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Journaling is something that has changed my life!

One thing I love about journaling is that you can make it exactly yours. As far as my journal, I basically have a mix of a bullet journal + daily journal if that makes sense. I also have a commonplace book but sometimes they do work interchangebly with each other.

But for the most part, when I refer to my journal, this is what I’m talking about.

As far as specifics, the actual journals I use are the Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Journal. I personally like Pacific Green, Port Red, Navy, & Ice Blue but the options are endless! & Gelly roll pens are my fav 🙂

As I journal, I rarely do things ahead & in advance. Basically, one page at a time & journal as the day goes! This is important as it is something that has really helped me stay present.

At the end of every single month, I start my monthly grid.

Basically, it’s a grid calendar in my journal similar to what you can buy in stores. I also make weekly & daily plans throughout the month on Sundays but all of that is after the grid. The grid is very important to me to start so I can plot out the month & later get micro with things.

Since I go in further detail for the month with my weekly & daily plans, I keep my grid SUPER simple.

Basically, a Monday – Sunday calendar!

For logistics, I do a horizontal line on the top and bottom. Another 2 squares down, I do another long line for the labels & 7×7 square each way around. Number the corner & for other months that may overlap, I like to note them in a different color.

As you can see, I made a practice card for the dates! I was just having fun with my brush pens, but it also allows me see if I can make it fit. That said, I’m trying to ignore journal mistakes & let go of my perfectionism as a whole.

Then, whatever is left on the left {or right! you can go in either direction}, I made a section for notes. Personally, I like goals. As I look on my month, I want to look at it from a macro distance. The goals are fun because as you think macro & broad, you also think BIG. BIG IS SO IMPORTANT.

Listing these goals are so, so, so important because as you make your weekly plan, you can create processes & tasks to break down the goals. It’s very powerful to see your month at a glance and see the goals stare at you in the face.

And what’s even more powerful? The next month when you make the grid & you visit your goals, seeing with an honest mind your progress on them.

It’s VERY easy to get caught up in the day to day nonsense and lose track of the bigger picture. This helps keeps me aiming for & looking at the stars & the moon vs anything right in front of my face trying to block my view.

& for me personally, I’ll use this month to track the following items:

  • blog topic ideas: i touched on it here, but this allows me to see exactly what I’m talking about at a glance. Keeps things balanced here on essellesse!
  • yoga classes: what classes & instructors I take & when, will be helpful as I monitor my progress & what class styles I like best.
  • japanese classes: kind of similar to the above! This also shows that the days we have Japanese are also my busiest days so at a glance, reminds me not to schedule anything around then.
  • events: random dinners with friends, events with Erik, wine events, blog/brand events, personal appointments – you name it. any personal social plans we have. as an introvert, I like to see these plotted out macro so I can give myself plenty of time to recharge afterwards.

After the months, I like to keep about 2-5 blank pages for notes for the mont before I start my weekly logs. Notes sometimes include: blog topic ideas, projects I’m working on & tracking, recipes I want to make, etc – it changes with every month. Then I always keep at least one fully blank page for any monthly stream of consciousness. I refer back to this page CONSTANTLY.

As a rule of thumb for blank pages & how to organize, think tasks, projects, ideas, & notes! The tasks & projects can also go hand in hand with the goals listed on your monthly spread too.

Thennnnn the week begins! I’ll introduce this in a later post! But basically, I do a page with my weekly log, and then after that, I do each day.

Again, I keep things SUPER simple! You can embellish your journal as much as you want by I’m pretty minimal with it.

What’s your fav way to track the month in your journal? Any other journaling topics you’d like? LMK!

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