The 2000s on Netflix! essellesse talks what to watch on Netflix in March 2019!

& just like that, its March!

February FLEW by. It’s a short month to begin it, but I spent the majority of it feeling under the weather. At the worst of it, Erik was out of town & I literally had ZERO ENERGY to do anything.

I spent a lot of it on the couch, with Lucy, zoning out to Netflix.

I don’t know about you, but I spend a LOT of time trying to figure out wtf to watch on Netflix. I’m REALLY picky & if something doesn’t hook me, then I’m just not interested.

Well, I had NOTHING but time for like two weeks so I figured I’d share things I watched & enjoyed! Hopefully you can find a new fav show to watch. I’m thinking of having this as a semi-regular monthly feature as I find more shows. Thoughts?!

What to Watch on Netflix this March!

THE EIGHTIES / THE NINETIES / THE 2000s :: okay so these are all three different series of the same show. I am ADDICTED to this. SHOCKER, I know since everything I do is basically 80s – 00s but it is such a good watch. It’s equal parts interesting & nostalgic. Episodes you HAVE to watch are: 80s Tech Boom {this was HUGE inspo for my blog & aesthetic}, 80s Greed is Good {all about wall street & insider trading in the 80s}, 90s Isn’t it Ironic {soooo nostalgic about 90s music}, 90s The Information Age {all about the early internet – another HUGE nfluence on my blog}, 00s I Want my MP3 {00s music & napster}, & of course, 00s The iDecade {the internet we know of today}. OB.SESSED. WITH. THIS. SERIES. I feel like we should have an essellesse TV club on this and discuss it since I’m SO OBSESSED WITH IT!!! Really a must watch. ok moving on….

Sliding Doors :: this movie is wild! It’s a 90s romantic comedy drama starring Gwenyth Paltrow. It alternates between two parallel universes based on whether she makes her train or not. It’s a fun drybar-esque movie BUT the end I didn’t see coming…

Julie & Julia :: this is one of my all time favourite movies & I was so happy to see it on Netflix! It follows Julia Child’s life in France as well as Julie Powell who starts a blog cooking all of Child’s recipes in a year. I absolutely adore Julia Child and now that I am blogging, I was able to see it really from Julie’s perspective. I feel like there are scenes in this all bloggers will relate to. A must watch for bloggers or anyone who loves food!

Friends From College :: ok so I’m not the biggest comedy person but this show was a really fun binge when I couldn’t function – I watched the whole thing in 2 days. Basically it follows a group of friends who went to Harvard together, now living in NYC and in their 40s. For someone who loves Lifetime dramas and affairs, this one is FULL of juicy stuff with a comedy feel. I really love Cobie Smulders so it was fun to watch her. It didn’t get a lot of love online but I enjoyed it!

You :: OK so you guys know I was obsessed with this show. In fact, I watched it on Lifetime {fav channel lol} & then it got moved to Netflix. Basically, Dan Humphrey gets divorced from Serena & this is his life after. Kidding! …kinda. Penn Badgley is INCREDIBLE in this but also a reminder to really value your privacy online. You never know who’s watching. I really loved how it was mostly internal monologues as you hear him justify his heinous actions. I can’t wait for season 2! Apparently it’s set in LA and involves a psychotic chef which I am alllllllll about.

One Strange Rock :: A nat-geo series all about the planet Earth we live in. It’s narrated by Will Smith but what’s really cool is that it’s from the perspective of 8 different astronauts. I love outer space and it’s really interesting to hear the astronauts’ perspective from seeing Earth from the outside – literally.

Studio 54 :: WHAT A TIME. This documentary is all about the famous 70s nightclub in New York City… basically the rise & fall of it. Literally sex, drugs, & disco – a discoteque we still talk about to this day and nothing will ever be like it again.

7 Days Out :: THIS IS MY CURRENT ADDICTION. Basically it shows 7 days out to huge things, such as the Kentucky Derby, Eleven Madison Park, Chanel in Paris Fashion Week, NASA, & more. From someone who used to plan events & conferences for a living , this show is FASCINATING to me. Even Erik enjoys it so it’s a fun watch with your boyf too!

Chef’s Table :: so this is a favourite series in general & they just released more episodes! An intimate look & documentary on various chefs, cuisines, & restaurants.

Have a great weekend! Any other shows I need to add? Let me know!!

No weekend plans here… just how I like it. Basically, a lot of baking. I used to LOVE to bake & it’s something I haven’t done in a long time. Erik’s friend was over the other weekend & told us that they started making bread weekly & encouraged us to try it. IT’S NO JOKE. I made this recipe on Saturday and it took me like 9 hours… but it actually turned out! & there’s something so therapeutic about it. So more bread & I’m going to try and perfect a coconut vanilla sugar cookie recipe, inspired by my fav cake in SF. Wish me luck!!

xx SLS

+++ for a throwback list, check out this one {though idk if it’s still accurate lol}

+++ in the mood for something scary or straight up fucked up? I gotcha covered.


  • we found a super cute, new to us winery called @homewoodwinery ❤️ so much charm and the wines were so fun: think low alcohol, silky smooth, easy day drinking wines ✨ #slswine #sonoma #napa #winetasting #winery #californiawine #momentswithsunday
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  • #makesmefeel ⚜️ ph: pinterest 〰️www.pinterest.com/shnnnslvr
  • can’t get enough of pinot noir 🍷 I personally think they can go with almost anything {same w champagne & rosé}. We recently joined @saintsburywinery and absolutely love them. Awesome Pinots & Chards. They are so easy to get to from SF, right across from the @carnerosresort, &  the tasting experience there is just a BLAST ✨
I’ll get it all on the blog but some of the standout pinots were:
⚜️2016 Pratt Vineyard {Sonoma Coast} :: the Sonoma Coast is my fav region up here. More on that another day but this was SO GOOD. Think lavender, violet, dark fruit, blood orange, & racy acidity... dying to be drank w some proscuitto
⚜️ 2016 Sundawg {Russian River Valley} :: bright juicy cherries with a toasty nuttiness and tomato leaf - seriously!! Each sip just begs for another and another and another...
⚜️2016 Stanly Ranch {Carneros} :: lush berries, Tahitian vanilla, & cigars. A pinot with some serious sex appeal. This wine is def one to impress... but make sure your company is worth it, like don’t waste this on a kcufboy lol
...we even got to taste a 2002 Carneros Pinot which was just SMASHING. It’s amazing how complex and intriguing it was.
Ok now bc I’m so curious, what pinot would you choose? ps - don’t miss their rosé of pinot noir, SO juicy but still dry and only like $22 ✨ #slswine #pinotnoir #winetasting #sonomacoast #russianrivervalley #carneros #napavalley #saintsburywinery
  • just kinda said fuck it, took the day off, & went to Napa 🍷 #slswine #napavalley #winetasting #saintsburywinery
  • 1994 @gucci loafers 🌟 forever one of my fav @depop scores of all time. my Depop is linked in my bio - stalk what I’m liking and eyeing! ⚜️ #slsootd #gucci #90sfashion #depop #sanfrancisco
  • dressed for the car I want 🐎 #slsootd #ferrari #depop

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