from Trader Joe’s & have been craving all things pumpkin.

Now, I’ll be honest with you… & I might get shunned from the blogging community, but I gotta say it. I HATE PSL’s. Yup, this blogger hates pumpkin spice latte’s! They are just FAR too sweet for me & don’t use real pumpkin. Seriously though, they are pumped full of sugar & just not worth it in my own opinion.

I LOVE pumpkin, I LOVE coffee, & I LOVE hemp milk so I decided to put things in my own hands.

I’ve talked hemp milk a bit here on the blog – specifically here, here, & here. Hemp milk is my absolute favourite alternative milk.

Don’t let the name scare you! There is absolutely no THC in these sexy little hemp hearts – instead, they are chock FULL of protein & omega-3’s.

So- drink UP, you won’t get high. Promise. (though there ARE some medicated hemp milks like Waska on the market where they add the THC to it afterwards but that is a story for another day – unless you buy it at a dispensary, it will NOT be medicated. Tempt is my favourite non-medicated hemp milk & I buy it at Whole Foods).

Anyways- CRAVING some pumpkin in my coffee, I whipped this baby up & Y’ALL. It is SO good, it practically screams fall & will really sex up your coffee.

There are only 3 main ingredients :: water + hemp hearts + pumpkin pie spice.

That said, you can add whatever else you’d like. It’s not pictured but I added a teaspoon of vanilla to it. This is also completely unsweetened. If you prefer something a bit sweeter, add a few drops of liquid stevia or organic honey {bonus points if you use royal jelly – more on that a bit here}.

Have you ever made hemp milk before? It’s SUPER easy. All you do is a rough 4:1 ratio of water & hemp milk & blend until liquid. You can then strain it out with a cheesecloth to keep it smooth {though not necessary – total texture preference} & put in an air tight jar. This is the blender I like.

I actually do this all the time – in fact, I have a GAME CHANGING hemp coffee hack, but I blend about a tbsp of hemp hearts with coffee in my nutribullet for the easiest latte ever. Add a bit of cinnamon and coconut oil & TRUST ME. The end result is literal coffee goals. It’s frothy, completely mixed and just SO good.

Anyways – hemp milk isn’t just for coffee!

Here are some other ways to use my pumpkin spice hemp milk :: add it to your hot chocolate, dip your chocolate chip cookies in it { YUM! }, add it to your chai tea, heat it up & spike it with some boutbon {get EXTRA with it with my pumpkin spice bourbon}, & top with some whipped creme, make golden milk with it… any other ideas? tell, tell.

Anyways, this recipe takes literally no time at all – 1 minute, MAX – & only 3 ingredients. As far as the pumkin pie spice, it’s a favourite of mine to have on hand for my coffee – I infuse it with this instead of just cinnamon.

However, feel free to use just cinnamon or any other baking spices you may have. The one I use is cinnamon, ginger, cloves, & nutmeg. A little pinch of black pepper adds a nice dimension too!

OH! & my favourite hemp seed tip?? Get it in the bulk aisle. TRUST ME. You can order them online here but you will save so much more money if you buy in bulk. I add a pound of them to every Instacart order.



hemp seeds, 1/2 cup

pumpkin puree, 1/4 cup

pumpkin pie spice, 1 tsp

water, 2 cups

optional ingredients



honey or liquid stevia


combine all ingredients in a high power blender & blend until liquid. If you want, strain through a cheesecloth to make sure it’s extra smooth. Put in an air tight container like a mason jar & it will keep for 3 days!


you can use this with store bought hemp milk in lieu of water & hemp seeds. Just add the hemp milk {or almond, etc, whatever you want} in lieu of seeds & water. Add pumpkin + spices & blend!

you can also use this with soaked almonds or cashews or any alternative milks / seeds.

if you want dairy milk, go ahead and use it! Use the milk in lieu of seeds / water & blend with pumpkin & spices.


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