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A very Merry Christmas & happy holidays!!

I hope your holiday is full of joy, laughs, good wine, & good eats – no matter what you celebrate!

Last night, Erik & I had dinner at Harris’s here in San Franciso. It was really special, especially since it’s where we went for Christmas 3 year ago! It’s actually Erik’s fav steakhouse in the city. We shared a porterhouse & drank a 1998 Chateau Musar – from Lebanon! This is one of my absolute most favourite producers ever. I had the absolute pleasure of knowing and meeting the late Serge Hochar this past decade – in fact, he was one of the most amazing people I’ve EVER met & he made a huge impact on my life. I think of him often & I have a rule with myself that whenever I see Chateau Musar on the menu, no matter what it is, I HAVE to get it. Harris’s had 3 vintages: 2008; 2000; & 1998. We were torn between the 2000 but settled on the 1998 & loved every single sip.

We sat in the main dining room, but if you go, I HIGHLY suggest the bar / library area – it has a more “swanky” vibe, including a pianist!

Either way, it was such a lovely dinner and if you go, you HAVEEEEE to get the Mint Chocolate Bombe for dessert!!

The other week, my friend Colette & I took some holiday shots in the city so I thought it would be fun to share here!

& a few things to bring the holiday spirit:

my lofi christmas playlist

how to create an exciting life {perfect to talk & manifest today!}

& my personal fave way to spend Christmas: watch American Psycho! a fun little christmas tradish we have, not to mention, it leaves netflix this January!!

A merry, merry Christmas to you & may it be full of bubbly drinks!

& from the bottom of my heart, thank YOU for reading <3 It truly means the world. xx

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