{ My Birthday Suit // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ My Birthday Suit // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ My Birthday Suit // Champagne at Shannon's } { My Birthday Suit // Champagne at Shannon's }

Not to be one of those girls who keeps talking about her birthday a month later… but let’s be real, anyone who knows me KNOWS I’m that girl. Like Beyonce, I ain’t sorry.

So I already talked about my very special birthday dress, but I also had another special delivery… my birthday bikini!

As soon as we booked our Cabo trip, I decided to splurge on the bikini I’ve been eyeing.

{ My Birthday Suit // Champagnea t SHannon's }

{ My Secret Place in San Francisco // Champagne at Shannon's }
{ My secret place in San Francisco }

Despite being a Gemini, water is totally my element.

I have a secret place here in San Francisco. It’s the most gorgeous little cove that leads down to the bay.

Think Ariel mermaid rocks everywhere. I like to go there with some good music, good drinks, good green, and just chill tf out.

Whenever life stresses me out, I go there. In fact, I could of majorly used this spot when I lived in Dallas! Actually wait.. I did have a secret place there that had somewhat the same effect. Not so much water, but a giant fountain. Something about that water, I swear

{ My Birthday Suit // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ My Birthday Suit // Champagne at Shannon's }

First and foremost, how gorgeous is that shell detail? I love it.

When I first saw the suit, I wanted it in Black, but I am so glad I waited because they released the Jean Blue colour this year which it’s pretty obvious I am a fan of blues.

You can check out all the other colours HERE – they recently released a totally dreamy white.

The top could easily be taken from the pool to the party. In fact, after we hit the beach, I wore it around the resort in my white high waisted maxi skirt from Spell {which is sadly sold out but there are plenty of cute other – I have the Bambi Split Maxi if you wanna try your Poshmark or Tradesy luck – which I’ll be making an account soon but more on that another day} & I could of easily worn that out…. but I had a dress to change into, of course! 😉

However, do know about the bottoms – they are super cute but SUPER low.

Like, extremely low.

Like lowwwww low low. Like as low as Lil Jon & The Ying Yang Twins want you to get.

Just going to say it but you will have to make sure you are completely shaven down there. It probably has about an inch of coverage above the intimate areas

The backs of the bottoms are pretty cheeky too – which is becoming more and more of a trend these days, but it is definitely more Brazillian cut vs full coverage.

{ My Birthday Suit // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ My Birthday Suit // Champagne at Shannon's }

I cannot emphasize how LOW these bottoms are – they are meant to sit below your hip bones. However, I thought the top and it’s heavier coverage contrasted nicely with the low rise cheeky bottoms.

Again… just being honest & probably giving too much visuals? But it’s something I wish I knew before I ordered, again tho it wouldn’t have stopped me tbh I just like knowing what to expect.

Regardless, they are VERY cute. The shell detail is hand sewn and immaculate.

It is easily my favourite bikini I own, and well worth the price. My name is Shannon Silver & I approve this swimsuit.

Now, I just need to find another beach getaway ASAP – way over the fact that pools in SF are NOT a thing. If anyone knows of one let me know….



{ My Birthday Suit // Champagne at Shannon's }

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  1. 6.29.16
    Trang Do said:

    Love these photos!! Nice suit!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  2. 6.29.16
    Tamara said:

    Hahaha I talk about mine until forever it seems too lol!

    Love this bathing suit, the top is absolutely gorgeous!


    Tamara –

    • 6.29.16

      Right?! I am a guilty offender of a “birthday month” celebrator!

      Thank you so much! I love the shell details on it! x Shannon

  3. 6.29.16

    I love that you have a birthday swimsuit, I fully support that! I adore the color of this suit, it’s really unique to see in a swimsuit and looks fabulous on you! You’re right, it could definitely be taken from pool to party! I actually laughed out loud over relating the low cut of the bottoms to Lil’ Jon. I definitely know the type…buyer beware, you’d better be prepared for a wax!

    • 6.30.16

      Ha ha, right?! Talk about a #tbt! Glad you got it 😉 Ya, I am very Stassi Schroeder when it comes to my birthday, no shame over here! I am so glad you like it, the shell detail is seriously gorgeous, and I was actually pleasantly surprised by the coverage of the top. It could even be worn as a top to one of those music festivals or would be perfect for the holiday weekend, with one of your rocket pop cocktails in hand 😉 xx Shannon