Level up your Instagram with PRIIME (my new favourite app!)


Let me start by saying this post is NOT sponsored in the slightest.

I found this app while I was in Palm Springs, and really, I can’t get enough.

I’ve been content with VSCO (really, I love it – still do), but over the past few weeks I’ve kinda had an identity crisis with my Instagram. I am still all about cool & hazy (HEAVY FADE PLZ ALWAYS), but it was missing a je ne sais quoi.

I’ve been tweaking my aesthetic piece by piece until it felt more… me. I’ve also spent many-a-times int he abyss of filtering the hell out of a picture only to realize much too late that the filters don’t really… go

Well, I’m killin’ time in our hotel in Palm Springs trying to filter a pic while Erik is in the gym. Since I am in identity crisis mode, I was googling some tips & tricks (currently learning lightroom so filters were on my mind) & I stumbled upon an app that has seriously made me & my insta so, so, so happy:


If you take Instagram as seriously as I do (& I should probably chill tf out tbh), then you MUST download this app.

For starters, it’s free. However, like I recommend with VSCO, I suggest purchasing all the themes once you’re in. I’ll touch on this later, but for $10, you will get 100 different styles (vs buying them separately for .99 cents).

The themes are all created by professional photographers. In fact, they even collabed with Everlane if you’re looking for minimalistic chic.

Like VSCO, this investment is 100% worth it – & quite frankly a small monetary one for what you get – so don’t think twice and get them all.

shannon silver shadow hill

Now, let’s talk why this app is rocking my world in a major way.

Pretty much, it’s one smart cookie of an app.

When you upload your picture, it analyzes everything (brightness, saturation, contrast, temperature… you name it) & will suggest 5 filters to use that really complement your photo.

THIS is a major time saver, and it has never lead me astray.


You  can adjust how intense or subtle you want it, but you can also use the tool kit to adjust other aspects on the image, such as exposure, saturation, vignette, temperature & my trusty fade.

Editting pictures with this app has become a major breeze.

Not to mention, it’s based here in San Francisco so I’m more than happy to support a local business.

I also find that the filters are all EXTREMELY flattering.


You want all 100 because they are seriously some of the best I’ve ever had and they have certain ones for food, lifestyle, & scenery.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE *infomercial style* – the filters are all divided by said style and one of the categories among Bright, Vibrant, Moody, Cool, Warm, Dark, Portrait, is… wait for it… FADED.

The filters are also very subtle so they won’t change the picture much, but really they will enhance it.

Here is one of my favourite filters – Naked in Gold:



All the styles are created by professional photographers. One thing I love is that you can get all the information on the filters, the story / inspo behind it, ideal photos to use it on & they state their characteristics all in one tap while editting.

Here’s a description on the Naked in Gold filter I love (seriously it’s as if this one was made for California):

priime brushed in gold description

I’ll do a whole separate post in a similar style to this on how exactly I edit them & what filters I lean to and why.

On some, I even like to double (or triple!) edit by then using Instagram or double whammying it with Instagram & VSCO.

{ TIP: One thing I’ve been doing lately with all my Instagram photos is despite how I edit them in Priime or VSCO or what filter I use, I always do the same measurements on the Instagram editor. It keeps any filter homogenous on my feed. }


Even better? This app alone has cut down my Instagram editing from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. Totally down with that. I should also mention Priime also has filters for MAC ($29.99) so that is on my shopping list this month. I’ll let report back with my results.

Anyways, that’s all I got!

Have you guys tried Priime yet?? Any other photo editting apps I NEED?! Any Instagram editting hacks? spill spill spill

xx Shannon

+++ Download Priime for iPhone H E R E 

+++ Download Priime for MAC H E R E
( only on IOS at the moment )


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