my new obsession: masterclass

teachers include Anna Wintour, Gordon Ramsey, Sara Blakely, Deadmau5 & more!

I recently got a masterclass membership & it is LIFECHANGING.

So lifechanging, I haveeee to share it with you.

Masterclass is a hub of online classes with instructors that are, truly, the best in the world.

These days, I’m more ruthless than ever on who’s content I consume. In fact, I’m hardly spending any time scrolling on instagram these days. To be honest, lately I’ve found it quite boring.

It’s boring because the content I am consuming are from experts are teaching their expertise… after all, teaching is the highest level of learning.

fun quote from this morning’s MML:

“The person who learns the most in any classroom is the teacher. If you really want to learn a topic, then ‘teach’ it. Write a book. Teach a class. Build a product. Start a company. The act of making something will force you to learn more deeply than reading ever will.” ~James Clear {i also love his website & newsletter}

figured I’d share an outfit I’m loving lately too

I’m learning cooking from Gordan Ramsey, creativity & leadership from Anna Wintour, entrepreneurship with Sara Blakely, building a fashion brand with Diane Von Furstenberg, ballet with Misty Copeland, music with Deadmau5… the list goes on.

The content I am consuming, I’m completely controlling {type 8 what upppp} AND it’s so developmental… not to mention interesting! It’s all content that will enhance my skills & master my craft.

It’s so fascinating & again, you are learning from the best of the best in the field. It’s kind of a mix between documentary, with telling you WHAT to do, as well as action items. It’s a very enjoyable watch. It’s informative, entertaining, & you hear first hand examples from the source themselves.

It’s so cool to hear them tell their story from start to finish, but also being able to watch them. It basically feels like an intimate college lecture, if that makes sense?

Erik & I have both learned SO much already. Each class ranges from a few minutes up to 20 minutes & whenever I rewatch them, I get so much new points out of it. It has 100% changed the way I think.

What’s REALLY fun about Masterclass is if you have an Amazon Fire Stick or whatever Amazon TV it is, you can download the Masterclass app & watch it from your TV! None of this is sponsored btw.

In fact, Erik & I cancelled Netflix & replaced it 100% with our masterclass membership! Again, getting ruthless on content. I feel like the food & wine ones are fun to watch together at night in substitute, as well as the outer space ones. 🙂

When it comes to TV / movies, it’s easier than ever to rent online these days anyways, so we don’t miss it.

It’s so, so, so important to be mindful on what exactly you are consuming… not to mention, both cost almost the same! An all access pass to Masterclass is $180 / year which is slightly less than the Netflix premium. If you want a specific class, you can get them for $90 a piece. TRUST ME – it’s worth it for the all access pass. Also makes a great gift!

I’ll make a ton of posts here on essellesse since I’m watching so many! Think specific ones I’ve seen & my takeaways; what classes to watch as a blogger or infuencer; date night ideas with masterclass {erik & I already have so many planned}; & more. If there’s anything you’d like me to cover, just let me know in the comments.

Have you tried Masterclass? If so, let me know some of your favs and I’ll add it to my queue! Currently watching: Deadmau5 on Electronic Music Production; Goodby & Silverstein on Advertising & Creativity; Chris Voss on the Art of Negotiation, & Alice Waters on The Art of Home Cooking. I’m OBSESSED!!!

+ check out masterclass !

Also, figured I’d share an outfit I’m loving lately since I’m forever channeling 80s Wall Street. These vintage Dior shirts are my forever fav & I get all mine on Depop. I loveeee the white banker collars. Pants are from the Emrata capsule at Nasty Gal. The suits she collabed on here are seriously next level! The capsule is long over but you can find it on depop.

To rock this work at home, take an oversized or men’s blue shirt. Unbutton shirt, cross over & pin it or tape it – this gives things a retro “draped” look but of course you can button it too {I’m doing both in this post}! Then tuck into tan pants {obsessed with these} – top with a belt & *chefs kiss*

Oh & can we talk about this Casio calculator watch?? It’s my signature buttttt they were selling for over $100 in Japantown!! Get it on Amazon here for $60

see ya tomorrow x

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  1. 2.24.20
    Missy May said:

    Never heard of this, but anything that teaches one something is worth having. This is why I love blogging. Always learning new things. Thanks much for sharing. Will check it out! Cooking lesson from Ramsey himself? Epic!

    • 2.26.20
      Shannon said:

      omg, it’s seriously epic & so fun to watch. i love this about blogging too! thats where all the best tips & tricks are ; ) x