& what I did in San Francisco this week!

Happy Sunday!! We are currently headed north to celebrate the end of the decade. We are spending some time in the Sonoma Coast, basically working our way up.

We absolutely LOVE the Sonoma Coast – it was one of our most special discoveries of the 2010’s, so we couldn’t think of a better place to wrap it all up & begin the new roaring 20s!

This New Year’s will be very low key & slightly disconnected yet our most special one. New Years’ past we’ve done Sydney {WAY TOO CRAZY in my book – throwback post btw lol but not my cup of tea AT ALL}, Sonoma, Jenner, & some special ones here in SF. The ones I always like the best are the more laid back, low-key ones. We were trying to figure out what to do this year & was considering going back to Santa Barbara or Big Sur.

We took everything we liked, cut out everything we didn’t {crowds, dj playing things like “blurred lines”, etc} and decided on the Sonoma Coast! We loved the Bacara in Santa Barbara but it was close to sold out. This will be our most special New Year’s yet & one for the books, so how we spend it is very important to us.

We decided against Bacara because, as it was close to sold out, we were worried there would be way too much children & too much hotel parties. Next, we were considering Big Sur & Post Ranch Inn – it’s a bucket list place of mine & again, for this we need as special as can be. That said, we weren’t thatttt excited for it when it came to booking – we are very much “if it’s not a kcuf yes, then it’s a no” – so back to the drawing board.

Earlier this month, we were talking about how we couldn’t wait to get back to the Sonoma Coast & that’s when we had our lightbulb moment! WHY are we overcomplicating this, when we love the Sonoma Coast & discovered it together? It has forever been one of our most special places to go together {not to mention, it’s my fave wine region in California} and there’s no other way I’d rather spend the week and turn of the new decade

We will be spending time in Bodega Bay, Jenner, & Timber Cove so if you have any reccs, would LOVE to know. I’m really looking forward to all the amazing Bodega Bay seafood & especially spending moonlit nights by the ocean: more on that here but it’s something that means so much to Erik & myself. It really represents our union as a couple.

Erik & I always say that he is more the ocean & I am more outer space. It’s a big reason why places like Half Moon Bay, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, & the Sonoma Coast are so special to us, it’s all literally oceanside & under the moonlight. When I’m outside in it {& barefoot!! grounding!!} – it’s so energizing & revitalizing. I am huge on symbolism & manifestation.

I should also mention that I am HUGE on numbers, as well as closing old chapters for good & starting brand new. What I mean by that is that I am so ready for it to be 01.01.20 right after 12.31.19. It’s a true numerical reset.

Anyways, what better way to begin this next decade together & the new numbers by the two things that truly mean everything to us? There’s no place I’d rather celebrate the New Year & 01.01.20 with Erik, manifesting love & magic for the new decade, our new decade, under the stars and by the ocean.

Anyways, here I go a little off topic & a little out there {my outerspace is showing}, but I can’t wait! Also, I think with these recaps, I’ll go a little more about what we did vs what I wore… that said, all my outfit notes will be linked below!

Basically I want this weekly series to help inspire random things to do in San Francisco & how to wear / re-wear things! In the New Year, I’ll start vlogging so who knows, maybe this series will translate to a weekly vlog in the new year!

& as always, if you ever want more details – whether it be an outfit or place in sf – let me know below & I can make a full blown post!

A quick note: I wasn’t the best this week documenting. I spent a lot of time a little disconnected and to myself & to my relationship. Apologies in advance for any skipped days or photos!


100% took these with the tripod here, ha! I scored these Carrie Bradshaw-esque capris from the Reformation sale for only $26 {they’re still on sale too}. I actually have a feeling that this style will be huge in the next year so I’m trying to find ways to dress them up. So far this is my fav way: an oversized blazer {I’m wearing a vintage men’s blazer – dior!}, over a sweatshirt. I think it would also be hella chic to layer the sweatshirt over a mockneck or collared shirt!

vintage blazer & sweatshirt via depopreformation sandy pant capriseverlane day heel {size down a half size}


Merry Christmas Eve!! #fail as I did an awful job getting photos of my outfit today but I scored a sweet dress from the recent Reformation sale – the Albee dress I talked about here! Erik & I headed to Harris’s Restaurant, which is actually Erik’s fav restaurant here in San Francisco! It was super special but trust me on this: if you go, get the mint chocolate mousse bomb for dessert – it will blow your mind in the best way!

reformation dress {similar} • Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Kim KW


Christmas Day! We really loved how low key & disconnected it is. San Francisco is a true ghost town this time of year, so we love staying home for the holidays. We took a walk to the water & as we were walking back, saw one of our fav local sushi places was open {Wago on Chestnut Street} so treated ourselves to a small nigiri plate & a large Asahi! Their spicy ramen is insanely good too.

vintage land’s end mens sweater from depop {similar} • reformation high & skinny jeans • doc martens • rayban wayfarers {w my rx in them!!}


One of my girl friend’s from Dallas, Val, was in town so we did lunch at a16 in the Marina District! I always forget how dang good that spot is. We shared a proscuitto pizza, dungeness crab pasta and plenty of white wine. Val, so lovely to spend the day with you. <3 It was SO lovely to catch up with her and reminiscing on ridiculous Dallas times! Erik spent the day golfing so I spent the day binging on the new season of You & relaxing. Anyone else watching??

black velvet turtleneck from depop {similar} • reformation julia cigarette jeans • pizza we ordered: margherita with proscuitto and a chili oil!

saturday 8/28

there are no photos from today but it was a very special day as it’s our last day of the decade here in San Francisco and one we spent very intimately. Erik & I started with a low key day in the neighborhood and a special evening by the water. Then, we went back to a16, enjoyed some wine & pizza. We had the best seat in the house: the 2 bar seats in the bay windows under the twinkle lights where you face Chestnut Street: it just feels like just the coziest nook in San Francisco. Even though I don’t have any photos, this was the most special days of the week, let alone month, let alone year, let alone DECADE. I want to write about it though because even though I decided to not capture anything from today, it doesn’t make any moment less special. There’s something so beyond intimate on being so fully in the moment & it’s something that can be forgotten in this digital day and age. Everything was photo-worthy yet there was no phone in sight. As I wrap up this post (& maybe my last post of 2010s?? idk yet), I want to leave it at this: don’t let your phone or the pressure to document get in the way of living life and miss the special moments. This is one of my biggest resolutions of the decade & one I fully intend on keeping. <3

see last week’s outfits here!

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  1. 2.6.20

    Happy New Year! I love the black turtleneck/Jeans look. I’ve admittedly been wearing J’s cashmere turtleneck (gotta have that oversized comfort) tucked into my high waisted levis for days in a row the past three weeks! So chic.

    Love you and I know we’ll talk very soon (hopping back onto the blog after a hyper long break on my end but excited to hit the ground running). 🙂
    <33333 Gitana