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Happy Halloween-eve!

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a good while now but wanted to get it in before Halloween! A big reason is because I just love the “spooky beach” vibe so it’s an easy way to get into the Halloween vibe!

Erik & I recently went to Pismo Beach & fell in love with it! We were road tripping through California an one of our stops was San Luis Obispo.

After a day full of wine tasting in SLO {post coming soon!}, we spent the night in Pismo Beach.

As we were looking where to stay, Pismo Beach stood out to me instantly. I wanted to be by the ocean – it was the night after the moment I’ll remember for the rest of my life. That was my biggest priority.

Online, I found a hotel that piqued my interest: THE SEAVENTURE and we booked our room the second we saw it!

We opted for an ocean-front room with a private hot tub and it was such a treat! We had a view of a cul-de-sac (??) of palm trees so it was fun to watch the sunset ~*casually*~ from our hot tub with a glass of wine outside.

seaventure hotel in pismo beach by essellesse, a san francisco based lazy luxury lifestyle blog
The Seaventure Hotel in Pismo Beach!

I’ll do a full blown spotlight on Seaventure but can’t recc it enough for a fun, low key weekend in California.

It’s very retro – I loved the 80s vibe and SO beachy!! I am a sucker for anything ocean or beach themed and this hit the spot. We loved every second of our 24 hours here and can’t wait to come back.

One thing I really loved about Pismo Beach was teh foggy weather! The whole time, there was a hazy fog – in fact, as we drove to Pismo from SLO, it went from clear skies to beach fog almost instantly!

There is something so hauntingly beautiful about a foggy beach to me so I really loved this vibe. I noticed the fog cleared around 10-12ish & again at sunset.

What was so lovely about the Seaventure was the location. It was RIGHT on the beach by the Pier so it was beyond easy to get everywhere in Pismo! We were able to walk straight out from the lobby to the water.

We spent the majority of our time in Pismo Beach walking the beach. Erik & I love the California coast so generally as we look for places to go, it’s places where we can really enjoy the coast.

I mean it when I say I really love long walks on the beach! It’s my #1 favourite hobby.

As you walk along the beach, I feel as if there’s two different experiences. As you get towards the Pier, you really get the vibe of the town & all the crowds. As you go away from it, you get a more intimate feel of the beach.

For dinner, we headed towards the Pier and went to Oyster Loft! This was reccomended to us while we were wine tasting in SLO. We enjoyed some Japanese Whisky, Chablis poke, & oysters and loved it. Such a cool, modern vibe there.

The sun was starting to set at this point so we headed straight back to the hotel to enjoy it from the hot tub!

There was something so lovely just sitting outside and watching the sky transform from pastel dusk to pitch black & watch all the stars come out from behind the palm trees.

Another huge plus about the Seaventure Hotel is they bring breakfast to you in the morning! You choose what you want & they bring it to you in a basket.

Erik & I got a coffee, breakfast sandwiches, a pastry basket, & mimosas {they give you a split of champagne!} and absolutely loved the casual vibe.

It was lovely to start the morning outside, oceanside from our terrace very casually. In fact, this is both Erik & my fave way to enjoy breakfast in hotels & we almost always try to find a room with either a balcony or terrace for this reason. We did it here in Cabo too!

After we finished breakfast, we decided to take our coffee to the water. As we walked along the foggy beach, there was such a lovely calm aura. One of my favourite moments of our whole trip was walking along the beach with Erik in the morning with coffee.

We headed back to the Pier for more coffee & found the cutest coffeeshop: Kraken Coffee where we enjoyed a ham & cheese croissant & a Gibraltar! I loved the airy, nautical decor here. Be sure to check it out if you’re at Pismo!

The fog was starting to lift so we decided to watch it from Wooly’s. Wooly’s is directly under Oyster Loft & oceanside with a casual menu.

Oh! & very important right after, we hit the beach shop next door and that’s where I got this half zip! That is one of my absolute fave traditions to do on trips with Erik – such a fun way to personalize my own wardrobe.

Before we knew it, we hit the road and headed to Solvang!

If you’re spending time at the Central Coast or San Luis Obispo, I can’t urge you to take some time in Pismo Beach. It’s so beautiful, chill, laidback, & perfect for two.

TLDR recap


SeaVenture Beach Hotel – ask for an oceanside hot tub room!

eat / drink:

Oyster Loft


Kraken Coffee

places on our list for next time

restaurant at the SeaVenture

Sans Liege Wines

Splash Cafe

Mo’s Smokehouse BBQ

The Board Room Beer Pub

The Cracked Crab

Rosa’s Italian Restaurant

Ventana Grill

Monarch Butterfly Grove

Dinosaur Caves Park

Have you been to Pismo Beach? Any other places to check out there or in the Central Coast? Would love to know because we will be back sooner rather than later!

Happy almost Halloween x

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