{ R E A L T A L K }: my San Francisco ROI + Big Blog Changes


my oh my, what a MONTH October has been.

I know I have been a bit distant, but I might as well break the big news…

I moved!

To quickfire answer the MANY questions I’ve gotten throughout the past few weeks – let me touch on the big 4:

no, I did not move in with Erik

yes, we are still together

no, I did not move back to Texas

yes, I am still in San Francisco

…that said, then why is this such a big damn deal?

Well, let’s rewind – & this will be quite a personal post.

I’ve mentioned it over and over that I’ve been in a rut or getting out of a funk or something. Well, to be completely blunt, it wasn’t a different rut. I slowly made the realization that I was in the same rut over and over. Every single time I thought I was out, I found myself back in it… & even worse, I was sucking the energy out of everyone associated with me. Energy is contagious, and mine was bad. That was a problem.

Let’s go back to my old apartment so I can paint a scene.

As my readers, I bet you can’t even picture what my apartment I dwelled in for over two years looked like, right? Well, that was on purpose, because it was terrible. I lived in the most depressing studio you could possibly imagine. Sandwiched between two buildings, I had no view & no sunlight. It was VERY dark and uninviting.

The paint was cracked from earthquakes and a hideous shade of pale mustard yellow with old & creaky floors. Not to mention I lived on the second floor under a very loud resident which meant my sleep/sanity schedule revolved completely around theirs. As an introvert, my energy really needs to recharge in solitude & quiet – which just didn’t exist. Returning from travels was extremely stressful for me because I could never truly recharge when I needed it most.

The kitchen was also very old & honestly quite dangerous. It might as well have been a meth lab. The unreliable oven constantly leaked gas & I couldn’t perfect recipes because I had no idea the exact temperatures in it.

Running a blog was beginning to be a problem in there, let alone a food & beverage centric blog. Not to mention, I could not photograph in there unless I wanted to invest a lot of money (and I’m talking a lot) in lighting equipment – which I started to consider.

Trust me when I said I had no natural light. It was as dark as can be. Also, it wasn’t cheap!! I was paying an arm and a leg for an apartment I hated, dreaded coming home to, and was anything but home.

my-san-francisco-roi-palm-print-crosley-daft-club-vinyl{ similar record player here || Daft Club Vinyl here }

Why move in an apartment you hate? Well, at the time, housing was extremely competitive, more-so than it is today (though still very competitive) – ESPECIALLY if you live alone and looking for a studio that is not mind-blowingly expensive. I was against 20+ other people, all of us squeezed in together, in an open house at this depressing studio & I only got it since I happened to be first.

San Francisco has very little supply with an even higher demand… and it still does.

To be blunt, I started to feel like I wasn’t getting any ROI.. my Return on Investment.

I mentioned here that I moved to San Francisco to start over and make dreams a reality after spending years in Dallas dicking around. Well, I started to feel that I was investing in so much with San Francisco and getting nothing out of it, just more & more time, motivation, and money lost.

To be completely real & not a lot of people know this until now, but I started to consider relocation.


It wasn’t that San Francisco was expensive, I was just getting no return from my investment here. I figured I could spend what I’m spending here but get so much more out of it somewhere else (& hey, maybe even a dishwasher, washer & dryer, and an actual bedroom).

I wanted to start a blog with a focus on recipes, yet I couldn’t produce good enough product. As superficial as it sounds, good quality pictures MATTER and I couldn’t get them unless I caught the sun at the one hour it kind of sort of hit my studio. So then, as you can tell, I just kind of stopped talked cooking because documenting it became close to impossible (not to mention my sketchy methy kitchen).

Real talk, when McKenzie said that she loved my blog for the recipes, it strangely hurt a bit, because I strayed away from them so much. I’m so flattered she likes them so much, but I no longer provided them, so I had to re-evaluate myself.

Not to mention, my time wasn’t well spent. I love my job, but as soon as I got home from work, I’d literally do nothing. I had no motivation to do anything, so I’d waste it scrolling mindlessly online getting nothing done. Keep in mind, I have no reason to not keep myself busy as I have a lot of things in the pipeline. If anything, this was getting very detrimental.

It got really hard because I saw my selfish funk rub off on my partner and friends, which just made me fall into my rut even deeper. Quite the Cartesian circle.

I started to look into Los Angeles (got pretty close a few times), as well as Denver. To be honest, Texas was never an option despite any rumors. And yes, Erik & I would of stayed together. We have an extremely strong foundation and are very independent individuals in a relationship & partnership. Not to mention, I wasn’t looking far from San Francisco & travel is easy.


Well, a few weeks ago, Erik & I just happened to stumble into an Open House on our way to the Kubrick exhibit to literally the apartment of my dreams (which was close to what I was already paying). It was on the top floor, with bay windows (something I’ve always wanted with SF living), Golden Gate sunny views, & a much more improved kitchen. However, we happened to stumble upon it so I wasn’t first so that meant I really, really, really had to fight tooth & nail for it. I didn’t take no for an answer (I never do for things I really want) & after some very stressful days, I got the good news that the lease was mine.

Well, that meant I had to pay deposits, figure out prorated rents, as well as deal with overlapping rents (is what it is), be able to show my apartment at a minute’s notice (aka jetting out of work unexpected), start packing, and literally always being on call… on top of that, I got insanely sick that I am just now kicking. After a while, it just started to take a toll on me, stress wise. My time was no longer mine, costs were insane, and I was on everyone’s schedule but mine. FWIW – Erik is convinced the stress got to me and fucked my immune system & I think he may be right.

THAT SAID, it was worth it.


