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I can write a very long love letter to Pinterest.

It’s by farrrrrrr my favourite social media network there is. I spend the majority of my time on it and it’s an integral part of my blog.

As I mentioned, I am extremely turned to and influenced by my aesthetics and surroundings. I will introduce my entire Pinterest later but think of it as a “digital destination for online aesthetics”.

A one stop shop for all things aesthetic. I use it constantly for photos, editing, instagram, outfit ideas, photo locations… even posing ideas!

As summer transitioned into Fall, I reallllllly felt that seasonal transition. So the first thing I did was got on Pinterest! I made a _fall board & in it, you’ll find the months of September, October, & November!

Each month, I’ll be working on the present & next month’s aesthetic. SO- right now, I’m working on October & November. When November comes around, I’ll start working on December… and so on. It will be really fun over the years to see how the aesthetic shifts!

so welcome to my October Aesthetic – this is the kind of vibe you can expect from me over the next month 🙂

if we are being honest, October is my favourite month. There’s a coziness in the air & I feel like there’s a constant white gold filter on everything. I love it. I can’t get enough of it

Fall fashion is personally my favourite & I’m more than happy to pull out the cozy knits & get creative with my layering.

As far as October beauty, I’m thinking berry lips, burgundy or brown mascaras, groomed brows; burgundy or nude cheeks. Products I’m loving are: glossier balm dot com in berry; glossier cloud paint in storm & dusk {dusk is my signature shade}; glossier play vinylic lip in bank {i like Pony a lot too}; & the brown mascara here. For burgundy mascaras: I like Maybelline Snapscara in Black Cherry and Clinique Black Honey mascara. I also love Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel – it’s an OG product here at essellesse and the best bronzer ever and I wear it everyday: I like it on my eyes, in my cheekbones & sometimes even on my lips too for that 90s nude. Another great shade is 1993 by Urban Decay in gloss, liner, or lipstick – it reminds me of the iconic 90s/y2k fave Wet N Wild 666 Brandy Wine!

The lazy luxury approach to fashion: pleated trousers, crocodile print anything & everything, square toe shoes, slouchy knits, lotssssss of layers: think a turtleneck under a collared shirt under a sweater under a blazer kind of layers. more here!

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  1. 2.6.20
    Radostina Blagoeva said:

    This is awesome… totally gets you in the mood for October!
    Have a great month!

  2. 2.6.20
    Gitana said:

    Love Pinterest. Love your aesthetic. And love this post ❤️ And yessss berry lips for sure and groomed eyebrows! I’m all for that. And skin care (Hydration) is big this time of year (my hands and Face are already feeling super dry).

  3. 2.6.20
    Jessica said:

    Always love your photos dear!

    Jessica |