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{ Night-Aloe nightcap by Champagne at Shannon's // end the night with good vibes. }

I live right by a GNC, and I go quite often to get collagen for my coffee. I happened to be chatting to the owner & he introduced me to a supplement that really really rocked my world. I’m so stressed from work and told him that I haven’t been sleeping so I should probably get some melatonin.

He put this in my hand and just said “trust me”. I asked him how it would make me feel, to which he grinned, and said “fucking fantastic”. So I figured I have nothing to lose, other than sleep which I am already losing, so why the hell not?!

I know this sounds like a really sketchy drug deal, but I promise it is legit.

{ Night-Aloe nightcap by Champagne at Shannon's // end the night with good vibes. }

Natural Calm by Natural Vitality THE Anti-Stress drink.

…Well, no need to twist my arm, I was sold as soon as it was shown to me.

I’m big about getting Magnesium. I get it a variety of ways, through my diet {you can find it in dark greens like kale / spinach / chard, etc, as well as salmon, dark chocolate, etc}, and supplements.

With supplements, as you can see here & here, I like to make it fun. And by fun, I like to drink them like a drank. I am fascinated with the idea of eating or drinking something and getting an effect out of it. I always have water before bed, so it just really makes it easy.

let’s talk the many benefits of magnesium….

Interestingly enough, magnesium is seen as more than just a mineral, but an essential component of the body.  There is nothing foreign about it

Magnesium has been proven to reduce the symptoms of insomnia, fatigue, and chronic pain. In fact, it is known to be a bit of a muscle relaxer.

One thing I LOVE about Magnesium is that it helps “address neurological disorders such as anxiety and depression.” I strongly believe that by addressing those, it helps to improve my sleep.

It is also known to help regulate the metabolism and cholesterol production. Yes, please!

Interestingly enough, there are a TON of conditions that are linked to magnesium levels. If you aren’t getting enough magnesium, the pain includes headaches & muscle cramps {which can also be beneficial to the ladies during a time of the month}. Mentally, magnesium can be linked to anxiety, depression, ADD, Insomnia, and restless leg syndrom. Other conditions include blood pressure, asthma, acne, psoriasis & acne { for these skin issues, I HIGHLY recommend Dilo Oil. Seriously, I cannot recc this enough }.

At the end of the day, magnesium is an extremely important mineral for the brain / nervous system, heart health, metabolism, blood flow, and the body’s use of calcium & other minerals.

{ Night-Aloe nightcap by Champagne at Shannon's // end the night with good vibes. }

I started drinking this nightly in a drink I dubbed Night-Aloe… a play on Night Owl.

I personally LOVE aloe vera. I use it constantly – on my skin, in my hair, I drink it, etc. Topically, it is great for skin elasticity, anti-aging, and great for burns and eczema. Internally, it is great for your digestive system, immune system, sinuses, & private areas. It is also known to help soothe fatigue too! It helps keeps your body running regular, if you will.

Now this is crazy, but Aloe Vera is 99% water, but that 1% is extremely powerful. In fact, that one percent has almost 100 different types of ingredients that work in synergy with each other.

I used to drink aloe with some water before bed. Although the benefits of aloe are rad, I am not a huge fan of the taste. When I bought this, I knew immediately that I would add it to the mix. I use the Raspberry-Lemon flavour, and it reminds me of lemonade!

It’s totally simple – and you can easily make it hot or cold. I like to squeeze some lemon juice in it and throw some raspberries in. I’m all about alcohol soaked fruit, where you get a little buzz, so why not get some magnesium soaked fruit?

{ Night-Aloe nightcap by Champagne at Shannon's // end the night with good vibes. }

Night Aloe


Natural Calm Anti Stress Powder { exact one I use here }
Aloe Juice { exact one I use here }
Water { hot or cold }

Cold Directions:

In a large glass, add 1 tsp of natural calm, 1 shot {literally, I use a shot glass which is roughly 2-3 tbsp} of aloe juice. Fill with Cold Water, and let sit for 15 minutes (it takes a bit longer for the product to convert into magnesium citrate), add raspberries & a squeeze of lemon, & drink up.

 Hot Directions:

In a coffee mug, add 1 tsp of natural calm, 1 shot  of organic aloe juice, & top with hot water, and add raspberries and a squeeze of lemon. Consume whenevs – the hot water will convert to magnesium citrate immediately. Obviously, drink it when the temperature is to your liking ie not too hot so you burn yourself!

{ Night-Aloe nightcap by Champagne at Shannon's // end the night with good vibes. }
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Check out more information + disclaimers on Natural Calm here.

Shop the ingredients to make Night-Aloe:

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  1. 1.29.16
    Erica Kato said:

    Really good post!

    xo | The Fashion Forecast

  2. 1.30.16

    I take magnesium to help with muscle cramps, but other than that I am not a big fan of supplements in general. But I have no trouble sleeping or with (*knocks on wood*) anxiety, so I probably never felt the need to do so. It is great to hear that it helped you.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • 2.1.16

      Thanks, Anne! Yeah, whenever life gets stressful, I highly recommend this. I’m jealous, though! Magnesium is a wonderful mineral, but like all things, should be used not in excess! xx