MORE, MORE, MORE!!!! • my 2017 resolutions

Well well well… my first post of 2017!

I don’t know about you, but new year’s is one of my absolute favourite holidays. For starters, the main focus is drinking champagne… and lots of it. But there is something so rejuvenating about starting a new year fresh & new habits.

To be completely blunt, I failed at my 2016 resolutions. The only one I accomplished was learning the camera & photoshop so I guess one is better than none.

The other night, Erik came over and we had a long talk about both of our resolutions… And to be honest, I am really excited for them so I decided to share mine here.

The theme of my resolutions is MORE.

I want MORE of everything. Sure… I want to work out MORE, I want to drink MORE water, I want to do MORE things, I want to blog MORE, but it gets a little deeper than that soooo let’s dive right in.

Also… to be totally transparent… huge apologies for getting this post in so late. We had a storm in San Francisco last night and it SHATTERED my window – & as you know I failed my resolution of an editorial calendar – so I’ve been dealing with that for the past like 12 hours… and still am. I guess that’s what happens when your apartment is 100 or so years old with crazy ass winds.

Now, without further ado… my 2017 resolutions that I WILL keep (pinky promise). I also have my plans on how to accomplish them.  I find with a vague goal such as drinking more water, it is necessary to have a plan of action to set up for success.

{ GOAL }: See MORE movies. 
{ PLAN }: Watch at least one a week at home and go to the cinema once a month.

Anyone who knows me knows that I haven’t seen any movies really. To be honest, unless it captivates me instantly, I lose interest very quickly. Watching other people’s work and product, especially if it is fiction, is so good for the mind and creativity. I strongly believe that watching more movies will be extremely beneficial for the product I am working on and the blog.

Also, on a personal note, it’s fun!

There is a reason why date night tends to revolve around the movies. Erik & I watched probably 5 movies over our mini holiday and something about it really brought us even closer. By the way, we saw the 2016 Jungle Book (it’s on Netflix rn) & LOVED it. Def add it to your queue.

One to watch NOW in the theaters is La La Land. I seriously can’t stop thinking of it!

{ GOAL }: Drink MORE water…
{ PLAN }: Have a full glass of water between alcoholic drinks & first thing in the morning

Okay, add this to the basic resolutions. For starters, it is THE secret to anti-aging. It is so necessary for your body and it is the easiest way to stay healthy. It’s no secret that I drink… often… which is extremely dehydrating so I need to take some extra steps.

Going forward, between EVERY drink I have, I am having a full glass of water. Easy enough, right? I do really well with routine and eventually this can become clockwork.

Also, I am making sure this is on my morning routine. Almost everything I do in the morning is all about anti-aging so this is a no brainer. Speaking of morning routine….

{ GOAL }: MORE collagen daily.
{ PLAN }: Every coffee I drink must have one scoop of collagen.

So we know I love my superfood coffee & I love my collagen, so this is a no brainer, right? Well, to be honest, I ran out last year and was too lazy to buy more.

I have had numerous people from friends and family tell me that they started adding collagen to their coffee after my post and are LOVING the results. I think that is so awesome… except I stopped doing it for no reason other than laziness.

SO I got my act together and bought a ton of collagen. I have a container at home, one at the office, and one at my boyfriend’s. No excuses.

PS – for those interested, this is the one I use & my absolute fave since 2015.

{ GOAL }: A MORE refined closet.
{ PLAN }: Selling/donating everything I do not love or get excitement from & upgrading the basics.

Now, this is a fun one. For the most part, I wear the same thing everyday. Leggings, skinny jeans, or bell bottoms with a belt and either an express portofino (with or without a cableknit) or brandy melville basic top.

That said, I have 32948274802394820 things in my closet that just aren’t that. And at this point, collecting dust since I haven’t worn them in years. I also have looks that I evolved or grown from. Nothing wrong with it, just that my taste and style has changed. For example, I used to wear a lot of very bright Lilly Pulitzer prints from when I lived in Texas – these days, I am more into black, white, grey, or blue & solid prints. Not to mention, I rarely wear dresses anymore these days.

