pour over coffee for two

making coffee like in the sonoma coast

It’s no secret, Erik & I LOVE the Sonoma Coast.

So much so, it’s exactly where we got married. It’s one of our most meaningful places we discovered together.

“our place” there is a place I’ve talked about quite a few times here on the blog: TIMBER COVE RESORT. here & here, specifically.

I’ll do an updated review, but it’s somewhere I can’t recc enough. It’s so special & beautiful! Check it out here

Our last stay there, we kind of fell in love with the coffee experience there.

In each room, they have a gooseneck kettle & a v60 filter. Every morning, Erik & I would make a pour over for each other.

Not only was the coffee AMAZING, but we fell in love with the process of making it. The open door letting the ocean air in def didn’t hurt either 😉

There was something so calming & therapeutic about the act itself. It was something I couldn’t WAIT to implement at home. As soon as we got home to San Francisco, I got right on Amazon & ordered a Chemex carafe & a Japanese gooseneck kettle.

& as soon as it came in, it was a new addition to my morning routine!

I’ve been making all of my coffees pour over and I don’t think I’ll go back to any other way here at home. Not only does it remind me of our trip to the Sonoma Coast & Timber Cove Resort, it just starts the morning on the right foot. It’s a nice small moment of calm before the day starts.

I can do a vid on this, åbut this is how I’ve been making my coffee every morning:

slow coffee like in the sonoma coast

Boil water, for however much I’m using. The 6cup chemex is perfect for two! Add the cone filter (the way these work, there’s one layer on oneside, & 3 layers on the other. put the 3 layer one on the ‘pour’ side).

When the water is starting to boil, ‘preheat’ the filter & chemex. I drizzle it over the filter & let it drain to the carafe. When fully drained, I pour it out keeping the filter sealed. Then I add the ground coffee {I eyeball it but do about 2ish heaping teaspoons}.

Once the water is boiling, now it’s the fun part! First, bloom the coffee: slowly pour a small amount on the coffee, making sure you get all of it wet. Stop & let it bubble for 30 seconds, This will help make your coffee super flavourful.

SLOWLY pour the water over the coffee in a circular or back and forth motion. This keeps things nice & even. Be sure to keep at least an inch of space from the top of the chemex! If it fills too fast, just take a quick break and let things filter a bit before you keep pouring. Then toss {& compost!} the filter & grounds and enjoy your coffee

No scales or any frills over here!

Speaking of coffee, to reallllllyyyy take things to the Sonoma Coast, you HAVE to try this coffee: RUSSIAN RIVER ROASTERS in at Coffee Bazaar in Guerneville

This was the same coffee Timber Cove Resort uses! In fact, they have an exclusive partnership with Russian River Roasters & make their own Timber Cove blend. Next time I’m there, I’m def going to get my hands on a bag but I really love their Russian River blend which reminds me a lot of Timber Cove.

You can purchase the coffee online or at Coffee Bazaar in Guerneville – which is exactly what Erik & I did!

&&& Russian River Roasters ‘Russian River” blend is now a permanent fixture in our house & def stocking up on the 5lb!

+ a quick, random note but I was cutting coffee out of my diet in 2019. TO be honest, every time I had it, I felt nauseous afterwards and more drained than energized. I had a cup at while at Timber Cove (first one in months!) and didn’t feel bad at ALL afterwards!

In fact, it’s the only coffee I’ve had lately that I feel just fine after drinking! SO- I’m back on my daily coffees and never felt better lol

Anyways I am in love with our little coffee set up & making a pour over every morning.

It’s especially lovely making one with Erik before he leaves for the office – I don’t know what, but there’s something so intimate about a slow morning with him over coffee before the day gets crazy! & of course, I love a long leisurely Saturday or Sunday morning.

& the Chemex?? I LOVE! I’ve wanted one since 2015 and never got around to getting one and I am SO GLAD we finally did. It’s GORGEOUS & I love that you can keep it on the stove over low heat to keep things warm. I got the 6cup which is perfect for coffee for two!

Every morning, I look forward to a slow coffee, even if it’s before a cray day. It’s a nice moment of calm & a few cozy minutes with Erik that reminds us of our special place. It’s a simple way to slow down & make coffees just a little more intimate.

If you get the Russian River blend, you HAVE to let me know how you like it – I am beyond obsessed with it.

Do you have any slow coffee rituals?

x Shannon

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  1. 2.8.20
    Steph said:

    I’ve been on the fence on getting a chemex but you just convinced me with this post. Love the size of this one!

    • 2.8.20
      Shannon said:

      you will seriously love, Steph! it’s the perfect size for two… or one! 🙂