my first burger dog! the famous California golf clubhouse dish

+ my recipe to make your own

This past weekend, Erik & I had a little staycation up in Napa Valley! We were headed to Napa to celebrate the release of Silver Oak’s 2015 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, so we decided to make a little rendezvous out of it.

Erik is a HUGE golfer so we styed at one of our favourite resorts in Napa: Silverado Resort & Spa!

We love it because it has two beautiful golf courses & there’s plenty to do if you don’t golf. It’s nice because Erik can go golf and I can relax on my own or get some work done. They have pools, spa, a beautiful outdoor sitting area, a fireplace, tennis courts, a marketplace, & one of my fav types of restaurants: a golf grille.

HUGE fan of places that spell grill with an e. It’s always my fav type of food: I always joke with Erik that it’s kind of a grown up kid’s menu which is all I ever want in life.

One thing that Silverado also has is the famous BURGERDOGS!

Have you heard of them? In fact, you might remember when Erik made them for Fleet Week?

Basically, these burger dogs are pretty famous in the golf world! And if you’re in San Francisco, you can experience them for yourself at the Olympic Club golf course or at the Silverado Resort golf course up in Napa! Erik was excited to get his usual burger dog but moreso to introduce them to me for the first time. He & his friends all RAVE about it so I was stoked to give it a go.

First of all, driving to the golf snack shack with Erik there was SO FUN!! It’s on hole 10, so it’s a bit out there, so we drove via golf cart!! We had SO much fun driving there together. I’m not a golfer at ALL so it was my first time to see the course which is just stunning. I was just telling Erik how lucky he is to be passionate about a sport surrounded by such beautiful aesthetics. I like golf is a sport, like yoga, that’s so calming for the mind.

I ordered my burger dog with cheese & topped it with mustard {I’m OBSESSED with mustard}, pickles, & diced onions. Of course it was delcious, and personally, I loved the shape of them & how easy they are eat. I had mine with some canned white wine… which in my book was a perfect pairing πŸ˜‰

If your boyfriend is a big golfer, this would be such a fun idea to make at home – especially for Valentine’s Day. You can even get the exact mold for it too as a gift πŸ˜‰

On a table, set up all the toppings and you can both sit together & BYO! This is one of my fav things to do at home for dinner – it’s a simple way to make dinners feel more intimate and interactive. Not to mention, you can both make things exactly to your liking!

Have some beers or canned wine on ice & it sounds like the literal most perfect set up ever πŸ˜‰

& for a recipe, I gotcha covered !!

burger dogs – like from the olympic club in san francisco or silverado resort in napa!


ground beef

sea salt

black pepper



diced white onions {even better when griddled!!}


mustard {grey poupon is my fav!!!}

ketchup {this is the best}

spicy salsa {obsessedddd with the Casa Chicas Spicy Salsa – trust me, use this as a ketchup sub!!!}


heat non-stick skillet to medium high. as pan heats up, mold the burgerdogs with your hands into a long, thin rectangle or use the official mold!

when pan is hot, start cooking – put meat in pan & season heavily with sea salt & pepper & cook, ~3-5 minutes. Flip! If using cheese, add to the cooked side which is now facing up. place buns on pan, facing down.

When ready to serve, build your burger dog! Start with a sprinkle of black pepper over the cheese & build to your liking!

My personal fav toppings: cheese, pickles, onions, dijon mustard, sliced jalapenos, a sprinkle & sea salt

Check out the official burgerdog website here!!

They’re super simple and so fun to eat!! Even if you or your partner don’t golf at all, they’re still so fun. Not only are they EASY to eat but there’s something about the bread & meat ratio. Not to mention, chef Thomas Keller is a huge fan!

Have you had the famous burgerdog??

+++ check out the official burger dog website

+++ buy the official burgerdog mold

+++ check out silverado in napa valley!

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