& just like that, we are about to hit Memorial Day Weekend!

It’s seriously INSANE how fast this year is going. I can’t believe it’s about to be summer. I feel like we were just celebrating New Year’s.

Anyways, if you follow me on instagram, you know we’ve been watching a lot of Netflix.

We basically watch something every single night & personally I love it. Since my days are so computer heavy & I’m constantly “on” with my life, it’s nice to just get lost in a show in other people’s lives.

SO here is everything we watched on Netflix in May – just in time for a Memorial Day Weekend binge!

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What to Watch on netflix this month!

Tuca & Bertie: If you liked Bojack Horseman, you will enjoy Tuca & Bertie {it’s from the same creator!}. More animation for adults & a little more lighthearted than Bojack but they still touch on topics like sexual assault & anxiety. It’s geared for millenial women but Erik really enjoyed it too. Some of the topics are very real & you will find yourself relating to the characters in ways you may not expect. “The Jelly Lakes” was a brilliant, powerful episode all about healing that is so worth the watch.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I did not expect to love this show as much as I did! I first put it on randomly in 2016 just as something to watch while Erik was out of town and it seriously made me laugh out loud & became an instant binge. It’s so over the top but brilliantly produced – it’s a musical but I promise it’s not what you will expect. The Santa Ana Winds is one of my favourite episodes as well as all the dark web stuff! They just released the last & final season of it this month & I’m so sad to finish it.

Avicii: True stories: I can’t even think of this past decade without Avicii. He was iconic and his music will always live on. I was fortunate to see him live in January 2012 and it’s a night I will always remember. This was a very well done documentary following his rise to stardom and I promise, you will feel it in your bones when you see him create & play the riff to “Levels” for the first time. However as it progresses, it’s heartbreaking as you see the sparkle dull from his eyes.

Street Food: I love food documentaries! This follows the street food culture in Asia. I absolutely loved the Osaka episode & really hope to make it out there sometime this year or next! If you like Chef’s Table, you’ll enjoy this.

Wedding Crashers: love a good throwback movie! Throwback movies like this are always so fun on holiday weekends. An iconic movie from the 2000s following Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn as they crash weddings to meet girls. I personally think the movies from the 2000s were some of the best of the best!

Dead to Me: This is our show to watch after some of the “heavier” things we are watching, like Chernobyl on HBO. It’s a black comedy following the friendship of two women mourning loss but of course there’s more to the story. If you liked Desperate Housewives {one of the greatest shows of all time imho}, you’ll enjoy this.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, & Vile: the long awaited Ted Bundy movie. This follows the perspective of his fiancée,  Elizabeth Kloepfer. It’s not a brutal or gory movie at all {the documentary mentioned here was} but still so chilling not knowing who the man is you live with. My friend Gitana wrote an amazing write up on it Medium if you wanna check it out.

Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman: WE LOVE KANTARO!!! This was recommended by a colleague of Erik’s when he found out we were learning Japanese {it’s Japanese with subtitles}. It really does help us grasp the language & we catch more and more things as we watch. It follows Kantaro as he secretly runs a blog dedicated to sweets while he works by day as a salaryman. I also feel like there’s an American Psycho vibe to it, especially in the imagery? Off topic but I love love love the opening scene to American Psycho & the dessert scenes are very similar

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Any fun plans?

My birthday is next week so I’m resting and relaxing before the birthday vacation!

Have a great weekend! What are you watching these days? Anything I left out?


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