calm, cozy, warm yet slightly melancholy

It’s no secret how much I love Pinterest! I use it constantly to stay inspired. I am extremely turned to and influenced by my aesthetics and surroundings so I like to create seasonal moodboards to set the “tone” for the month ahead. I see my Pinterest as a one stop shop for all things aesthetic. I use it constantly for photos, editing, instagram, outfit ideas, photo locations… even posing ideas!

Basically, each month, I pin for the current month & the month ahead.

I shared my October moodboard so I wanted to share my November one!

Each month is under it’s own season so check out my _fall board & in it, you’ll find the months of September, October, & November!

so welcome to my November Aesthetic – this is the kind of vibe you can expect from me over the next month 🙂

For November, I am feeling calm, cozy, warm yet slightly melancholy vibes. Think lonely yet calm beaches, warm tones, cozy thick knits, red wine & books… lots & lots of books.

I like November because it starts to mark the transition into winter. I feel it’s when things go from warm tones to cool tones {lots of cool tones for my winter aesthetic boards} so that’s kind of where I get that whole “melancholy” feel to things

As far as fashion goes: I’m thinking lots of layers, turtlenecks, slouchy knits, ribbed fabrics, cozy fluffy fabrics & lots of plaid. Personally, I’m loving plaid mini skirts, tights, & thigh high boots with a big oversized knit. I was recently gifted this dress & I can’t wait to wear it all through November! Not only do I LOVE Reformation {I kind of died and went to heaven when I was offered the gift ngl} but the ways to style it is endless. I’m loving it with a big sweatshirt.

As far as November beauty, I’m still loving berry tones like I did in October but I’m leaning towards warmer reds & a fuller coverage. As we got into the later part of October, I started wearing more lipsticks than the balms. The shades I reach for the most lately are Shiseido VisionAiry Gel Lipstick in Scarlet Rush {THE best red on the planet, especially for brunettes – i love the gel, cushiony texture} & Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Birkin Brown {my fav brown lipstick, it’s more of a brick red than a brown & can be as subtle or intense as you want it}. So basically brown toned reds.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my balms! As far as balms, I’ve been going for ByTerry Baume de Rose in Toffee Cream – this balm is the best on the planet so I gave the tints a go and really love this 90s inspired nude. Pricy product but trust me when I say it’s the best lip balm on the planet – it has completely recontoured my lips! I swear, this stuff will plump & replenish your lips over time. This is a product worth the investment – tinted or the original formula.

I’ve been playing around with various colour eyeliners thanks to Glossier Play – here are the shades I’m loving for the month ahead: Cash Salad {a shimmery moondust green}, Adult Swim {matte navy}, Hardcore Velvet {matte teal}, & Magic Carpet {shimmery merlot red}.

Cheeks- I’ll be sticking with my OG signature blush: Glossier Cloud Paint in DUSK. This is one of my fav products of all time & it’s the perfect buff neutral. It’s an instant contour that you can basically finger paint on. I’m obsessed with this shade & have gone through so many tubes ever since it was released!

We are currently redoing our apartment and it’s getting there slowly but surely!

For November home decor, I really want a cornucopia. I find them so classically chic and nostalgic! Any ideas on how to style them for the home? Can’t wait to have some fun with this.

Happy November!! Can you believe we are only 2 months away from the new decade?

What’s your November vibe? x

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