This year (& this is actually really exciting!) I am going to join Tradesy & Poshmark and sell my clothes that I no longer wear. I’ll also have a SHOP MY CLOSET feature here so you can literally buy straight out of my closet for a fraction of the cost. Anything I don’t sell, I’ll donate. This is really sad, but I have a ton in my closet that still have tags that I have yet to wear. That shit stops now… and you get to reap the reward!

As far as shoes, I am going to get rid of almost everything I have and get 10 basics – think: black heels, black combat boots, loafers, nude heels, riding boots, etc & end it at that…and just that. I don’t need 30 pairs of high heels or various pairs of boots or 10 pairs of worn af Toms. It’s just clutter at this point.

I will 100% blog about this and refining my wardrobe and transitioning it to a capsule wardrobe. I am considering just getting a bunch of the same exact things in bulk so literally, I am wearing the same thing over and over. If anyone has advice on this, let me know!

{ GOAL }: Say NO more!
{ PLAN }: If something doesn’t excite me or if I have a blog post / work to do, the answer is no.

Maybe it is my years in the hospitality industry but I can a people pleaser… and it burns me out FAST. Hell, I even changed careers. 🙂

I’ve mentioned it over and over to the point that it is annoying, but I am extremely introverted. I truly recharge in solitude. After going out or even travel, recharging solo in quiet with my sweet cat, Lucy, is a non-negotiable for me. An event packed calendar may excite most but stresses me tf out in a very big way. Seriously, it gives me major anxiety. Also, many a times, I agree to dinner/drinks when I have way too much on my plate. Why? Because I guess I am scared of saying no.

As I take my blog to the next level , I am going to be very disciplined. If my post is not 100% completed and scheduled for midnight Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, the answer is:
((( & this includes Erik too 😉 )))

That way, when we do catch up over drinks, it’s much more leisurely than stressful. I am very fortunate to have a circle of friends who understand this & this annoying side to me. Yes, this is selfish, I will admit, but necessary. Anyone else relate? *crickets*

Also, this is very important as I move forward with my blog. If something isn’t 100% a fit, I have to be brave enough to say no or else it hurts both parties.

{ GOAL }: A wayyyyy MORE organized kitchen
{ PLAN }: Buy containers for everything and channel my inner Khloe

I live in a small space so organization is key for getting the most out it. I also love the aesthetic of everything. Think everything clear, silver, and air tight like these.

I am seriously considering subscribing to Khloe Kardashian’s app for her KhloCD series. Not to mention, it makes for good blog pictures 😉

Also, my boyfriend lives across the street from me so it makes it very easy to cook for him and bring things over to his kitchen.

The one thing I am the most excited for? Organizing my tea collection! Which brings me to my last point…

{ GOAL }: MORE tea daily
{ PLAN }: Creating an experience of tea to add to the routine & a cup before bed

It’s no secret I love my tea. I think it is one of the healthiest, most nourishing things you can put in your body.

I also love the routine aspect of it… perfectly measuring out the tea, heating up the water, letting it steep. Well, I really want to hone in more on the tea experience. I know it sounds weird, but I think it would be so great for me mentally. Kind of a mini therapeutic mind break.

I am going to splurge on a tea kettle that heats up to the EXACT temperature you want so I can understand the elements of heat with the different types.

I am also going to have a glass of cinnamon (GREAT for the metabolism), peppermint, or rooibos tea before bed. Again, it creates a nightly routine, but also will heal while I sleep. Not to mention, peppermint is a wonderful digestif, so if when I overindulge, it’s a healthy way to combat feeling fluffy the next morning.

There you have it, my resolutions for 2016! You might note that this year, I do not have any blogging resolutions. The answer for that is simple. If I accomplish all these, it benefits the blog. They are a story I can tell & the success of these resolutions I strongly believe will directly correlate with success in work: both my full time job & my full time blog (minus shattered windows).

What are yours?? Tell, tell. For whatever reason, I LOVE hearing what other people’s goals are. It is inspiring and creates a community of support.

Also, one thing I’d really love to know is what would YOU say is the perfect tea experience? Let me know. This is very important to me…

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