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what to watch on netflix this month! • essellesse shares her favourite netflix & hbo picks from June 2019

I canNOT believe July 4th is next weekend! I feel like I say this on every one of these posts but it’s seriously insane how fast this year is going.. we are over half way through. CRAZYTOWN

Anyways, if you follow me on instagram, you know we’ve been watching a lot of Netflix.

BUT- we’ve been adding in a lot more HBO to the mix. We fell victim to not cancelling our HBO Go before the free trial {just being honest LOL} and honestly… we are so glad we have it!

There is so much to watch on it, so in these roundups, I’ll include our HBO picks!

I talk a bit on our taste in TV here but I wanted to chime in that a lot of these shows are on the NSFW / MA side of things… so heads up if you have little ones or sensitive to that sort of content.

SO here is everything we watched on Netflix & HBO this month!

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What to Watch on netflix this month!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I know I put it on this list but I just finished the series and HAVE to mention it again. The fourth & final series was out of this world good & the series finale was one of the best I’ve ever seen. It was incredibly satisfying with no cliff hangers and ended the series perfectly. Some of the songs {like the bros bonding over sports / daddy issues} were so good & funny but another thing I really loved about this series was how they really talked & destigmatized mental health. The whole number on anti-depressants was so good & a really important message. I think it’s a show almost every girl can relate to, especially on the more sensitive topics. Do yourself a favour and add this to your queue! But the last season was hands down the best. ps – I’m team Nathaniel – he was my absolute favourite!

Black Mirror: we are HUGE Black Mirror fans here & as soon as we saw there was a new season, we binged on it all in one sitting! There are only 3 episodes and they are all very good. The Miley Cyrus episode {“Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too”} is making major waves & for good reason! {pretty sure it’s about MK Ultra & Beta Programming – anyone know what I’m talking about??!! trust me it’s a RABBIT HOLE} but the one to watch is “Striking Vipers”. SUCH A WILD RIDE.

The Dark Knight: The Dark Knight is one of my personal favourite movies of all time & the Joker is my absolute favourite character in the world. I love seeing all the renditions of his & Heath Ledger’s was out of this world. This is a movie I will never tire of & some of the deeper meanings are so sobering. PS – so excited for the movie Joker to come out in October with Joaquin Phoenix!

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese: Erik is a huge Bob Dylan fan. Produced by Martin Scorsese, it looks back on Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue tour & fullllll of vintage footage.

Tales of the City: This show is set in San Francisco! Based on a novel of the same name, it follows a woman who returns back to the city & reuniting with the community. They do a really good job in capturing the essence & “feel” of San Francisco.

The Chef Show: LOVE a good cooking or food show! This is a fun watch with episodes like cooking with Gwenyth Paltrow for Goop, recreating recipes from the move “Chef”, & visiting Franklin BBQ in Austin! A fun, feel good watch… especially after some of the heavier watches.

Abstract: The Art of Design: This series is FASCINATING! Erik & I absolutely loved it. It goes into depth of photography, architecture, graphic design, illustration, footwear… & MORE. So well produced and SO addicting!

AlphaGo: This was Erik’s find & a good one! It follows the simple but VERY complex game “Go”. It follows some of the world’s best players as they take on Artificial Intelligence. Seriously SO INTERESTING


Euphoria: we literally just started this yesterday! The cinematography is off the charts {kind of reminds me of Gaspar Noé}. This series is unlike anything on TV & the camera work is next level – especially with the drug use & music. This follows a group of high school students but the plot gets soooooo tangled in ways you can’t begin to imagine. Heads up, this is probably the most MA show on the list with lots of drugs, sex, self-harm, violence & trauma… and I have a feeling each episode will add to the list. Fun fact, but Drake produced this. ***note: this show can be triggering so watch with caution & know what you are getting into. trigger warnings: very explicit drug use & camera play to emulate the drug, heavy violence, & sexual assault to name a few.***

Big Little Lies: Such a great show & I love how they captured Monterey in this! It’s a darker drama series following a group of women who’s lives seem perfect to discover that it’s… not. The second season just started and the second episode of it was INSANE. All star cast with Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, & Meryl Streep… to name a few! If you enjoyed Desperate Housewives, you will enjoy this. This comes on before Euphoria on Sundays so you can watch them back to back.

Chernobyl: WHAT. A. SHOW. This dramatizes the 1986 catastrophe of Chernobyl which was one of the worst man-made disasters of all time. Every single actor was fantastic & Jared Harris stole the show. The executive producer did extensive research on this, including meeting with nuclear scientists to learn exactly how a reactor works as well as interviewing former Soviet citizens to better understand the culture there in 1986. Erik absolutely LOVED this show – but be warned, it’s dark & the dog episode will stick with you.C

Happy Friday! Any fun plans?

Erik is golfing in Napa so I’m joining him for an impromptu getaway 😉

Have a great weekend! What are you watching these days? Anything I left out? LMK – we need more to watch


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