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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these!! I have been majorly behind on TV in general so it’s time for a big catch up.

September was a rad month on Netflix so I have plenty to catch up on!

Here is what’s on my Netflix & HBO queue:


American Psycho: YESSSSSS! My favourite movie is on Netflix. I can seriously watch this every single day. It’s a social satire based in 1980’s Manhattan following investment banker Patrick Bateman & his psychopathic alter ego. I am obsessed with 80s Wall Street – it’s my fav source for fashion inspo. Anyways, it’s a must watch with a literal all star cast: Erik & my favourite character is Timothy Bryce. Speaking of American Psycho, I have something coming VERY soon 😉 get on the list here & check my inspo here

Disenchantment: We were thrilled to see that the new season of this cartoon was live. We always joke that Luci was modeled after my cat Lucy!! When Erik first saw the Netflix screencap of her dressed like the demon next to him, he was like “that’s basically you & Lucy” LOL. Anyways, If you’re a fan of Futurama & Bojack Horseman, you’ll enjoy this – we love it.

The Politician: lots of hype for this one & I’m ready! I also looove Gwenyth Paltrow {be sure to watch Sliding Doors too} so I can’t wait to watch this. It’s a satiracal melodrama from the creator of American Horror Story following a wealthy high school student and his own political race. Watching tonight!!!

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates: I am absolutely obsessed with Bill Gates. If you haven’t seen the 80s / 90s series here, I highly recc it. He is a producer on this one so I really look forward to watching it and hearing his thoughts, influences, & goals from him, himself.

Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 – Netflix Original: so this sounds SO interesting – six strangers looking for love share a house in Tokyo. Totally unscripted and the editing is so pretty. Will be so cool to see Tokyo from their perspective! Like Kantaro, it’s in Japanese so this will help me a lot as I learn the language.

The Chef Show 2: I absolutely loved the first season to this, remember? So I’m excited for a new season. I especially love the graphics before each show with all the ingredients! Such a neat idea and you can take a quick pic and have it for reference when you’re in the kitchen

Abstract: The Art of Design: Season 2 – Netflix Original: another original series Erik & I both loved. Looking forward to catching up on this, especially the typography, costume design, & digital product episodes.

Superbad: to fulfill all the throwback comedy cravings! All star cast & producer and the jokes never stop getting funny. I find the movies in the 2000s to be the best, anyone else?


Righteous Gemstones: Erik & I are obssssesssssssed with this show! Such a great watch and growing up in Texas, I had to laugh at some of the mega-church satire {it’s seriously no joke there & they NAILED the church font}. All of my friends’ boyfriends & husbands also love this show so it’s a fun one to watch with your man, especially if he loved Eastbound & Down like Erik. Also it was renewed for Season 2! {so was euphoria btw!}

Succession: I can’t tell you how many people have told me to add this to my list so I will def be watching! It was just renewed for a third season so I’ll def turn it on when I’m craving a binge. As you can see, we are huge fans of satire 🙂

Sex and the City: I just rewatched this in full and if you haven’t seen it in a good while, do the same! It’s always a fun watch, interesting to see what topics aged well {& what didn’t}, and I find SO much inspo from seeing Manhattan in the 90s and all the fashion. Erik also decided he loves Mr. Big lol

Any other shows I missed? For more picks, check out what’s on my friend Gitana’s queue – we have very similar taste 🙂

In fact, speaking of Gitana, if you’re in the mood for something {seriously} scary, check out our favourite really kcufing scary movies to watch since it’s almost spooky szn!!!

& in the mood to binge on some Netflix? Here are all my picks over the months!!!

What shows are you loving these days??


in case you missed it

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