What I got Erik for Christmas!

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& just like that, Christmas just kind of came and went, right?

I shared this on Instagram, but figured I’d share what I got for Erik here.

But first… let me set the scene a bit.

If we are being completely & totally honest in a non-judgemental place… I was not going to get Erik anything for Christmas this year.

I know, awful, right?

I explained it a bit here, but there was just nothing on my radar that I knew he would want.

Anyways, sometime about 1.5 weeks ago, he went golfing & let me tell you, I love when he golfs.

Basically, I have a whole girl’s day with Lucy – I work on the blog, open a bottle of something white & zippy, watch Gossip Girl, meal & recipe plan… I live it for it, really.

One of my go to sources as I recipe plan is Cooks Illustrated. I gushed over my membership here, but ever since 2014, I have gotten MORE than my money’s worth of it.

One thing they are known for are their “Equipment Reviews”. Basically, they share the best of the best equipment for anything kitchen related. If I ever recc something here on the blog, YOU BETTER BELIEVE I vetted it with Cooks Illustrated.

Anyways, I came across it and they were rating various Bento Boxes & I was intrigued. This article to be exact.

& the Monbento square bento box won by a landslide & I knew instantly it was the perfect gift for Erik.

It was practical, useful, & was rated the best of the best. It’s basically the grown & sexy version of a lunch box, right?

I also used to work in the Financial District in San Francisco & LET ME TELL YOU, lunches are stupidly expensive. It’s $15 a salad territory & I feel like the healthier you eat, the more it’ll cost ya.

Not only will this chic Monbento give Erik a fun fresh lunch everyday, but it sure beats spending a dumb amount on a lackluster lunch.

I got him this Monbento square box, with these utensils, AND the Monbento bowl version. & part of this gift? Me committing to make lunch for him daily – ha! {but really though}

I figured not only would it be fun, but it keeps things fresh & healthy, AND saves us cash money in the long run when it comes to lunch. I also found as I compared them to other models, this is one of the only ones that you can microwave AND it’s spillproof. Really a no-brainer when it comes to an quick, easy office lunch.

ANYWAYS thought I’d share here with the 2019 looming around the conrer & it makes for a fun new thing with the new year.

I’ve already been planning some of his lunches & I might just channel my inner Eva Chen & show what I’m making him daily… now let’s just hope he eats it right 😉

I’ll admit, I didn’t know if he’d be into it or uninterested {& who cares bc Amazon makes returns so easy lol} but he LOVED it and now he’s just as excited for his work lunches as I am LOL

SO- let me know what I should make Erik for lunch… & follow along on instagram to see what he makes {& eats lol} – any recipes or meal planning tips are MUCH appreciated!!

Belated, but hope everyone had a lovely holiday! To recap: we spent Christmas Eve at International Smoke & Christmas Day taking a long walk down to the water & Pacific Ocean.

Happy Friday!! I’ll explain more on Sunday but you can expect a fun series over the weekend. One on Saturday & one on Sunday.

On that note… see ya tomorrow! 😉


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