new series! books i finished: january 2020

including cookbooks!

I figured this would be a fun new monthly series as we kick off the new Roaring 20s!!

I’m a huge reader over here & was inspired by my friend Gitana on the books she read in 2019 so here we are.

Not to mention, this will be a fun for me to make sure I’m constantly reading. I try to make sure I’m always reading at least something so I’m aiming for 3 books a month.

I’ll also include my personal thoughts and will be brutally honest if I liked it or not and if it’s something I personally would reccomend. However, if it’s not my cup of tea, I’ll be sure to include WHY. For the same reason I may not enjoy it could be someone’s favourite genre or reason, you know?

Off topic, but I do this with wine alllll the time on my instagram!

A resolution of mine this year is to go to the library more! We have soooo many lovely ones here in San Francisco & I found myself getting in the habit of buying wayyyy too many books.

what i read in january 2020 & my thoughts on it

Atomic Habits by James Clear

LOVED this book! Full disclosure, going into it, I was not feeling it at all. I found the introduction a bit too gory & graphic for my liking and I’m SO glad I didn’t let that set the tone. I loved this book because it made me think of things in a different way. Not only have I started effective good habits already but since reading, I was able to nip the bad ones {& I had a good list of them} in the bud. Highly recc! I’m obsessed with his website too & find SO much value in his content.

Do I reccomend?: Yes

Unleash the Power of the Female Brain: Supercharging Yours for Better Health, Energy, Mood, Focus, and Sex

to be honest, I have mixed feelings on this book. I did learn a lot in a biological sense & found some chapters completely fascinating but honestly? didn’t really like the tone of the book. It was a bit “mansplain”-y & I found some of the comments a little uncalled for on certain topics {such as weight loss, etc}. I personally wouldn’t recc the book- it’s pretty dense, selly on programs, & everything interesting about you can find online.

do I recommend?: no

malibu farm: recipe from california coast

is it weird to include cookbooks on this list? I read them front to back like a book – in fact they are my absolute fav books to read! I LOVED this cookbook – we have very similar cooking styles & I love all the minimal recipes. I’ll get some here on the blog!

Do I recommend?: if you like my recipes, then yes!!

Morton’s The Cookbook: 100 Steakhouse Recipes for Every Kitchen

Another cookbook! LOVED this – it’s one of Erik’s fav places so this was a “just married” present to me. I like how they adapted it for home kitchens & grills and they aren’t stingy with the recipes! more on it here 🙂 if you like posts like this, then you’ll like this cookbook!

do I reccomend: if you like old school steakhouses as much as we do, yes!

julia child’s mastering the art of french cooking

this was from the library! & personally, I’m glad it was. It’s FULL of every recipe you can ever dream of & her directions are top notch and better than what you can find online. It’s a classic book & one I referred to for classic cooking techniques & recipes. There’s a lot & a whole section on Geese, Duck, & other meats I never cook so personally, there’s too much in here I’ll never make so I probably won’t commit & buy it. I personally loved the following sections: beef, eggs, & rice! How I navigated this book: I went through it, wrote down all the recipes I’d like to make & then went from there. I def recc it but glad I rented this one vs buying!

Do I recommend?: If you enjoy to cook, it’s a must read. I probably won’t end up buying it though.

And there we have it!!

What are you reading, anything good?? Let me know & I’ll make a hold in the library!

Also, to keep up with what I’m reading, check the right sidebar! I’ll keep that updated in real time 🙂

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  1. 3.17.20
    Gitana said:

    Thanks for the shoutout <3 So happy you're getting more into reading! I need to up my game per month. So far i'm almost at 2 books for the month of March, which is pretty good for me. Now that I'm not leaving the house I'll definitely be making more time for it. I try for at least 25 mins in the morning 🙂