the lazy luxury holiday vibe

’tis the season for holiday parties!! In fact, we have Erik’s tomorrow night which I am excited to get all dressed up & ready for.

I am straight up LOVING lo-fi. I really can’t get enough of it.

The genre is just so vast & there’s something for every mood. In fact, I have a few on my Spotifycheck them out! I’ll introduce them each later here

but today we are talking my LOFI CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST!!

I’ve been working to this alllllll week – in fact, I made it over the weekend and it’s been on 24/7 chez nous.

Like, if I had a restaurant or wine bar, this is what I’d be playing. It’s perfect for entertaining, getting ready, enjoying dinner to, & it’s a reallllll treat to work to.

I absolutely love lo-fi in general to work since there’s such minimal lyrics. There’s something about it that just makes me SO productive and honestly? CREATIVE!

I can’t explain it but there’s something about it that really helps me think outside of myself. Maybe it’s because the lack of lyrics? either way, it’s been a game changer for me.

What to expect on my lazy luxury lofi christmas playlist?

Think chilled out, jazzy renditions of your fave holiday songs. Basically lofi mixed with sleigh bells – which btw that jingle jangle always makes me inexplicably happy.

& the best way to enjoy this playlist? preferably somewhere with snow & a fireplace, while sipping mulled wine or spiked hot cocoa. It’s also such a vibe in a cocktail dress, mingling with a glass of champagne.

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My tip to enjoy this playlist: be sure to put it on shuffle & repeat all. For a secret tip, go to SETTINGS > ADVANCED SETTINGS & update the crossfade. I like to do 7 seconds. One, I have a thing for sevens & two, it makes the songs fade into each other for a seamless transition. Give it a go!

& follow me on Spotify!! I’m CONSTANTLY making new playlists over there.

Enjoy!! Any other playlists I need to check out? x SLS

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