This past Friday, I am 100% moved in and I can’t even begin to tell you, it feels like a major weight has been lifted off my entire body & soul. Even Erik has mentioned I seem more alive for the first time in months.

For the first time, my apartment feels like HOME!

I have a stove that doesn’t leak gas! I have so much natural sunlight, which is not just key for pictures (though not gonna lie, my snaps and insta stories are already soooo upgraded), but my mood. Every single thing you could possibly think of is just upgraded 100%. Home is where you spend the majority of your quality time at, so you need that to truly feel like a HOME – heart & soul.

And it was the reminder I needed that San Francisco is still for me.

I love this city so much, & I have a lot of plans here, so I think this was the major change I needed to do to kick start everything else.

Blogger Shannon Silver talks San Francisco ROI, and major blog updates!

Sooooo let’s talk the blog.

Things here are about to change a bit. I am going to go back to my roots and what I originally planned for this blog to be: a food & beverage focused blog.

Think LOTS of more cooking & recipes, more cocktails, more cooking tips, alcohol infused desserts (finally), and I am also going to start tying in some cannabis recipes.

…Yes, cannabis.

I truly think it is one of the most healing plants out there. And I’m talking externally (holistically) as well as internally.

This should come to no surprise to anyone, since you can clearly see in my sidebar that I am a proud member of Women Grow, and I’ve laid some easter eggs throughout this blog.

Also, I’ve said it many of times, but a big goal of mine is to break the stigma of cannabis use. I strongly believe education & awareness are huge for that, so I need to contribute.

As far as my personal story, maybe I will dig deeper for you guys but I deal with hardcore anxiety (especially social), frequent insomnia, I’ve had my bouts of depression, years of disordered eating / BDD (the latter still effects me), and I still deal with PTSD to this day. This little plant that’s causing quite the commotion keeps all at bay. After years of fighting fire with more fire & making it worse – after all, you know what happens when you throw alcohol on a fire, right? – – I gave it a go, and it changed my life.

Also, any of the above isn’t a poor me statement. Instead, I’m being very blunt, transparent, and open, as I know many other deal with similar struggles. It’s something that helped me for sure, and I promise will help you. Also, if it is something you are dealing with, it is very important to know that you are not alone. I promise you that, too. If you feel alone, e-mail me.

I also very strongly believe it will help aid in finding a cure for cancer and other diseases.

If you vehemently disagree with cannabis, I can’t say I understand, but there are plenty, plenty, PLENTY other phenomenal blogs that don’t even touch on mmj. I would really appreciate no negativity due to solely opposing views. I’m always open to constructive criticism, but not so much hateful criticism.

Come 2017, I am hoping to get more videos in, as well. Cooking tutorials, hacks, recipes – you name it. Once I get better with my infusions (both alcohol & mmj), I’m hoping to get some periscopes in as well as facebook live.

I’ll still keep this a lifestyle blog! You’ll still find fashion, #WCW interviews, blog / social media advice, and music on Fridays, but I want to get this blog back on track to what I originally intended it to be.

Also, on another note, Erik & I are making a “No Carryout for a Month” pact so that means for 30 days, I am cooking dinner for two every.single.day. I am going to make note of EVERY single thing I cook, as well as what our grocery lists look (I’ll include costs), what & when I prepped, scaled for two, and how I planned accordingly.

If the above is a success with us two, I will make a .pdf to share with you guys – so expect that in December.

I will also be a LOT more active on Snapchat! Lots of cooking tips, BTS looks, and just life.

As far as my product I am working on, that all gets started next month. I’m about to get blending right away. I am looking for people to work with (mainly a cannabis grower), so let me know if you have any leads.

Anyways, I know my big news may be anti-climatic. I’m not engaged, no new job, no relocation plans, no new pets – Lucy is a strict only cat 🙂 , no big travel plans – in fact, the opposite! Looking forward to spending the rest of the year in SF for the most part – I’m travelled out, tbh. But for me, it’s huge.

My fire is alight again, and I am ready to make things happen.

After all, getting shit done is the best way to tell your future, right?


Anyways, thank you reading & thank you for your continuous support of Champagne at Shannon’s. I can’t wait to make this blog back to what I intended it to be back in September of 2015.

Now that said, anything you want to see? Let me know! Seriously, anything and everything, let me know. Again, I am well aware that I am about to go into territory that is not for everyone & will likely lose some readers. Like I said, if you’re strongly against it, there are no shortage of wonderful blogs out there for you to visit – all I ask is for no negativity left here. No harm, no foul.

Also, if anyone has any tips on decorating and organizing a studio, let me know! Especially that kitchen! Though I’ve upgraded, I’m still in VERY small quarters.

Anyways, that’s all I got. I’m beat.


{ Luc enjoying the views }

Thank you all for sticking by me while I try to get the blog back on the right direction, as well as for me being distant, and just in a weird funk. Those days are over & I’m glad to see them gone!

If you’re in a similar situation feeling uninspired, unmotivated, no creativity, and in an all around funk, just reflect on everything you’ve put into it & try to find where the path divulged it. It’s super easy to change directions once you realize the path you are on just isn’t working. Eventually, it will lead where you want it to be, just be very headstrong on where you want to go.

I don’t get too sappy on this blog & keep my relationship private, but I do want to shout out Erik. He has seriously has been my rock during an extremely uncertain time, and has supported me & any potential decisions 100%. I could not have done anything without him, his advice, and his faith in me. Thank you for being a true partner every second of the day. I am truly hashtag blessed in that department & every day I thank my lucky stars for him.

Also, if you’ve already been there & done that with how I’ve felt, let me know in the comments what helped YOU get things on track!

See you soon,

{ pc of me via Brian Chun }


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